Is this why Larry Ellison wants the island of Lanai?

Is this why Larry Ellison wants the island of Lanai?

Summary: The Hawaiian island has a very special landmark...

TOPICS: Oracle

Larry Ellison has assured residents of Lanai, the Hawaiian island he has purchased for about $500 million that he plans no changes to their homes and resorts.

But what about below ground? The Lanai volcano is dormant, it last erupted about 1.2 million years ago. Perfect for being hollowed out and turned into the world's best billionaire hangout.

If we hear of him purchasing high energy lasers from failed fusion reactor ventures we might need to start worrying.

Topic: Oracle

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  • A big, high-tech volcano hideaway would be just like....

    ....the villan's headquarters in a James Bond movie. Yeah, I can see Ellison in that role.
    • And sharks with fricken' laser beams

      William Farrel
  • those are ill gotten money

    Elli$on should have better used that $$$ to invest in FOSS and help android succeed.
    The Linux Geek
    • Delusional

      You must be delusional with that statement!
    • Nah

      He should donate the money to the Gates Foundation and help deliver vaccines to people dying from diseases like polio and rotavirus in Africa.
    • You mean like Google paying $Bs in expensive licence fees ...

      ... to the tax-haven based subsidiary that 'owns' their IP.

      'Do no evil' is well and truly dead!
  • Depends on how he pronounces 'lair'

    If he pronounces it like 'layer', we're all in big trouble.
    Third of Five
  • WT?

    How does somebody buy a whole Island?

    Seriously, I could probably afford Detroit but, I doubt the state would allow me to buy it!
  • The old ways

    Maybe we could convince the folks on the island to take up the old ways and sacrifice him to Pele? Talk about having an obnoxious neighbor!

    Disguise it as a geothermal project. Drill down to the magma below the volcano. Hire an ex-driller from BP, that ought to work. Given enough time, the island will have more real estate to sell. Get enough lava, you can push his ownership position back to a minority holding. That'll p*** him off!
  • Of course

    now the island will start producing defective products, sue irrationally and then go bankrupt.
  • Larry loves tennis, sailing, yachting and flying

    I expect Lanai to become a world-class tennis resort (there are currently less than 10 tennis courts on the island). I also expect the island to become a destination (more so than it already is) for sailing and yachting. Finally, expect some improvements at the Lanai airport.

    P.S. I hope that Larry ends up on the "right" side of the historical preservation war raging on the island:
    Rabid Howler Monkey
  • Remember, Larry didn't invent anything

    His fortune is based on the groundbreaking theoretical work of Edgar Codd.

    Most real innovators go unsung - when is Turing getting the posthumous knighthood from Cameron?
    • Never - a knighthood is not awarded posthumously (nt).