Gmail outage outrage: Google's sagging IT infrastructure

Gmail outage outrage: Google's sagging IT infrastructure

Summary: I haven't been able to access my Gmail account for more than four hours and I'm not happy about it. And that's true for many others.

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I haven't been able to access my Gmail account for more than four hours and I'm not happy about it. And that's true for many others.

I use Gmail exclusively and my business depends on it. I don't mind a five or ten minute outage, occasionally, but this is ridiculous. Google risks losing me and plenty of others as users.

Gmail is still in beta does that mean Google thinks it can get away with a less-than-reliable email service?

Why hasn't it taken the steps and the investments, to make sure this doesn't happen? Does GOOG think that because Gmail is a beta product  we will cut the company some slack? Hours of slack for a mission critical component of most people's lives?!

What's strange is that my son can access his Gmail but when I tried to log in through his machine I got the same server error. Then when he tried to log back into his account he got the server error too. He had to delete his cookies to get back in...

Topic: Outage

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  • This is nuts

    First, using something thatz in beta for mission critical apps is plain stupid. Second, it could be a network issue with your ISP. I really don't understand how such crazy rants are published in ZDNet.
  • No Trouble Here

    I have not had any trouble today.
  • You get what you pay for!!!

    If you want to depend on a system you might consider paying for one.
  • I have paid for email, and have never had anything as reliable as Google.

    But, that is not to say that Google can not improve. Also, I have not seen any problems recently. Maybe it was a network problem. Don.
  • What a Cry Baby!

    It's free you big wuss! Try paying for email, then you can bitch when it doesn't work. Geez. So many spoiled brats out there.
  • Let me get this straight

    Let me get this straight. You?re a professional journalist and you use a free email program as your primary email account? Your complaints do not sound like an someone with an annoyance, you sound like an injured consumer. You say Google is in danger of losing you? How much do you pay for that account again?

    Too bad your attitude overshadowed what I think was your point. I agree that Google has been releasing too many products at too quick of a pace. They seemed to have lost their edge a little bit. I agree their mail client is down a lot and I too have been slightly perturbed by this. Only instead of blaming Google I get upset with myself for depending too much on a free product. Maybe, I tell myself, if I was waiting for an email that was so important I should have given my business account instead.
    • I like Gmail...

      I would pay for Gmail if I could, I really like the user interface. The fact that it is free should not mean that I shouldn't expect it to be highly reliable. It is advertiser supported so somebody pays for it.

      GOOG faces the dangerous association of Beta = Shoddy and I'm sure it doesn't want that because many of its products/services are labelled beta.
  • BETA!

    Who is wrong? The company that offers a free BETA service and has a problem or someone who runs his company using BETA software?

    I vote for the last one!
  • Surely you jest!

    Your business depends on a free email account you got from Google which is in Beta right now?

    Surely you jest.

    Nobody in their right mind would ever run a business on a free email client, and certainly would never entertain relying on a Beta platform for business use. That is just absurd.

    So it went down, big deal. Its in Beta, where you are the guinea pig. Get used to it and get yourself a real email account with your domain name and look a real professional, please.

    FWIW - I think you're doing the industry a real dis-service by publishing this kind of stuff......
  • Not just GMail

    I've seen this lately as well, but on other services. Usually it's with newer stuff like Knol or Translate, but I've seen it on Blogger as well.

    Chuck LeDuc Diaz
  • RE: Gmail outage outrage: Google's sagging IT infrastructure

    Why in the hell are you relying on a BETA product for a mission critical business application?!?!? Not to mention it is free.