Facebook removes Arizona Governor's post criticizing Obama

Facebook removes Arizona Governor's post criticizing Obama

Summary: Arizona Governor Jan Brewer criticized President Obama's immigration policies in a post on Facebook, only to have it removed. The company called the issue a mistake and has apologized.


Arizona Governor Jan Brewer on Thursday used Facebook to criticize President Obama's recent decision to halt prosecutions of illegal immigrants. Early Friday morning, the post had more than 10,000 Likes, before Facebook removed it.

Brewer's Facebook post criticized a controversial policy decision by President Barack Obama's administration to limit deportations of illegal immigrants. It was accompanied by an illustration depicting her as "Rosie the Riveter" and a slogan that read, "Arizona – doing the job the feds won't do." In the image (pictured above), here face is superimposed onto the famous character representing American women who worked in factories during World War II.

Facebook told Brewer the image violated its rules: "Facebook censored the post and removed it because the photo apparently violated their 'Facebook Community Standards,'" Brewer posted on the social network, according to The Arizona Republic. "I just got this automatic email from them at 5:12 AM," Brewer said, adding that she had been "feeling quite proud about the post, because it had generated so much interest."

Facebook said it was sorry for deleting the post; the company issued a statement saying that "the post was removed in error. We apologize for the inconvenience." The social network said it mistakenly removed the post, but did not provide further details, such as whether the removal resulted from complaints by other Facebook users.

Brewer reposted the item later on Friday, saying the original post was "censored" by Facebook. Brewer has posted the illustration in question on Facebook multiple times before, and she did so once again in the new post.

"The photo has been on there a million times," Brewer said. "I really don't have a clue. I was just shocked. I am one of their bigger accounts, and I didn't put anything up there, nor would I ever, that would violate the standards." The Arizona politician's Facebook Page has more than 465,000 Likes.

The new post quickly gained over 10,000 Likes as well. "I think many of you will agree with me - Obama's backdoor amnesty plan violates American standards of following the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution,'' Brewer said in her latest post.

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  • RE: Facebook removes Arizona Governor's post criticizing Obama

    "Removed in error." Yeah, sure it was. Since the days when AOL and Compuserve ran the most popular online forums, self-appointed liberal censors working down in the bowels of these places have been silencing their political opponents with impunity. They've turned Wikipedia into a joke. It's only when they step on some Governor or other heavyweight that they get reversed. But they'll do it again tomorrow. It's how they roll.
    Robert Hahn
    • RE: Facebook removes Arizona Governor's post criticizing Obama

      @Robert Hahn I really don't see how you can use the terms "liberal" and "censors" together. They are virtually the opposite of one another. As an outsider I see the democrats as the party that would like to tax the better off to support the poor - and this makes them the "bad guys" how?? Increased taxation may be unpopular but it would get both the US and the UK out of their current problems without needing to cut vital social support
      • RE: Facebook removes Arizona Governor's post criticizing Obama

        @cymru999 I so agree. Conservatives like that make no sense. It was conservatives that censored civil rights in the past, and want to censor other's equal rights today, let alone online "comments"! They lack shame. This is also why regardless of what violent or oppressive policy they stand for, they still cry wolf when they feel even slightly wronged. Imagine a Democrat going public about a facebook comment. They already know FOX news will censor them, and so don't whine about it like those Republicans. Conservatives whine about campuses being liberal, i.e. open, etc, etc, etc, etc.
      • RE: Facebook removes Arizona Governor's post criticizing Obama

        Liberals created the PC Police. Disagree with them on anything and they try to shut you up with the race card, even if the topic were what is the best flavor of ice cream.
        Test Subject
      • RE: Facebook removes Arizona Governor's post criticizing Obama


        You must be either joking or just pulling your head out of the sand....
        Which party is the one that always keeps bringing back the "fairness doctrine"???
        Your entire comment is so naive it's beyond ridiculous....
        All you can read is just slogans thrown out by progressives and liberals?
      • RE: Facebook removes Arizona Governor's post criticizing Obama

        OK, leftist censors then. Or perhaps left-of-center censors. People on the left who wish that everyone who disagrees with them would shut up, and if put in a position to shut them up, will do so.
        Robert Hahn
      • RE: Facebook removes Arizona Governor's post criticizing Obama

        "As an outsider I see the democrats as the party that would like to tax the better off to support the poor - and this makes them the "bad guys" how??"

        seriously? The "better off" already pay a ton, and now they need to pay more? you can only take so much before they "better off" have no reason to be "better off"

        It punishes success. What is your drive to do good and make a lot of money, if its going to be taken away and given to someone else who hasn't worked as hard as you?

