Jimmy Kimmel to Facebook: it's the second National UnFriend Day

Jimmy Kimmel to Facebook: it's the second National UnFriend Day

Summary: Do you have too many friends on Facebook? Jimmy Kimmel thinks so. That's why, for the second time running, he's celebrating National UnFriend Day in hopes to make it a tradition.


Last year, Jimmy Kimmel declared that November 17 would be National UnFriend Day (NUD). Kimmel explained that NUD is supposed to be a holiday dedicated to giving Facebook users the opportunity to unfriend people they no longer want to be friends with. This annual event was created so that you can weed out people on Facebook without any feelings of guilt.

This year, Kimmel is celebrating the second annual NUD. In tonight's show, the television host will once again be encouraging people to evaluate who their Facebook friends are, and who they should be. Once again, he will be asking his audience to cleanse their Facebook accounts of non-friends.

Kimmel is clearly hoping his campaign to clean out Facebook friend lists will become an American tradition. Facebook users typically have hundreds of friends on the social network, though occasionally they're in the thousands.

During this year's NUD celebration, Jimmy Kimmel Live will host Twilight's Peter Facinelli, Jamie Oliver, and musical guest Vince Gill. As you can see in the video above, Kimmel also managed to get Charlie Brown onboard.

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