Facebook to "launch something awesome" on July 6, 2011

Facebook to "launch something awesome" on July 6, 2011

Summary: Facebook is holding a news event on July 6, 2011. Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg says the company will "launch something awesome."


Update: Skype integration looks like the most likely candidate. Rumor: Facebook to launch Skype video chat this Wednesday.

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg told reporters earlier this week that the company was planning to "launch something awesome" next week. Today, Facebook e-mailed journalists (including myself) with the above image and one sentence: "Please RSVP to me if you’re interested in attending in person." There's also a Facebook Event with a bit more details.

As you can see in the image, the event begins at 10:00 AM on Wednesday July 6, 2011. It also notes that Check in begins at 9:10 AM. I won't be able to attend in person, but don't worry, I will cover whatever is announced.

The project was developed at the 40-person Seattle office, Facebook's only major engineering center outside of its Palo Alto, California headquarters. The Seattle office has been particularly focused on the company's mobile efforts, playing a central role in the development of Facebook's unified mobile site, which was unveiled at the end of March 2011.

Here's what I wrote yesterday about the possible announcements:

Speculation has hit an all-time high. Some believe it is an official Facebook iPad app, which would be the first tablet app developed by the social network. Others think it could be the recently leaked Facebook photo sharing app for the iPhone. Either of these seem plausible to me.

A few think it could be codename Project Spartan, an HTML5 platform that will take on Apple's App Store. Even less likely, but still possible, is the unveiling of some kind of integration with either Netflix or Skype, which would be awesome indeed.

I also noted it of course could be something that we haven't heard about yet. Then again, there's still time before Wednesday for something to leak!

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  • Facebook Phone?

    or Facebook Tablet? or Facebook Communication related platform? or othet?
    • Facebook Phone?

      Will Pharaoh
  • RE: Facebook to 'launch something awesome' on July 6, 2011

    Great!! I'll make my comments about it in G+
    • RE: Facebook to 'launch something awesome' on July 6, 2011

      @czorrilla Fanboy.
      Andre Richards
      • RE: Facebook to 'launch something awesome' on July 6, 2011

        @Andre Richards
        1st. Fanman, too old to be called fanboy.

        2nd. It was a joke, if you feel ofended, well... get over it.

        3rd. It seems the awesome thing is about integration with skype, wich is not so "Awesome" from my point of view.

        4th. I already posted it in G+
  • RE: Facebook to 'launch something awesome' on July 6, 2011

    c_zorrilla@... Have you got any idea how I can get on to g+ I don't know anyone who has it yet. I did read somewhere you can get an invite from people who are already on it if that's right could you send me an invite please
    It looks so good can't wait to delete my fb account
    Matthew Mackenzie
  • RE: Facebook to 'launch something awesome' on July 6, 2011

    I think it has to do with becoming android compatible...android tablet also has skype on it...that's the only reason I can figure I was invited...about 8 months ago I inquired about facebook becoming more "android friendly" because at that time, I could only read and respond to my home page feeds and my game confirm reqs - but none of the aps supported androids touch screen input (which I couldn't understand why not...they supported ipad and iphones-android isn't all that different....<br>the skype thing isn't new or groundbreaking...some of the contest groups from farmville have been using skype to communicate along with fb's chat and feeds.
  • RE: Facebook to 'launch something awesome' on July 6, 2011

    just see http://thinktank.tsert.com/patent-clubs.html
  • RE: Facebook to 'launch something awesome' on July 6, 2011