Logitech Revue + Google TV = Trojan horse PC in your living room

Logitech Revue + Google TV = Trojan horse PC in your living room

Summary: Logitech launched an impressive family of products in its 'Revue" line that uses Google TV to control your entire living room media experience...


Logitech has built a very large business making everything for the computer except the computer itself: keyboards, mice, desktop speakers, etc.

Today Logitech launched its Revue, a set-top box containing its version of Google TV plus a remote control that looks like a regular Qwerty keyboard with a few extra buttons.

Using a search interface, Revue is connected to your living room TV and uses your wireless or wired network to bring TV content from web sources and it is integrated with your cable TV box.

It's not designed for your mom to use, thats for sure but if you are already a Logitech Harmony remote user you can master Revue.

What struck me is that all of the the web side of the content equation is already available to you through your laptop. I cut my cable TV off more than two years ago and use a spare laptop to stream TV content from dozens of Internet sources. With Revue you don't need a laptop, it's essentially a PC (Intel Atom inside) with a Google OS: Android; with a Chrome web browser.

You might use it for TV but you could also use it for running apps and many of the things you do with a laptop and browser.

One way of looking at this is that Google TV turns your TV into a Google PC. And no Microsoft required...

Here's some of the Logitech coverage in the form of a Pearltree. Pearltrees caches the web content so you can browse faster than the Internet. I picked out a few of the better reports.

This Pearltree includes the following and more:

Logitech’s Google TV-powered Revue up for pre-order today, $299.99 | VentureBeat

AppleTV vs. Google TV: An In-Depth Comparison | Cult of Mac

First Impressions of Logitech Revue Google TV Box: It’s Way Too Geeky | Cult of Mac

Google TV Announces Its Programming Partners but the top networks are absent- NYTimes.com

The announcement Logitech Press Kit

You can grab this pearltree and put it in your account. If I add fresh content it will automatically be updated.

Logitech Revue Google TV

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  • Very good point. For many, if they have a Google TV, they no longer need a

    PC. Of course if Logitec builds a non-TV version of this running ChromeOS, that might be a hit too, for the office.
  • Why anyone buy anything else this year?

    With great bundled Wireless keyboard/pad, HD Video calling TV-TV & TV-PC/Notebook to even non Revue users without monthly fees like Cisco and Great accessories and Full Internet (Twitter, FaceBook, Gaming,Amazon, Flicker, Nepster) is an example with Flash 10.1 and Chrome Browser and Intel processor Inside no need for a PC and also the Apps and the Control of your Music and Photos and Videos in your own local home media and Streaming of Multimedia and many other put it on top from the Great Logitech Brand, Even Logitech Alert Security system access, Logitech Media Player, Logitech Vid HD, utilizing their LifeSize Enterprise Video Conferencing Technology, even the Keyboard work with future non Logitech Devices like the Sony Google TV Set soon out
    • Why would anyone buy this ever?

      Unless youre single, have no girlfriend, and no other friends. No one wants to sit around and watch someone else browse the web. And if you want web video on your tv there are already much better solutions.
      Johnny Vegas
      • Sometimes you will use it alone. But, watching youtube videos together,

        sharing your pictures with friends and family, Netflix, etc. There is already a lot of video content available on the net, and it is about to explode, to the point you may not need a cable or dish contract, thought Google TV will work with cable or dish.
  • Not bad

    i think there is so much cool stuf on tv than to sit and watch someone else browsing the internet, its not fitting for a family, might work best for singles.
    • The amount of video content on the web is about to explode.

      Just like you channel surf for a program with family and friends, you will web surf for content to watch. All of the content currently available from cable and dish will soon be available on the web.
  • RE: Logitech Revue Google TV = Trojan horse PC in your living room

    You call it a "Trojan horse PC". I call it another Trojan horse Google spyware unit. Whatever it does for you, do you think it is worth giving Google more personal information for their database on you? If you do, you are either stupid or gullible. No good can come from this.
  • Bought the unit this weekend.

    It is useful for a family, in my house we have 2 desktops and a laptop on the main desk with appointed computers. This allows you to watch news, expand your tv content, or do social stuff on the best screen in the house and allow usage of the computers for your kids, wife or husband to do what they want. The skype feature is amazing having our in laws living across the country there will be no more sqeezing in front of a pc camera to chat, we now all do it comfortable on the same couch.
    Lc Tech
  • seems pointless

    I can just connect my pc to my giant tv, and presto I get all my tv shows, applications (and not just cellphone apps, I mean real PC apps like high system requirement video games, adobe premier pro, Microsoft office), movies, the internet, everything.

    Oh and it's upgradeable, and it uses a mouse so its easier to use.

    I like Google, but this product I see very little point in, maybe for someone who has never heard of "connecting your PC to your TV" it would be good.
  • RE: Logitech Revue Google TV = Trojan horse PC in your living room

    I like the Google TV I purchased from DISH Network where I work. This product works great full internet search. This lets me see all my shows or recordings all at the same time. I love the voice activated remote. The preloaded apps are great too. Amazon VOD, Netflix, etc. It can automatically schedule programs and automatically download and queue podcasts and look at YouTube videos full HD screen size and browse the web.