Craigslist is being blocked by Cox Interactive

Craigslist is being blocked by Cox Interactive

Summary: Is this an example of a net neutrality issue?

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Is this what the loss of net neutrality will bring? A reader on Silicon Valley Watcher left this tip:
I use Cox cable internet, Cox's media empire printed classifieds is one of their big revenue drivers. Guess what? If you try to access Craigslist over Cox Cable internet... its nearly impossible! It appears that they throttle access to craigslist - as a matter of fact there have been a zillion complaints but hey, who can blame Cox? They're trying to stop the opening cap in their money dam! Maybe you should investigate this tip further. Cheers

I did investigate further, I walked out of my apartment and across Alamo Square and popped in on Jim Buckmaster, the CEO of Craigslist. Jim was just getting back from work and I spoke with Susan Best, publicist for Craigslist. Susan said they have known about the problem with Cox.

Jim soon arrived and said the problem of access had been going on since late February. It had something to do with the security software that Cox isusing from a company called Authentium. Cox has been collaborating with Authentium since April 2005 to develop the security software suite.

Back on February 23rd Authentium acknowledged that their software is blocking Craigslist but it still hasn't fixed the problem, more than three months later. That's a heck of long time to delete some text from their blacklist. (UPDATE: I assumed there was a blacklist-I have no idea how Craigslist is being blocked but Authentium admits its software has blocked Craigslist.) And this company also supplies security software to other large ISPs.

Craigslist has approached Authentium several times to get it to stop blocking access by Cox internet users but it has been unresponsive.

Jim wasn't aware that Cox had its own classified ads service. "That changes things, " he said.

This situation does not look good in the context of the net neutrality debate. This is exactly the kind of scenario that many people are concerned about, that the cable companies and the telcos will make it difficult for their internet users to access competing services.

Here are Craigslists' system reports: If you scroll down you can see the Cox problem, and there are quite a few problems with others too: email with SBC, and also with Yahoo and BT Internet. Are those problems also related to the telcos using software that discriminates against Craigslist?

Some more related links:

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Also, take a look at this story about Cox refusing to run AP video. Is it fighting for open standards or is it fighting off a competitor with a poor revenue split? From Mark Glaser's MediaShift: Cox Newspapers Says No to AP Video

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Here is the Cox Communications site, it's called Safe is Beautiful(!)

Here is a video sent to me by Stefano Boscutti: SAVE THE INTERNET

Is it too late?

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  • Blocked?

    Not on my Mac.
  • Not blocked here

    I use Cox for my ISP (and Windows), and have no problem. It would appear from the article that the problem is with the software that Cox asks you to install. If you don't install it, or remove it, you don't have the problem.

    So why isn't the article more appropriately title "Authentium blocks Craigslist"? Probably because no one would read it? Therfore, no ads would be displayed? Ah, so it's ad-driven news and editorials. Shocking? Not really.
    • nope

      Although that aspect of the story could be fleshed out a little more, it is still a nice little news item with an appropriate headline, in my HO. Bearing in mind that most journalists and likely bloggers don't write their own headlines, I think (again my HO) this guy's actually pretty good, professional, and not a sensationalist as you imply.
  • Not blocked here either

    I'm on Cox 9mbit/sec cable now. Craig's list is one of my favorite places to visit. Just tried it and it came through lightning fast as usual. If there was a problem, maybe they got it fixed?
  • I use TW so it really is not a problem for me, however

    there would have been more responders, but they got blocked by
    Cox or the team of Cox and the Debel.
  • (Lack of) Net neutrality issues.

    As if [url=]April's AOL "glitch" involving emails being rejected,[/url] here's another "glitch" that smells too much like net neutrality issues. They just prefer the term "glitch" over "net neutrality issue" because it's easier for their 18th-century-oil-barron brains to spell and say.

    Better get used to it. As long as we have sock-puppets in our government, we only have more of this to come... at least, untill someone decides to start blocking government traffic with a "net neutrality issue" of their own.
    Mr. Roboto
  • Never attribute to malice...

    ...that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.

    I'm not at all convinced that this is not just a techical problem on Cox's end. It's probably affecting hundreds of other sites, but no one has noticed because they aren't popular like craigslist.

    Over the last several years, on three different occasions, our website has been inaccessable from a certain ISP for a time. In every case, it was a different Cable ISP, and in every case, it turned out to be a techical problem on their end. Also, in every case it was very hard to get a hold of and convince them to look into the problem. One of the time, customers from a certain ISP were unable to connect to our site for *three weeks* beause the ISP would not admit that their might be a problem on their end.
  • Craigslist is being blocked by Cox Interactive

    Craigslist is being blocked by Cox Interactive Posted by Tom Foremski @ 1:22 am

    I am a cox cable highspeed subscriber and I do not have, nor have I ever had a problem accessing craigslist.
    I clicked the link in your post and STILL, NO PROBLEM!!
    Perhaps it's just you or your computer!?!
  • Fix your blog please

    The real story is here, and it looks like Craigslist is at fault for failing to follow the RFC.
  • More deception

    "Also, take a look at this story about Cox refusing to run AP video. Is it fighting for open standards or is it fighting off a competitor with a poor revenue split? From Mark Glaser's MediaShift: Cox Newspapers Says No to AP Video"

    This is NOT a case of Cox blocking AP video traffic though you're making it sound like it in the context that you've placed this text in. Cox Newspapers refusing to run AP video on Cox Newspapers website has nothing to do with Net neutrality or traffic blocking.
  • When are going to update your blog?

    We now know that Cox never blocked Craig's List. Even Craig Newmark himself admits that a bug in some PC firewall software that some Cox customers were using had a bug in it, and expert analysis indicates that the odd configuration of Craig's List triggered it. A fix was available in February.

    Somebody used you to get a phony story out in order to advance Google's "net neutrality" cause, and you fell for it.

    When are you going to correct this story?