Teenager tries to hire a hitman via Facebook, fails

Teenager tries to hire a hitman via Facebook, fails

Summary: 19-year-old Corey C. Adams has not only pleaded guilty to rape, but has admitted solicitation to commit murder charges, after he tried using Facebook to get his victim "knocked off."

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Hiring a hitman can cost a pretty penny these days. Why buy an ad in the classifieds section when you can simply use Facebook? Of course, you may end up having to face 11 to 22 years in prison, but that's worth the risk, right?

That's what happened to 19-year-old Corey C. Adams of Pennsylvania. Last June, Adams' 20-year-old victim said after she left a party, he jumped into her car and raped her. She went to police. He went to Facebook. Specifically, his status update read: "I got 500 on a girls head who wants that bread? Hit me up anyway possible." The Philadelphia Inquirer reports:

The victim told police that she left a party June 29 on South High Street in West Chester after consuming three drinks and feeling nauseous. She said Adams jumped into her car and later raped her. The woman called West Chester police July 1 and said she had accused Adams of raping her. She also told police she saw a posting on his Facebook page offering $500 for "a girls head," and feared for her safety. At the preliminary hearing, West Chester Police Det. Stan Billie testified that he went to Adams' home and that Adams agreed to meet with him at the police station. Less than 10 minutes later, Adams posted a second Facebook message that said he "needed this girl knocked off right now" Billie testified.

Billie later confronted Adams about the Facebook entry, and Adams gave differing explanations before admitting that he was upset about the rape accusation. Adams' attorney said that his client significantly limited the defenses that were available to him by his public Facebook postings. The only smart thing Adams did was sign a plea agreement last week for both the rape and solicitation to commit murder charges. If he hadn't pleaded guilty, he could have faced 35 to 70 years in jail.

Topic: IT Employment

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  • RE: Teenager tries to hire a hitman via Facebook, fails

    What a bright individual.....................
    What is wrong with society today!
  • RE: Teenager tries to hire a hitman via Facebook, fails

    I tried to do the same thing, I found it was easier to just throw my ex into the river.
    Ron Burgundy
    • wow what a class act

      @Ron Burgundy
      Throw my ex into the river ... really your a pure example of what a human shouldn't be ....
    • You know what?

      @Ron Burgundy

      You're a douchebag.
      • RE: Teenager tries to hire a hitman via Facebook, fails


        And you're a ****************************.
        Ron Burgundy
    • RE: Teenager tries to hire a hitman via Facebook, fails

      @Ron Burgundy And the two biggest idiots who fail to understand the definition of sarcasm come out of the woodwork.
      Ron Burgundy
    • Joking around or not...

      @Ron Burgundy

      if something ever does happen to your ex (assuming you have one), guess who will be the first suspect. And, just like that yahoo in Arizona, internet history will more likely become a 'case builder' in the future
      • RE: Teenager tries to hire a hitman via Facebook, fails

        @chmod 777 If something did happen to my ex it would be more likely lung cancer, and I would do cartwheels down the street, not to mention she's got way more people who can't stand her than me, so I'd be at the end of a long line.
        Ron Burgundy
    • IDOT Squared

      @Ron Burgundy what an idiot you are. We also know who you are Ron...double idiot or idiot squared you are the one!
  • I have the perfect defense...

    "Your honor, my client is an idiot."
  • it's somewhat of a dilemna....

    do we restrict the use of computers to idiots like this that exhibit this type of behavior?

    or do we allow them to continue to use computers, thus providing the proof needed to convict them?

    one could argue either way.
  • RE: Teenager tries to hire a hitman via Facebook, fails

    :) I am so amused as to how people use facebook as their tool to get work done. Perfect example of idiots guide to social networking.

    @Ron Burg - Nice Joke ;) Sarcasm was subtle.

    Now that I think of it , why did'nt he try Craigslist?
  • This is bs

    For all we know, the girl had drunk sex with Corey, lied about how much she drank so she wouldnt get in trouble for drunk driving, and then either couldn't remember what happened or felt bad about it and to cope with it she blamed Corey. Corey could be just another idiot that said the wrong thing twice in anger. After all, read further and you will see he never met with the "assassin" the police set up for him to meet in a sting. It sounds to me like this is a case of the prosecution and the police trying to get a bust so they can pat themselves on the back, not because they want to find out the truth for the sake of justice. Rape charges almost always get taken as guilty until proven innocent, and its actually worse to be labeled a rapist than labeled a murderer in this society.
    • Everything you wrote is wrong

