What's your favorite Facebook moment of 2011?

What's your favorite Facebook moment of 2011?

Summary: Facebook wants you to share your favorite Facebook moment of 2011. The campaign isn't going so well because the app is poorly designed. Facebook or no Facebook, what was your favorite of 2011?


Facebook is celebrating the year 2011 with a new app on its own Facebook Page called Facebook Moment of 2011. The application allows users to share their most important happenings in their lives over the past 12 months, which Facebook hopes included the social network. Here's the pitch:

Was 2011 the year you joined Facebook, changed your relationship status to "engaged", reunited with a relative, or saw the first picture of your grandchild? As we look forward to 2012, share your Facebook Moment of 2011 with us by submitting a description, photo, or video.

There aren't really that many submissions yet; at the time of writing, there are only a handful over 100. I'm not saying a huge percentage of Facebook's 800 million monthly active users should respond, but I would have thought at least a couple thousand would have answered, given that Facebook's own Page has over 57 million Likes.

The poor response could have something to do with the way the app was designed. I use Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 9. Both browsers blocked the pop-up that the app was trying to load, and instead showed the following message, as you can see in the screenshot above:

Loading submission form... (Page not loading? Please check your browser's pop-up settings)

When I unblocked the pop-up (I probably would not have done so if I wasn't writing this article), I was told the following:

Moments is requesting permission to do the following: Access my basic information Includes name, profile picture, gender, networks, user ID, list of friends, and any other information I've made public

Only after I allowed the app did the submission form load, and I was given the option to share my story, upload a photo, submit a video, and pick a category. Frankly, that's just too many hoops to jump through.

Facebook is clearly expecting a much bigger response than it is getting, given that it created 29 categories for putting in submissions: Causes, Celebrities, College, Crime Fighting, Education, Family, Friendships, Government, Grief, Health, Local Community, Lost and Found, Love, Military, Movements, Music, Natural Disasters, Other, Parenting, Peace, Pets, Politics, Religion, Rescues, Reunions, Small Business, Sports, Support Groups, Travel.

My biggest moment in 2011 wasn't shared on Facebook (if it was just up to me, it probably would have been). Whether you shared it on Facebook or not, what was your moment of 2011?

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  • RE: What's your favorite Facebook moment of 2011?

    When I stopped using it, goodbye & good riddance! Had enough of the BS that is Facebook.
    • RE: What's your favorite Facebook moment of 2011?



      I have to agree, I left Facebook as a New Years resolution at the start of 2011 and have not missed it. Total waste of time.
  • Permanently deleted my account.

    The best decision I made was to delete my account. Good riddance to invasive exploitation.
  • RE: What's your favorite Facebook moment of 2011?

    Goodness ! Such negativity to Facebook !<br><br>Thought everyone used it ? <br><br>Well I did, couldn't see the point, and now don't.
  • RE: What's your favorite Facebook moment of 2011?

    When BART in San Fran took down their [i]own[/i] equipment, to keep id10ts from using FB and Twitter to organize a group of people to act like id10ts.

    Mind you, those id10ts wanted to protest a man getting shot for attacking a police officer with a knife; but more to my point, this self-entitled FB generation needs [i]more[/i] lessons that they don't 'deserve' anything just because they managed to survive to their mid-20s.

    Just because their parents spoiled them rotten, doesn't mean the rest of the country should continue doing so.