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Intel slide not over yet says AMD sales chief

I've been writing about a revitalized Intel (an SVW sponsor) and its bid to win back market share with its Core 2 Duo chips and an ambitious roadmap. My view has been that AMD has had the party all to itself with its low-power consuming high-performance Opteron server chips--and now the Empire Strikes Back, as was said by Nathan Brookwood, analyst at Insight64 and a top Intel watcher.

September 10, 2006 by


Laundering Internet usage data to protect privacy

I've been thinking about Google handing over identifiable information about users of its Orkut service to Brazilian authorities, and disclosures by Yahoo in China--couldn't such things be avoided fairly easily?Enron set up huge numbers of off-shore companies to hide its debt and obscure its financial data.

September 6, 2006 by

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