Facebook is used 19x more than Twitter, 135x more than Google+

Facebook is used 19x more than Twitter, 135x more than Google+

Summary: We already know that the time Facebook users spend on the social network is ridiculously high. It turns out that the time Google+ users spend on the social network is ridiculously low.


In December 2011, comScore released a report that concluded Facebook accounts for 1 in every 7 online minutes. Now, the Internet marketing research company has put those numbers into a social network perspective. Facebook is still completely dominating, of course, but the order of the runners up might surprise you: Tumblr and Pinterest tied for second place, Twitter in third, LinkedIn in fourth, Myspace in fifth, and Google+ in sixth, according to comScore data cited by The Wall Street Journal.

It's important to emphasize that this is only for desktop browsers: Twitter usage is considered particularly high on mobile, for example, while Tumblr and Pinterest are definitely more desktop than mobile social networks. As you can see in the image above, data from January 2012 breaks down as follows: PC users spent an average of 405 minutes on Facebook during the month, compared to 89 minutes on Tumblr, 89 minutes on Pinterest, 21 minutes on Twitter, 17 minutes on LinkedIn, 8 minutes on Myspace, and just three minutes on Google+.

The Myspace usage is hardly surprising, and I've already explained the others, but what about Google+? Last month, Google+ reportedly had 90 million users globally. That's more than a tenth of Facebook's 845 million monthly active users as of this month, so what gives?

I've pointed out the discrepancy between how Facebook and Google+ count users before, but I'll underline it again. Google counts the number of users that have joined Google+. Facebook counts the number of users who use the service anywhere on the Internet at least once within the last 30 days.

In other words, Google still isn't sharing data about active Google+ users because the results are very poor. This latest report from comScore shows just how abysmal it really is.

It's not all bad news though: Google+ will undoubtedly continue to grow, both in terms of inactive and active users. As such, more and more people will eventually spend more and more time on the social network. Google+ just isn't yet a threat to Facebook right now, although power users love it. In fact, I've argued before that Google+ is the best thing that ever happened to Facebook.

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  • Maybe

    Maybe it isn't the average but I know a lot of people who live on Google+
  • Here's an additional hickup in the stats....

    If you create an account on YouTube [owned by Google] or Gmail, it will automatically create an account for you on Google+ [you have to disable it after].
    How desparate can Google be?
  • Facebook v Google + Stats

    I think the stats say far more about the type of users on each network, than much about the networks themselves. OK Facebook is way ahead in the stats, but it's been going far longer. And for me it gives an opportunity for people who don't really have a need for a computer to join in 'the fun' ! Hence some of the ridiculous Posts.
    e.g. " I'm getting up now"
    "I'm going to watch a DVD"
    "My hamster died".
    Great stuff !
  • Huh

    So I guess my comment from this morning was eaten!

    I don't understand your "Google+ will grow" statement. Google+ will only grow substantially if it makes changes Google has shown itself obviously unwilling to make (Google+ > FB in terms of style and ease of use....but privacy not so much....and that's saying a LOT). If it makes those changes, yes it will grow, but at this point it would be a miracle for Google to reverse course on some of its Plus policies that are OBVIOUSLY keeping users away.

    Because that is NOT what Google does - it does not reverse course nor does it back down. It simply sits back, ignores feedback, wonders why people aren't using the service, and then sunsets it.

    Google+ use will continue to grow? I will be incredibly surprised if Google Plus has not gone the route of Buzz and Wave by this time next year.
    • It will be around for quite some time

      Google is betting on Google+ for the long term. It is integrating it into all of its services. I will be surprised if Google+ is not around next year.
      • Right.

        yeah - and its sloppy integration has been causing users to leave those other google services.

        I used to use my GoogleID for most my commenting....with its integration with GooglePlus and GooglePlus's weird name/visibility policy, I've started using FB for commenting instead.
  • Comare

    I Used ....