Motorola is also building a Facebook phone

Motorola is also building a Facebook phone

Summary: The Motorola EX225 is a feature phone with a dedicated Facebook button. Motorola has yet to make the device official.


It looks like Facebook has managed to entice Motorola as well. The telecommunications company appears to be set to announce its own Facebook phone, currently called the EX225.

Preliminary confirmation of the phone popped up at the Bluetooth SIG (via Unwired View). Here are the included details:

A GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G, 3MP camera, Qwerty Keypad, Single/dual SIM phone with 2.4? TFT display ; product for trendy generation who enjoy connecting to the world anytime, anywhere, and multimedia services on the go, all easy as via a fully personalized UI

Although Facebook isn't mentioned anywhere on the product page, as you can see in the image above, the phone clearly has a dedicated Facebook button. It's also worth noting that the OS isn't specified. There are no obvious Android buttons, so that option is out, and it frankly looks like a feature phone; this probably will not be a smartphone.

Other details, such as launch date and price, are still unknown. Motorola is likely to make an official announcement soon though, and I'll keep you posted when it does.

Facebook's stance on devices like this one is that they are a prime example of a manufacturer using the company's public APIs to innovate in the mobile space. Palo Alto won't let any mobile manufacturer market any of their devices as a "Facebook phone" but at the same time it quietly hopes for more Facebook-integrated devices.

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  • RE: Motorola is also building a Facebook phone

    Maybe facebook can shove that too, while they are publishing your private pictures and information when ever they feel like it. Even after you've restricted everything to the limits of their system. KEEP YOUR CRAP WEBSITE FACEABOOK!
  • RE: Motorola is also building a Facebook phone

    I have a "Facebook Phone" - It's called Windows Phone. ;)
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
  • RE: Motorola is also building a Facebook phone

    Moto/Google can use this phone to automatically transfer Facebook accounts into Google+