Yahoo redesigns search results pages, adds more Facebook

Yahoo redesigns search results pages, adds more Facebook

Summary: Yahoo has rolled out yet another update to its search results page, and once again Facebook is present.


Yahoo today unveiled another update to its search results page, just after the one from last month that added a dedicated Facebook tab. Once again, Facebook gets to play a major role in the company's improvements to its main product.

Since last month's Image Search update, Yahoo says it has added a larger pool of Facebook images to also include public profiles and fan pages, a richer Latest pictures experience with more Yahoo content, and better recommendations at the end of galleries. As you can see in the example screenshot above, you can click on the Facebook tab in the left rail to get the most popular public Facebook albums for your search query.

The Facebook tab only appears if you have connected your Facebook account with Yahoo search and if your search results include matches from your Facebook friends' names, photo album names, or album descriptions. Yahoo has slowly been warming up to Facebook in the last year or so, and most recently it seems to be putting the social network front and center in its various products and services. I'm curious to know if its users are tech-savvy enough to connect their social network to their search engine.

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  • RE: Yahoo redesigns search results pages, adds more Facebook

    Facebook SUCKS!! WHY would Yahoo attach themselves to a piece of crap that will be out of style in another few years?? Facebook is nothing but a data collection site that will never delete anything... just like google! People whom partake in services like this will one day regret ever signing up! Mark my words.
  • Ya... who?

    Yahoo should just get it over with and split, and allow MS to take over the search area, completely, and then concentrate on whatever is left, which might be just content.