Parish declares that Facebook and Christianity don't mix

Parish declares that Facebook and Christianity don't mix

Summary: A Chicago parish is advising its members to keep kids away from Facebook.


A Roman Catholic parish in Chicago is warning parishioners about the dangers of Facebook. St. John Cantius parish leaders wrote in the church bulletin this past Sunday that Facebook is against the Christian culture. Social networking sites in general apparently encourage vanity and dishonesty by providing an outlet for children to create their own electronic version of reality, concocting their own identities and social realities with a reduced risk of real-world consequences.

Chicago Tribune has the full quote of what parish leaders wrote in the church bulletin:

[Facebook] is exactly the opposite of the Christian culture where people go into the secrecy and sacredness of the confessional to blot out their sins forever. God entrusted parents with the care of their children for one particular purpose, and that is to teach them the way "to know, love, and serve God in this life and save their souls hereafter." Everything leads us to think that Facebook fits poorly into this plan and was devised for a very different goal.

The church wants families to raise children without Facebook, as it supposedly helps youth defy their parents and cultivate feelings of lust. It's rather worrying that families trying to raise their children in a wholesome environment are being told to avoid rather than educate.

Kids are future adults, and must thus learn about this world as much as they can, since they'll be the ones managing it one day. At least for the foreseeable future, Facebook is part of this world.

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    • Day-ang! So many deleted messages!

      Musta hit a nerve somewhere!
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  • RE: Parish declares that Facebook and Christianity don't mix

    No, it's not that Facebook and Christianity don't mix... that's not it... No, it's that Facebook might make it even easier for their more weak willed members (to put it kindly) to find - shall we say a "greater access" to younger catholics than just their particular congregation...

    Perhaps that was a bit harsh but they are trying to equate social networking with the confessional...
    • RE: Parish declares that Facebook and Christianity don't mix


      I somehow doubt what you say has anything to do with it. Your a fool to assume everyone that participates in the Catholic church is a child molester. Maybe you have some dark secrets of your own that you'd like to share. If so post it on Facebook and see what happens.

      I have teenage daughters and I block facebook at my house. It's not like my kids can't function without it. Actually their grades went up from a "C" to a "B" average. Facebook isn't rocket science...a monkey could use it so I don't think it hurts a child's ability to grow and function in our world. If you think that you've been brainwashed by Corporations which are probably worse than any Church. Most religions embrace people and show love for life. That's the exact opposite of the greed and unjust treatment many corporations show.
  • RE: Parish declares that Facebook and Christianity don't mix

    I think facebook is a neutral but powerful tool. It can be used for good or evil, and parents should educate there kids to be the kind of person who would use every medium available for good
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    • RE: Parish declares that Facebook and Christianity don't mix

      Couldn't agree more. To quote Jessy Ventura, "Religion is a crutch for the weak minded." The born again zealots on the far right are anti-education and against free thought for fear they may be confronted by those who may disagree with them or being made out as the charlatans they are.
      • The blind leading the blind


        That's what I see in all the churches I've ever attended. Scary is how I'd describe it. Seems you spend year blinding yourself to reality and to God that they miss the obvious. Then they teach others to do the same.
    • RE: Parish declares that Facebook and Christianity don't mix


      Absolutely. To paraphrase Richard Dawkins, "We are all Atheists, some of us just go one god further."
      • RE: Parish declares that Facebook and Christianity don't mix

        @Asiafish I've seen that speech, Militant Atheism right? It never ceases to amaze me how peculiarly angry some "Atheists" are. Tell me, who is crazier - the person who believes in what others hold to be imaginary, or those who fight what they proclaim themselves to be an imaginary being. (Dawkins and the entirety of Mensa have a serious issue with over inflated self importance if you ask me.)
  • Priests and boys and ....

    Yep, keep those kids out of facebook and in the back rooms of the church where holy things happen. But then it is not just the boys, but also the little girls, women, SUVs, gold and drink and much much more (come to asia to see it all)
  • RE: Parish declares that Facebook and Christianity don't mix

    I'm Christian and I use Facebook; I think that the children need to be EDUCATED in the proper use of this and other tools of social networking.
    • I what may I ask......


      might "proper use" be?
      • To which the obvious response would be

        To convert people.
      • proper use would be...

        to teach people how to use the English language.
      • RE: Parish declares that Facebook and Christianity don't mix

        @Economister Mayhaps it was a reference to staying safe on the web, mayhaps you read way too much into simple statements.
  • RE: Parish declares that Facebook and Christianity don't mix

    The previous commenters appear to be unaware of how Facebook has ruined lives, sometimes disastrously ending in suicide. Have any of you seen what some kids are posting? Additionally, there's a much lower rate of pedophilia among Catholic priests than there is among Protestant clergy or school teachers, but that fact I'm sure is inconvenient for you. And "doh123", you need to read church history; the Christian community consisted of ONLY the Catholic church for centuries.