Facebook now shows members or a photo at the top of Groups

Facebook now shows members or a photo at the top of Groups

Summary: Facebook just quietly rolled out a small but very noticeable change to Groups. They are now more visual and more Timeline-like. Are you seeing the update yet?


Facebook just rolled out a small redesign to Groups. The social networking giant now picks a handful of members and features their profile pictures at the top of the Group. Clicking on any of the thumbnails will take you to that group member's profile.

As you can see in the screenshot above, one of the Facebook Groups I administer, titled University of Toronto Ski and Snowboard Club, now highlights eight members. I believe the number eight is static and doesn't depend on your resolution. The eight members are the ones who were active in the Group most recently.

Here's how Facebook describes the change:

New! Easily see who is in the group Now member photos are right at the top of the group - just click on someone to see their timeline. You can find the old group picture in the group's photos.

That's not all. The update also means you can now update a Timeline-like cover photo for your Group. I say "Timeline-like" because it doesn't have the same dimension requirements: it's noticeably smaller. Timeline covers require a resolution of 850×315 while Group photos require a resolution of 800×170. Anyway, here's an example of a new Group photo I set for my Group.

By making the addition of an image optional, and setting member profile pictures, Facebook is making sure that all groups are more visual. The company could have defaulted to a photo from the Group, but not all Groups have photos uploaded. All Groups have members though, by definition, so Facebook is making a smart choice here. The change also means Groups look more like the rest of the site, which seems to be embracing the Timeline everywhere.

I have contacted Facebook for more information on this new feature and will update you if I hear back.

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  • RE: Facebook now shows members or a photo at the top of Groups

    what are the new dimension requirements for a photo for this page? thanks.
    • RE: Facebook now shows members or a photo at the top of Groups

      @happygomommy Use a landscape photo, with a width of 800px or higher.
  • RE: Facebook now shows members or a photo at the top of Groups

    It seems the eight members shown on top are the eight most recently active members of the group. If you have a lot of activity in your group, the list will keep changing accordingly.
  • But one size doesn't fit all...

    We are a group whose interest is in specific visual subjects. So we have icons at the top of the page, deliberately -- not members or a single photo.
  • RE: Facebook now shows members or a photo at the top of Groups

    Is there a way to have Facebook e-mail notifications every time they make changes like these? That would be nice.
  • RE: Facebook now shows members or a photo at the top of Groups

    It would be so nice to have an option to not use a banner at all. To me, it's just a waste of space, requiring users to scroll even further to content. Facebook's obsession with photos is moving beyond annoying to interfering with usability.
  • dimensions

    the dimensions quoted in the article are not accurate....it says 800??170 for group photos but it's changing those dimensions and part of the photo is cut off....anybody have the correct dimensions??
  • members

    This does not seem to be completely accurate. I have no doubt that Facebook intended that the photos at the top would show the most recent activity, however, that is not the case. It did seem to do that at first. I am a member of several local groups and one of them has over 4000 members. I have had the same 8 people along the top of my group for months. We have activity constantly from different members and the members that are shown rarely if ever post anything. Its really annoying because I don't like some of the people who are up there and I have to see their face ever time I sign in to that group. Would love to have a way to change the people or take it off all together.