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Eileen Brown is a social media consultant and advisor who has been working with collaborative technologies for over 20 years.

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Cool Tools Friday - ShareThis Adds Digg Tracking

There are about 6 billion social media and social networking tools. Perhaps that number is a bit of an exaggeration, but what is not an exaggeration is how many emails I receive regarding cool tools (either new or potentially forgotten) and how many of these tools that I accidentally fall across each week.

June 20, 2008 by Jennifer Leggio


MySpace answers questions about redesign and reputation

On the day that MySpace rolled out its much discussed redesign, I asked Steve Pearman, the company's SVP of product strategy, five quick questions about the new features and why the social media community may still think MySpace is the kids' version of Facebook.

June 18, 2008 by Jennifer Leggio


Q&A with Twitter's Biz Stone

While the Twitter stability debate is intense, I got back to basics with Twitter co-founder Biz Stone about what’s on the radar in terms of features, battling bots, community engagement — and why he isn’t afraid of a “Twitter killer”.

June 12, 2008 by Jennifer Leggio


LinkedIn Company Groups create privacy concerns

Potential privacy issues through social media are currently taking the form of a beast that many companies are fighting hard to combat. With these seemingly private groups, employees with less understanding of how third-party communities work may share potentially proprietary information about customers, partners, product roadmaps or even financials.

June 11, 2008 by Jennifer Leggio


ZDNet's "Feeds" dives into social media

Simply called "Feeds" (largely because "microblogginglifestreamingbloggingpodcastingetc" was far too long), this blog will feature news on social media tools and trends and deep dives into business strategies.

June 10, 2008 by Jennifer Leggio