Facebook to increase IPO by 25% (rumor)

Facebook to increase IPO by 25% (rumor)

Summary: Facebook wants to increase its initial public offering (IPO) size to some 422 million shares, according to a recent rumor. Facebook would thus raise a total of between $14.35 billion and $16.04 billion.


Update on May 16 - Facebook increases IPO by 25%

Facebook today increased its initial public offering (IPO) price range from $28-$35 to $34-$38 per share, and offered 50.6 million more shares. The social networking giant is looking to increase the number of shares it is offering once again, bringing the total to 25 percent higher than it what it originally announced, according to someone familiar with the matter cited by CNBC.

Previously, given the sale of some 337.4 million shares, the price range meant Facebook could raise between $5.04 billion and $6.30 billion for itself, as well as between $4.41 billion and $5.51 billion for its investors. Now, given the sale of 388.0 million shares, the new price range means Facebook could raise anywhere between $13.19 billion and 14.75 billion.

On Wednesday, if Facebook amends its IPO an eighth time, it will be offering some 422 million shares, assuming the 25 percentage number is accurate. This means Facebook could raise anywhere between $14.35 billion and $16.04 billion.

Raising the number of shares offered two days in a row is quite a bold move. It means the company is seeing very high demand and believes it can capitalize on it without hurting its prospects when it goes public. We'll know tomorrow morning if this is the case or not (see Facebook IPO demand is strong and weak (rumors)).

Facebook is widely expected to start trading on the Nasdaq this week under the "FB" ticker. Many believe this Friday is the big day; shares will be priced on May 17, with trading beginning on May 18. This rumor will have to beat out another one, which says there could be a delay.

Update on May 16 - Facebook increases IPO by 25%

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  • The scam keeps growing ....

    ... and you will still have idiots who will bite the hook.

    If you are dumb enough to invest a dime on Facebook (a fad in its final days), then you deserve to lose your money.
    • I disagree.

      It is a bet, and i think that the shares will rise 200% or 300% in no time.

      However, the share will not keep those values high for a long time, the bubble will burst sooner or later.

      The question is know when to buy and when to get out. May be it could last a year, or a month or may be a week. Who knows?.

      Anyways, everybody can profit from shares using two ways:
      a) speculating, purchasing and selling it regularly.
      b) profiting via the earning per share. Facebook said that they are earning money but it is not clear how much money or if it is justified in comparison with the amount of shares. For example, if you own $100 in facebook shares and you earn less than $6 (yearly) then you are losing money.
      • You mean like Zinga and Groupon???

        How long did they last??
  • Facebook is going to shut down

    They have changed their look completely .They are offering banner advertisement which forces to lost their charm. In complete screen 60% screen cover by ad banner. In comparison Google plus is far better. Google plus is fast and no advertisement to interrupt you