Twitter hashtag #chats: Valuable or just noise?

Twitter hashtag #chats: Valuable or just noise?

Summary: You've seen them: #journchat, #editorchat, #PR20chat, #blogchat -- the list is pretty long. The question is, do they do any more than create noise?


There are a ton of "hash tag" chats on Twitter. You've seen them: #journchat, #editorchat, #PR20chat, #blogchat -- the list is pretty long. The question is, do they do any more than create noise?

In theory, the chats are great for inspiring community and conversation around a topic. But how much value do the attendees really get out of a crowd of tweets and hashtags? And what does your network do if they don't want to overhear it anymore?

On the Sept. 24 Oct. 8 edition of the Quick'n'Dirty Podcast, I, along with co-host Aaron Strout and special guest Deb Robison, will discuss these chats. We'll combine unofficial survey data (with your help!) and our own experiments and trials that we'll conduct over the next week or so. The results will also be published on this blog.

Interested in particpating? Take the poll here.

Topic: Social Enterprise

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  • Twitter Chats

    Hey Jennifer,

    I moderate the #thepr20chat (Weds., 8pm EST). My philosophy for chats (especially this one) has always that when people stop showing up or get's time to move on. Nothing lasts forever, there are a lot of 'trendy' things popping up, shiny objects, etc.

    If the people don't find value then it's not worth anyone's time to participate. The value, I think, of this chat is that except for the first couple of chats all of the topics have come from people who participate.

    Now, that said...does the chat cause noise for people not interested in PR, most likely. ;-)

    Beth Harte
    Community Manager, MarketingProfs
  • RE: Twitter hashtag #chats: Valuable or just noise?

    I agree with Beth. These hashtag chats are beneficial to participants as a way to learn and to expose themselves to new peeps on Twitter. People ask all the time, "how do I find people to follow on Twitter" I say use Hashtag chats.

  • RE: Twitter hashtag #chats: Valuable or just noise?

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  • Thanks guys

    Appreciate all of the feedback. We've extended the survey period, so with hope we'll get some good data.
    Jennifer Leggio
  • #Hashtag = #Good

    I find hashtags to be both valuable to find
    information/content/conversations and people I should
    follow, and I use them extensively in my own posts. I think
    they are underused and undervalued.
  • RE: Twitter hashtag #chats: Valuable or just noise?

    My 5 takes: 1. Hashtag chats encourage sharing on the one end while feeding curiosity on the other -- all serving to reinforce assumptions AND stimulate new revelations/trends on a given topic. 2. Today's #socialmedia discussion, while crazy fast and surely generating attention, made you think on your feet and go with your gut post. 3. Many peers are listening so chats force you to speak wisely, but with an open mind. 4. Chats rekindle conversations with old acquaintances and attract motivated, smart participants from which you can connect and expand your purview. 5. I?d say my early adopter network is biased re: overhearing it. They generally understand the options of ignoring it vs. jumping in when intrigued or eavesdropping later to scoop up the nuggets and re-share. You have my thumps-up on hashtag chat value ? thx for the discussion! - @carlainsf
    Carla Schlemminger