Ron Paul decides to sell his house on Facebook

Ron Paul decides to sell his house on Facebook

Summary: Texas congressman Ron Paul has put his house up for sale: not on a real estate listings page, but on Facebook.


75-year-old Texas congressman and GOP presidential hopeful does very few things the conventional way, and it's no different when he's selling his house in Lake Jackson, Texas. Paul has decided to use Facebook.

Here is what he posted on his Facebook profile, with a link to the cleverly named website

Carol and I are selling the house we lived in for over 40 years. If you or someone you know is moving to the Houston/Galveston/Lake Jackson area, they can get more information through this website.

Facebook is the most popular social network and boasts hundreds of million users, but it's not exactly the hub of real estate transactions. Paul, who used social networks to raise money and build an organization for his 2008 presidential campaign (he has over 300,000 fans on his Facebook page), apparently doesn't care. He has many loyal followers willing to spread the word for him.

The house currently has an asking price of $325,000, and is apparently only 50 minutes away from Houston or 10 minutes away from Surfside Beach. Here's what you get, according to the website:

A great house and a great piece of history. Dr. Paul's house is for sale in Lake Jackson, TX. The house has 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and is approximately 5,500 sq. ft in size. There is a great in-ground swimming pool, great landscaping, 2 lofts, an office with built in shelving. The same home-office Dr. Paul used for 42 years. Generations of Liberty loving kids have grown up here, and you can continue the tradition.

Paul and his wife recently built another house, which is why they are selling this one, according to USA Today. The Paul household hosted 42 people at the table during Thanksgiving. Carol Paul thus requested a house with enough room to fit their five children, 18 grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, and spouses.

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  • 320K for a 5500K sq/ft house

    Texas must be a real ****hole.
  • RE: Ron Paul decides to sell his house on Facebook

    Yeah, affordable housing really stinks.
  • RE: Ron Paul decides to sell his house on Facebook

    Perhaps the light fittings don't work; or/and toilets don't flush properly. Of course I am refering to his ranting and rambling a few months ago in a congressional hearing by , who esle but the Republicans on the repeal of the energy efficiency standards.
  • va foreclosed homes for sale

    Ron Paul is so web 2.0
  • RE: Ron Paul decides to sell his house on Facebook

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  • This will surly helps you

    Your house is too beautiful. And you have done good job by posting on face book about your plan for selling your house. This will surly helps you and you will get a good buyer for your home.