        What really needs to be done, is better classify who actually needs government handouts. It shouldn't be based off how much money you have, but what aptitude you have to make money. If someone really *needs* help, then help them... if someone (like many on welfare) just want their welfare check and not have to try to actually better themselves... well there is a different in want and need, and right now everyone gets money even if their "need" is fabricated by them through their wants.

        Go in a classroom, and tell the people that get high grades they have to have their grades taxed to help the people with lower grades, and see how happy they are. People who usually make As will make Cs and people who make Fs will make Cs.... fair right? Eventually the people who work their butts off and make As and Bs will eventually want the free ride too, and eventually everyone will be making Fs.
      • RE: Facebook removes Arizona Governor's post criticizing Obama


        >It was conservatives that censored civil rights in the past

        You're joking? Right? You must be.

        Keep in mind HR7152 was fought tooth and nail by the democrats. In fact, al gore's daddy was the chief architect of attempting to at first fight the bill but then later remove key components of it.

        To say "conservatives" fought civil rights is a comment borne of sheer ignorance.
      • RE: Facebook removes Arizona Governor's post criticizing Obama

        Not true. Please do the math. If you took all the income of every person in America from the middle class on up, it would only fund the "poor" for one year. Hiding this truth is the underlying point of this post. The problem is there are too many people and too much spending.
        Oh, and it was DEMOCRATS that suppressed the black people in America. The DEMOCRATS the opposed civil rights. DEMOCRATS that reimposed segregation (Woodrow Wilson). Read a freaking history book.
      • RE: Facebook removes Arizona Governor's post criticizing Obama

        @netlogicsDan - Sorry, you won't find that in history books anymore. It's all be editied out by progressives in order to promote "correctness and harmony". <snort>
      • RE: Facebook removes Arizona Governor's post criticizing Obama

        They want to tax those who worked hard and succeeded and give free hand outs without restriction to those who have not supported themselevs ie rob the rich to pay for the lazy. if they made restrictions on things such as time limits, amount of kids you have on welfare and made you do government jobs to pay your debt then maybe but to sit home do nothing and have others pay for it no.
      • RE: Facebook removes Arizona Governor's post criticizing Obama

        @cymru999,<br>Are YOU that NAIVE???<br>
        I escaped from what YOU believe in UTOPIA.<br>
        The Socialist model is easy to SELL.<br>
        WE take from the RICH and give to the POOR.<br>
        Nonesence. <br>
        <br>This is the FIRST STAGE. The GOV<br>trows some BONES here end there to fool the masses (STIMULUS PKG that went to the UNIONS or is NOT SPEND yet).<br>When they get FULL POWER YOU and 99% of the population<br>will be starving Communist STYLE. LOOK @ N. Korea, Cuba, now Venezuela and the good old USSR. At the moment that 99% of people are too busy to find FOOD and COTHING and just to SURVIVE the GAME is over.
        ONE WORLD ORDER is here to stay. Slavery would look good to the new DICTATORSHIP. The GOV will DICTATE to YOU how much Electricity to use (SMART GRID), how much GAS (rationing) how far you can TRAVEL (IDs for a certain STATE or Region) while the SCUM @ the TOP have: 2 PLANES, 2 Choppers, 2 LIMOS and @ 2 BUSES Made in CANADA running on GAS to SAVE the EnvirOment and YOU belive it.<br>
        I wish I had an Hr with you to make YOU see that witch YOU can't IMAGINE. <br>
        My spelling is NOT good but my heart and knowledge IS in the right place.
        I have FAITH in "WE THE PEOPLE" not the SCUM in DC.
      • cymru999/zepy: Ignorant beyond comparison...

