Photographer bullied by over zealous Kingdom Security staff

Photographer bullied by over zealous Kingdom Security staff

Summary: Kingdom Security staff become abusive to a photographer taking photos of the Golden Wonder factory and create a Twitter storm.

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Kingdom Security staff become abusive to a photographer taking photos of the Golden Wonder factory -- even though he was legally entitled to do so.

'Made up' laws

Sometimes overzealous officials interpret the law to suit their own agenda. Unfortunately this exchange with a citizen journalist in Scunthorpe, UK has rustled up a bit of a storm.

Hamst takes photos and videos of Scunthorpe for the visit Scunthorpe community site. On 17th January, he decided to take some photographs of the Golden Wonder factory. Golden Wonder make potato crisps (chips), and snacks in the UK.

Kingdom Security staff are subcontracted to Golden Wonder for security services. One of the security staff crossed the road and insisted that Hamst stopped taking photos of the factory. Hamst refused saying he was fully entitled to take pictures of buildings from public areas.

The security guard became more and more abusive, even encouraging another worker to run the photographer over in her car. Her colleague also approached Hamst and told him that Hamst was breaking the law and that the police had been called.

He then became more abusive. Fortunately, Hamst captured the conversation on video, uploaded the confrontation to YouTube and he recorded the encounter on the Visit Scunthorpe blog.

In the UK it is legal to take photographs of a private property from a public place. Restrictions can only be enforced upon entry to that place. The Staff at Kingdom Security were unaware of this and their aggressive behaviour towards to photographer probably contravenes Section 5 of the Public Order Act 1986

Since the blog and video were posted, Kingdom Security has had more social visibility than it anticipated. Links to the video have been posted onto the Golden Wonder fan site Facebook page and messages to @KingdomSecurity on Twitter have been critical of the abusive staff who 'threaten and swear'

Listening plan?

Mark Wallace, who owns the Kingdom Security Twitter account has stayed silent since 13th January and has not responded to the tweets asking for an explanation. Comments on the Visit Scunthorpe site claim that the two security guards have resigned, but there doesn't seem to be any official response to the video.

It is all well and good using Twitter to broadcast to your followers, but if you don't have an effective listening and engagement framework, things might just get out of hand.

Kingdom Security is probably wondering why it opened a Twitter account at all...

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  • You! Hold Still!

    One of the qualifications to become any sort of rent-a-cop (heck, any kind of cop) should be that you don't want the job. People who actually want to dress up in a uniform and boss people around should be kept as far away as possible from jobs where that happens. Too many of them end up channeling their Inner Hitler if they get the chance.
    Robert Hahn
    • RE: Photographer bullied by over zealous Kingdom Security staff

      @Robert Hahn . . . and another qualification should probably be at least a minor in law. No use being in law enforcement if you don't know what the law is to begin with -_-.
  • only one other post so far... if you want readers in ZDnet...

    ... you have to negatively link Apple to your story, for example title your story like this :

    "is Kingdom security as Abusive as Apple's Foxconn?" or "Just like Apple Kingdom security are bullies" or "Did Steve Jobs influence Kingdom?"

    anykind of negative spin articles linking apple no matter how stupid like the bunch on Apple's supply chain recently (although every other tech company uses the same factories) will get numerous readers and hits (several hundred reader comments on the apple foxconn article) . Otherwise no one cares.
    • RE: Photographer bullied by over zealous Kingdom Security staff

      @Davewrite -

      thanks for starting the ball rolling! :D ;)
    • RE: Photographer bullied by over zealous Kingdom Security staff

      @Davewrite Geeze - is there NO place on the net where one can get away from this rubbish? Thanks for bringing your muddy shoes onto the carpet.
      • see see! whole day yesterday , no comments, just say ... Apple... !

        @TheWerewolf <br><br>and the i haters come up!!!<br><br>betcha you were dissapointed you didn't read something like " Kingdom Abuse definately tied to Apple as it's UK company and Apple's lead designer Ive is ALSO from the UK... " Really THAT is nearly as sensible as all the other anti Apple hit pieces so popular (look at the foxconn stuff, like I said every big tech company uses Foxconn but name apple and hundreds of posts -- the recent Foxconn suicide issue was at the Msft XBOX line -- NOT apple's but all zdnet's recent articles on foxconn is apple! - NOT ONE WORD about Xbox in the big New York Times article that started the recent apple bashing or in most of the many follow up articles here. For this page here the whole day yesterday only two posts including mine, no one cares cause it's not apple, that's the TRUTH ) ...