'I Hate the New Facebook' group surpasses 500,000 protestors

'I Hate the New Facebook' group surpasses 500,000 protestors

Summary: Facebook sure isn't getting much love these days. As the social network continues to fight a multitude of security issues even its own loyal user base is turning against it with a quickly growing group called "I Hate the New Facebook" -- which now boasts near 600,000 members.


Facebook sure isn't getting much love these days. As the social network continues to fight a multitude of security issues even its own loyal user base is turning against it with a quickly growing group called "I Hate the New Facebook" -- which now boasts near 600,000 members. Just over half a million voices represent a small percentage of the site's base but I imagine the noise level from this group will soon be hard for Facebook to ignore. The group lists 19 reasons why the new Facebook design is not lovable, many with which I agree.

According to the group admin, here are the growth rates:

  • 5,000 Reached: August 14th, 2008
  • 10,000 Reached: August 22nd, 2008
  • 25,000 Reached: August 28th, 2008
  • 50,000 Reached: August 30th, 2008
  • 100,000 Reached: September 3rd, 2008
  • 250,000 Reached: September 6th, 2008
  • 500,000 Reached: September 7th, 2008

The growth spurt in the last few days is the biggest attention grabber -- especially since the group has gained another 85,000 users seemingly overnight. I'm wondering if this surge in protest is related to Facebook's message that says soon the new Facebook will be the only Facebook?

Facebook has been trying hard over the last few months to slowly convert it's feeds into a lifestream and the new design really puts a shine on that. Some bloggers have even said that these improvements could create a bit of a challenge for standalone microblogging platforms and lifestreams. But with so many users with ruffled feathers over the new design I think that keeps some of the incumbent mindshare safe for now.

While Facebook needn't race to change its design back due to these protests the social network's management should be listening to these folks, and according to some group members that hasn't happened yet. Potential advertisers could be paying heed and Facebook should be prepared to answer their questions. While Facebook's livelihood is in more danger due to its many security flaws versus these protests, there are users posting on the group's wall that they would choose deletion over the new design. Here's one:

"I'd rather delete my account than use the new facebook. if it ain't broke.. don't fix it!"

As an aside, I've been very open on Twitter (and my own Facebook status, for that matter) about being disenchanted with this new design. I find it slightly counterintuitive and am going to hold out and use the old Facebook as long as I can. Will the new design keep me from using Facebook overall? No. I still want to build my network. But it will keep me from visiting as often. It's helped to confirm to me FriendFeed will continue to be my lifestream of choice.

What about you?

Topics: Collaboration, Networking, Security, Social Enterprise

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  • Don't hate the change

    As a web developer, I believe in changing layout/graphics/styles of a website. Let's face it, in 5 years the web 2.0 styles that are popping up all over will be making way for something that looks more 'modern'. I don't think the layout of Facebook has changed much since it first started, and I am a fan of the new layout.

    I think the new style is much more logical and it makes my account less crowded. I also think the look of the new style is much more up to date than the old.

    I think the reason for the negative feedback from this group is that the new layout requires users to re-learn how to use Facebook. Some people don't have the patience for this.
    • I can get on board with that.

      The "no patience" part. I think that's part of it for me. Every time I see the new Facebook I see something I have to figure out. I realize it won't take more than five minutes but I've become spoiled with the uber simplicity of other services.

      That's not the ONLY reason I dislike it, though. I think the feeds look more cluttered now.
      Jennifer Leggio
      • Count me in

        the group that hates the new and "improved" look of Facebook.
        I don't mind the tabbed layout but the feeds are awful - clutter at it's finest and no way to get rid of it, unless you count not using Facebook as one way to handle this crap.
        The "old" Facebook was not broken. I don't understand why some people just insist on fixing what's not broken...
      • RE: 'I Hate the New Facebook' group surpasses 500,000 protestors

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  • RE: 'I Hate the New Facebook' group surpasses 500,000 protestors

    Ok - I finally clicked the link that says "try the new layout."

    I'm spending more time than I'd prefer with my scroll-wheel. But apparently I don't use it enough to have a strong opinion.

    The one thing I noticed is there must be another 500 groups with two or three hundred members who also hate the new facebook. As well as others who hate being asked to join groups that hate the new facebook. It certainly looks like a big bandwagon to me.
  • No problem -- unlike desktop apps, web apps never force you to upgrade!

