How to get rid of the Facebook Ticker

How to get rid of the Facebook Ticker

Summary: Don't like the Facebook Ticker that just rolled out this week? Don't worry, there's a quick way to get rid of it.


Earlier this week, Facebook rolled out an updated News Feed, as well as the real-time Ticker feed, to its 800 million active users. As always, many were unhappy with the changes but they couldn't do anything as Palo Alto does not offer an option to revert to previous site designs.

Instead of simply joining the thousands of complainers, Web developer Arik Fraimovich chose to fight back. He developed a free Google Chrome extension called Facebook News Ticker Remover.

As its name implies, the extension removes the Ticker. It will no longer appear on the News Feed page nor will you see it on the Chat sidebar. Unfortunately, the Games ticker will still be present.

This solution doesn't revert the News Feed nor does it alter other parts of Facebook that were changed: it only attempts to get rid of the new Ticker. After you install it, make sure to reload Facebook to see the effects.

It's never clear how many people actually dislike the latest Facebook redesign, although they are a vocal bunch. That being said, some 15,000 users hate this particular one enough to install the Facebook News Ticker Remover.

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  • another option is FB Purity

    FB Purity can also remove the ticker, it also has lots of other options for neutralising other annoying aspects and interface elements of facebook, its got over 30,000 users, so it must be doing something right. check it out here:
  • RE: How to get rid of the Facebook Ticker

    I never got the ticker.
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
  • RE: How to get rid of the Facebook Ticker

    I found the perfect way to get rid of the Facebook Ticker .... I got rid of Facebook!!!! :-)
  • RE: How to get rid of the Facebook Ticker

    Those forced scrolling animations such as the ticker, or the twitter ticker on Bing, are so annoying I would rather not use a site. It is more annoying than having a telemarketer phone you every 5 seconds while a screaming child pokes you in the ear with a whiffle ball bat.
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