Are you a widget or are you a business?

Are you a widget or are you a business?

Summary: In this Web 2.0 world where every on-demand service can become a widget, where is the business?


In this Web 2.0 world where every on-demand service can become a widget, where is the business?

On Saturday afternoon I spent 3 hours looking at YouTube videos through FaceBook. YouTube became a $1.6bn widget on FaceBook.

Will the winners be the companies such as FaceBook, or their competitor, that manages to roll up everyone else onto the same page? In which case, where is the business model for the widget companies?

Topic: Social Enterprise

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  • It will fade...

    I bet Google will eventually make you embed AdWords in order to embed YouTube. There's no such thing as a free lunch.

    I imagine other widget providers will have to do the same. Possibly the exact same. I could see Google providing a "widget widget" where you stick come component in an AdWords frame, or creating a mechanism where somehow all the widgets in a mashup registered themselves so that all the providers split the AdWords revenue.
    Erik Engbrecht
  • Too much advertising!

    I don't want to be force-fed ads everywhere I go. I think that it will eventually collapse. Real business models will be developed eventually where the service they provide is substantial enough to warrant a price.

    For example unless you can deliver an experience similiar to a movie theater, a live concert, etc. it will be difficult to find people willing to split with $$$. How about offering something that a business user can use? It seems that people don't realize that they are actually paying for these services that they use for "free." Ever notice how prices have just sky-rocketed lately. This is the result of increased advertising expenses coupled with a insatiable desire to see the latest "cool vid."

    The web is quickly becoming the latest MLM strategy. What's the difference between a Multi-Level Marketing scheme and the existing advertising -> Platform -> Users -> Business -> advertizing...etc.

    It has become a you pay me, I'll pay you, they'll buy from us...kickback MLM. How many information consolidations can occur...who knows. I'm just waiting for someone to consolidate Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, Digg, Google, MSN, Yahoo, Ebay, Craigslist, etc. This could be called FirstBase, then you can consolidate all the information in people's heads, Second Base, all the information (based on mathematics) of nature, Third Base, and all the information of our solar system, Home Base. After that you can consolidate all the "Bases" and form the Infiellar. Once that is complete you can incorporate the Infiellar and the Outfiellar to form the Fiellar.

    The only thing that can surpass the Fiellar is a truely super-human know only as Bonds.
  • RE: Are you a widget or are you a business?

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