McDonald's crowdsources new ideas with 'make your own burger' campaign

McDonald's crowdsources new ideas with 'make your own burger' campaign

Summary: McDonald's has used crowdsourcing to find new ideas for its burgers. Finalists can get their own burger design created and sold to over two million daily visitors in outlets across Germany.

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McDonald's has used crowdsourcing to find ideas for its burger range in Germany. For its 40th birthday celebrations it did not want to follow campaigns promoted across other McDonald's around the world and create another promotional burger. Instead it created the 'Mein burger' campaign.

Credit: McDonald's

McDonald's is often launching promotional burgers. Just watch TV for a few days to find the latest offering. We are becoming jaded. Would another 'new' burger generate enough buzz for the brand?

The creative team at Razorfish and the creative Agency Neue Digitale in Berlin decided to create Germany's first crowdsourced burger. This allowed users to customise exactly the burger they wanted and if a finalist, get it made by McDonald's.

The fans invented the burgers, voted for their favourites and eventually ate the burgers.

The campaign was very simple. You could build online up to ten of your own designs and put them up to the Burger Gallery for others to vote on.

With a few clicks you could combine your own burger from a list of ingredients. You could personalise your own advertising videos and posters and share them across your social sites. Traditional print posters appeared across Germany exhorting you to vote for that particular recipe over the others.

The campaign gave users the tools to create their own burger, a video, banner and poster. Burger creators could collect votes for their recipes by using crowdsourced advertising.

The 20 burgers with the most votes went into a shortlist and the five best burgers went on sale across all McDonald's outlets in Germany and Luxembourg.

The 2012 campaign ran for four weeks in February. During the campaign, over 327,000 new burgers were created and social sharing links and adverts ran across sites such as TV, YouTube, Facebook, Radio and e German newspaper

Each of the five finalists has their burgers in restaurants for one week over five weeks from 26th April to 30th May. Over two million people go to McDonald's in Germany every day, so to have your own burger on the menu choice would be kudos indeed.

The winner of the 2011 competition had their burgers eaten by millions across Germany and each got their own TV commercial. Socially, it was successful too with seven million page impressions on the web site making it McDonald's most successful campaign ever in Germany.

One and a half million people voted for their favourite burger and the campaign reached every fourth German online user. With the press buzz reaching offline consumers the media team reckon that they reached every fourth German in total.

McDonald's Germany sold more promotional burgers to more customers earning more total revenue than for any previous burger promotion. Now the 2012 crowdsourced McDonald's finalists are each on sale for a week.

If you are passing through Germany -- there is still time to try the new flavour combinations and vote for your favourite. Who knows, crowdsourced burgers might be coming to a McDonald's near to you one day...

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  • AKA 370,000 ways to add two pounds and spike your cholesterol.

    AKA 370,000 ways to add two pounds and spike your cholesterol. I think I'll pass.
    • Still can not believe how USA tolerates this

      The smoking is already banned almost everywhere, but somehow those "food" chains always get Senate and Congress [s]bribed[/s] lobbied so than none of real health-related initiatives would pass there.

      I was [b]shocked[/b] that in USA children are allowed to MacDonald's, BurgerKing, et cetera. This is horrible what those parents do to their children.

      That kind of "food" should be very limited under strictest laws.
      • It should be a treat.

        As a kid, it was a treat, and mom and dad did often tell about how people could not afford it at all.

        McDonalds would rather sit there and wait for others to do the work for free, then spend money just to make themselves fat and McD rich at their expense. What next, elimination of the "minimum wage", which in turn will only profit McD due to having to pay less, or at least until no worker in any field can afford to eat their slop?
      • The Food Lobby is an Evil Empire

        Read the Michael Pollan books for some information on how hard the food lobby fights in order to shove processed non-food down our throats.
      • In this case, Germany . . .

        In this case, Germany.

        Guess who has an international presence now?

        You can get your high-carb, high-calorie burgers everywhere now.

        It's probably the case that we didn't know better when McDonald's was established, but with what we know about nutrition now, there's really no reason to eat there any more.
      • Amusing

        Why am I not surprised that there is always someone who thinks they have a divine right to micro-manage every aspect of human existance?

        Why stop at food? You can micro-manage just about everything but then you'll turn into a dictator. And we all know how that story ends.
      • Well, they said it, not me . . .

        "Why am I not surprised that there is always someone who thinks they have a divine right to micro-manage every aspect of human existance?"

        Well, they said make it a law, not me. I personally think using the law to force people to eat healthy is a bit extreme.

        This kind of food is still bad for you, no doubt.
  • The most disgusting tech trend of the day

    If there were smileys on this forum, I'd be using the barfing one.
  • Too cheap to hire their own marketing staff now?

    Crowdsource this:

    Go leech off of someone else. Stop being lazy and living off the backs of others.

    Even Ayn Rand would be upset...
  • How About Stray Dog Burgers

    Clears the streets and introduces Far Eastern tastes to the US.
    Alan Smithie