      @antisyzygy:<br>You're obviously a close friend of Corey's. I'm sorry that your friend is such a worthless excuse for a human who deserves death, but got 22 years instead. Anyway, to your ridiculous post: Posting not one but TWO messages on your FB page explicitly soliciting murder is not "[saying] the wrong thing...in anger"; the fact that he said it twice precludes the premise of a heat-of-the-moment comment and instead proves a consistent, considered plan.<br><br>Not meeting the detective posing as the assassin doesn't prove a police sting; it proves that they had enough evidence to arrest him without that meeting, based on the FB posts and the recorded conversation he had with the victim.<br><br>But far and away the most ridiculous thing you wrote was "Rape charges almost always get taken as guilty until proven innocent." Of course everybody knows that the reality is the exact opposite: The victim is presumed guilty until proven innocent, and the accused often has only to show that the victim was not a virgin to get off. The fact that Corey couldn't even get off a rape charge against a drunk girl he left a party with shows that the evidence against him for soliciting murder was so compelling.
      • RE: Teenager tries to hire a hitman via Facebook, fails

        @CletisCletis I am no friend of this person so your weird personal attack is a bunch of drivel. You don't have access to the proof so how can you possibly know the content of anything? The court skewered this kid because he said some ill-advised things on facebook. He faced almost life in prison or 22 years and since every American is as stupid as you are, he would have had no chance against a jury and thus plea bargained for less time in prison. I don't know about you, but I prefer a society where people want to find out the real truth before throwing people in prison. Im not saying this kid is innocent, Im just saying his side had no chance to be heard. I know if I was unjustly accused of rape I would be very angry, and once again before reading into things, I am not saying he was unjustly accused, Im saying think of both sides of the story. Already the media is attacking him because hes a "rapist", which is apparently worse than being a murderer in our backwards society. Since there was a police sting he didn't show up to, how can you say for sure he was serious about the hit? You can't unless you are a feeble minded idiot or think you have miraculous psychic powers. Im glad you exist in some miracle land where the accused have all these rights. Funny thing about that, you presume this kid is guilty and there wasn't a real court case. He plea bargained, so the case was never heard. Too-da-loo idiot.
      • Try to think for yourself, Cletis

        You are obviously a woman. And probably a woman who got drunk at a sorority party, ended up pregnant, and then charged the frat boy who knocked you up with rape.

        Society at large, and the police and prosecutors offices in particular, always believe everything that a woman says in regards to rape allegations. Most juries believe them, as well. Most men accused of rape are indeed guilty until proven innocent.

        The Duke Lacrosse case is a perfect example of the lengths that police and prosecutors will go in the face of exculpatory evidence to obtain a conviction. And if you think that the truth would have prevailed and that the boys would have been found innocent at trial, your blindness is such that its puts your intelligence level at par with Mr. antisyzygy.
      • since every American is as stupid as you are

        @CletisCletis I love that quote...and is it really true that "every American is ... stupid"?
    • RE: Teenager tries to hire a hitman via Facebook, fails

      For all we know, you have an IQ of 70 and due to a birth defect you are missing one of your testicles. Who are we to believe?
      • RE: Teenager tries to hire a hitman via Facebook, fails

        @strict-nine You are possibly the most ridiculously stupid person I have ever had the misfortune of running across. Much like my IQ and number of testicles, you have no information regarding the circumstances of my birth, and neither do you have any information about the alleged crime since it never was fully heard in court and went straight to plea bargain.
      • RE: Teenager tries to hire a hitman via Facebook, fails

        Lets just not call names, please. You are putting yourself in the same level.

        This kid wasn't educated enough to know what he did was attempt murder. could it be an excuse to get away with anything if he didnt know? NO. but it doesn't matter, he now know it was stupid act in every possible ways(hope he realized that) and will face the consequences.

        BTW Rape is rape. If the girl says she didn't want to have sex with him and he did anyway(doesnt matter how), it is rape. but, the girl could have set him up, its possible. that happen all the time. I think thats what antisyzygy was trying to say about there are 2 sides of stories and this kid was already have labled as a rapist. But the issue here was what he did on FB. nothing else. even he didn't rape her and was her boyfriend, just had a fight and posted angry comment and tried to hire a hitman....it is a crime. he could say "it was a joke" or "I was angry" later on. but if someone took it seriouly and actually killed her... it is going to be too late. that is why he is facing what he is facing. not because he had a history of whatever.

        Advise to all : If you were rejected, walk away. don't push it. don't be bitter. just walk away. therefore, you can keep your dignity, and avoid this kind of tragedy. Whether you are girl or boy. Just turn around and walk away. There are someone for you. always.