  • RE: 'I Hate the New Facebook' group surpasses 500,000 protestors

    Aye it's not bad - sure when I first started using it I didn't like it, but I'm not a big fan of change. After a while, it becomes like second nature all over again and haven't had a single problem with it.
    • Boo

      I still don't like it. :)
      Jennifer Leggio
  • RE: 'I Hate the New Facebook' group surpasses 500,000 protestors

    One of the problems with the new Facebook is that the existing apps were written to work with the old Facebook, so there was a period of upheaval when apps were constantly crashing leaving users (and probably developers) extremely frustrated. This probably means that developers are going to move to writing new Facebook compliant apps, which means all the haters will eventually have to give up their apps (especially games), convert to the new Facebook, or leave.

    Let's face it, Facebook is a Web 2.0 OS, and when you do a major upgrade of your OS, you are bound to have application compatibility problems until the developers catch up.
  • Anyone remember the News Feed?

    A similar coup took place when Facebook decided to
    roll out the (News/Mini)-feed two years ago, on
    September 5, 2006. Over a million users joined the
    group, screaming in protest over the very concept. <br
    /><br />
    Two years later, the News Feed is one of the core
    features of Facebook, driving other social networking
    sites to follow suit. They've led best practice
    engineering on a number of projects, have rolled out
    one of the most practical APIs (F8) the web has yet to
    see, and continue to stand on the cusp of intuitive
    web design and innovative engineering. <br /><br />
    The News Feed wasn't something that the Facebook user
    base knew it wanted. The News Feed was something that
    <b>Facebook</b> knew its user base wanted. <br /><br
    Don't expect the 600,000 users in an uproar to have
    any contrivance of effective UI design. Expect them to
    follow the leader in a viral shouting match, but
    here's the best part: Expect Facebook to listen. <br
    /><br />
    [i]"We're going to continue to improve Facebook, and
    we want you to be part of that process. Test out the
    products and continue to provide us feedback. Use your
    privacy settings so you can feel most comfortable
    using the site. We hear you, and we appreciate the
    feedback."[/i] <br /><br />
    Facebook listened and accordingly made changes to the
    News Feed two years ago, and have improved it to be
    quite a practical dashboard for their site today.
    They'll listen and accordingly make changes to the
    "new Facebook" format now, and will continue to
    improve it as time proceeds. <br /><br />
    Here's the underlying catch, though: Facebook will
    continue to develop products as they see fit for their
    applications, and people will continue to find
    themselves attracted to the social networking site.
    <br /><br />
    Why? Because, while you may not know what you want
    next from Facebook, they'll make sure to tell you what
    it is that you want. That's why they have over 100
    million users today, and that's why you'll continue to
    use them tomorrow.
    • Wow

      That was a great blog within a blog. You make very good points. I hope people see what you have to say.
      Jennifer Leggio
  • RE: 'I Hate the New Facebook' group surpasses 500,000 protestors

    Well, right now Facebook has suddenly stopped turning pages so I can't find which of the zillion I hate the new Facebook groups you're referring to. Unless that huge number was just a total?

    Seems to me the technical problems are way out of control over there.
    • Ugh

      Ugh to the Facebook tech issues

      The group is linked in the first part of the post - http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=21225988060
      Jennifer Leggio
  • RE: 'I Hate the New Facebook' group surpasses 500,000 protestors

    i dont mind the "lifefeed" approach, but its too hard to post an item now, waay too many clicks.
    • Not on FriendFeed

      You should give it a try. And find me on there. I am "Mediaphyter"
      Jennifer Leggio
  • RE: 'I Hate the New Facebook' group surpasses 500,000 protestors

    Apparently Facebook deleted that group Yesterday.
  • RE: 'I Hate the New Facebook' group surpasses 500,000 protestors

    "The Zuck" and his team suck. Big-time. The reason people left MySpace was because the development team decided it knew better what users wanted than the users themselves. That's arrogance and hubris, pure and simple.

    The "I Hate the New Facebook" group now surpasses 1.5 million users. And it's growing, fast. I'm leaving FB this week, just as soon as they deliver my archive... Diaspora, Unthink, and Google+ are all looking like better options at present. The bottom line for me is I don't want to have to reorient myself to a workspace where I'm getting information without getting some kind of warning in advance of the change. I also don't want a unilateral change foisted me, top-down. Even Microsoft and Apple have a dim understanding that some users want to stay on the current system, even when whiz-bang new stuff appears on the horizon. "The Zuck" apparently hasn't figured this out yet.