Leaked screenshot: Facebook Messenger getting video calling

Leaked screenshot: Facebook Messenger getting video calling

Summary: Facebook is readying an update for its Facebook Messenger apps. The main new feature will be video calling, which we've been expecting for a while now. There are no dates to mark on your calendar.


Back in August 2011, we first learned that the Facebook Messenger app will likely get video calling. Video calling hints were discovered in the code of both Facebook Messenger for iPhone and Facebook Messenger for Android upon launch. Then there was a subsequent leak in December 2011. Now we're seeing yet another one. It won't be long before Facebook is putting the finishing touches in and is ready to start shipping the new versions.

In addition to the leaked screenshots of Facebook Messenger for iPad, 9to5Mac also has a single screenshot (as you can see above) showing that video calling is coming. The site says that clicking the blue arrow starts a video chat session, which is apparently already has smooth performance "most of the time." Just like on the desktop, the Facebook video calling is powered by Skype.

While the screenshot just shows the Facebook for iPhone app, this functionality is presumably coming to the Android, BlackBerry, and Windows versions as well. Although Facebook is planning to eventually make a Facebook Messenger for iOS app that works on the iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad, video calling wasn't in the leaked Facebook Messenger for iPad.

Facebook Messenger for iPhone is expected to get an update before the other Facebook Messenger versions, but I wouldn't be surprised if Facebook Messenger for Android and Facebook Messenger for BlackBerry were updated very soon after. Facebook Messenger for Windows will likely take more time, and will probably be updated around the same time Facebook Messenger for Mac is released. None of the mentioned Facebook Messenger apps have release dates yet, but they are supposedly slated for a summer launch, and they're being tested right now on Facebook's internal servers.

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  • Facebook Video calling

    I'm puzzled!... been using video chatbox for months in the UK!
  • No

    When I use Facebook, I am only on long enough to read updates, post comments, and maybe post one update myself. When I use Facebook chat, I'm on my smartphone away from my computer. I don't want to have video chats out in public.

    When I have video conferences, it's at home by appointment and I use Skype.