        What planet did you just arrive from?<br><br>Liberals have been the most intolerant political movement in American politics since time immemorial. They are the architects of every law that actually diminishes the freedoms of the American people (yeah, I know there will be some who will mention the Patriot Act, but, what freedoms have actually been lost with the act?). <br><br>The fact is that, it's the republicans who have ALWAYS been the protectors of our constitutional right and have been the foremost protectors of our civil rights. On the other hand, it's the liberals and progressives who continue mentioning doing away with the constitution and all other rights which prohibit their agenda from being implemented. <br><br>Get an education, please. Being so ignorant is no way to go through life.

        Also, you need to get a better education on economic matters, because, the exact opposite of what you propose is what's needed to get the UK and the US out of the problems they currently have.

        Increasing taxes just decreases productivity, because, money taken from the people and from businesses, will mean less money for investing or for growth or for keeping people employed, and with fewer people employed, the government will actually end up getting less in tax revenue (the higher taxes will be realized from the tax increases, but as time passes, they will decrease and make matters much worse, both for businesses and government).
      • RE: Facebook removes Arizona Governor's post criticizing Obama

        @zepy [i]"Imagine a Democrat going public about a facebook comment."[/i]
        I believe it was Al Gore who recently stated during an interview on one of the major networks that media should not give equal coverage of the Tea Party.
    • RE: Facebook removes Arizona Governor's post criticizing Obama

      @Robert Hahn This ain't a "liberal" issue, it brings to the forefront the issues of free speech on private property - call it the mall effect. It's fine for some private citizens' rights to be trampled when they wear t-shirts critical of some event and end up getting tossed out of the local mall, but now when it happens to someone with political standing the private entity is backing down. Who cares if it's liberal or conservative? The more important issue is upholding and maintaining the rights to free speech in the digital malls such as FB. Private citizens have this happen to them all the time. Perhaps now that it has hit someone higher up then more will be done to prevent it from happening in the future.
      • Perhaps you're right, but censoring and trampling on our rights is

        happening all the time and even as we "speak".

        But, like you said, Facebook was caught censoring and stopping the free speech of somebody "important" and with a lot of pull.

        But, in our media, we are getting mostly what those media operators want us to hear and see, and mostly, we can't do anything about it.
  • its a pity they dont ban all right wing posts!

    Obama could have led the US into the greatest social reform of all time - taxing the better off to more fairly distribute America's wealth. Of course the Republicans with their huge business voice can block just about anything. It would be nice to think that facebook was acting on behalf of the less selfish part of the community but I suspect it was just an error!
    • RE: Facebook removes Arizona Governor's post criticizing Obama


      OK, wasn't you a few posts above posing as "innocent", not understanding how "the terms 'liberal' and 'censors' together"????

      And now your head line is a call to "ban all right wing posts"???

      Let me tell you something: this only shows you and people like you are deceivers and liars.

      And people are to believe in the fairy tale of your policies really working for the good of the nation??

      Thank god there are conservatives and still a trace of freedom of press in this country. This is the ONLY country in the world that still allows conservatives to really expose the lies and fabrications from people like you, and your grand master, the anointed one....

      Ohhh, how "pure" and "good" liberals and progressives are....
      Give me a break.....
      • RE: Facebook removes Arizona Governor's post criticizing Obama

        @rueiowt86 Freedom of press, like Fox news portraying hacks done by companies they support as if they're the ones who are victims of hacks like those from Anonymous ...
      • Methinks that poster above is being sarcastic, because, nobody can be so

        so dumb.

        He's probably trying to point out how stupid the liberal politics are by making them sound so dumb. It's has to be reverse psychology, because, with what's happened to the U.S. and all other major economies around the world after so much liberal and progressive stupidity. Nobody can still believe that, taxing the wealth producers and re-distributing the wealth, is economically feasible.

        People need to just examine 2 equations:

        Businesses + individuals = wealth creators

        Government spending + dependent people = wealth destruction = more poverty