Facebook received 250,000 resumes in 2010

Facebook received 250,000 resumes in 2010

Summary: Facebook received a quarter of a million applications last year. That's a very impressive number, even when compared with the top online giant: Google.


Last year, Facebook received almost 250,000 résumé applications. To help those applying to the company, IB Times put together a list of five questions you should ask yourself to see if you're ready to work at one of the hottest technology companies:

  1. Are you enthusiastic and passionate about Facebook?
  2. Do you know anyone who can assess or vouch for your cultural fit?
  3. Are you suited to work in a bold and open environment?
  4. Can you make a difference?
  5. Can you let go of work-life balance (for most of the time, at least)?

How does Facebook's résumé count compare to other online giants? Well, Facebook is still a relatively small company but it's very clear that the number is quite large, though definitely not the highest. For example, Google, arguably the largest Web company, receives somewhere around 1 million résumés each year, with the record for one week being 75,000.

Google had some 24,400 employees last year, while Facebook had over 2,000. It's therefore fairly impressive that a company that is 12 times smaller, and has significantly fewer positions available, received just four times fewer applications last year.

In December 2010, the social network was named the best company to work for in the US. I'd therefore be very surprised if Facebook did not set a new résumé record for itself this year.

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  • RE: Facebook received 250,000 résumés in 2010

  • Last thing a smart/talented person want is Facebook resume ...

    What kind of a experience can you get working for Facebook?
    Data mining? Identity theft? What good would that be in a couple of years after the FB popularity is gone?
    • RE: Facebook received 250,000 r?sum?s in 2010

      @wackoae There are lots of things to do with facebook, from management to design to coding.
  • RE: Facebook received 250,000 r?sum?s in 2010

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