Microsoft Vista . . . it's deja vu all over again

Microsoft Vista . . . it's deja vu all over again

Summary: Tuesday evening I went to a very pleasant Vista dinner with Microsoft and Best Buy execs. I heard a lot about Vista and how consumers now have a choice in the PC arena.


Tuesday evening I went to a very pleasant Vista dinner with Microsoft and Best Buy execs. I heard a lot about Vista and how consumers now have a choice in the PC arena.

I was puzzled about all the talk of choice because Best Buy, and other retailers, only carry Vista PCs on their shelves. Where is my choice, is it to buy or not to buy?

Why can't I choose to load my machine with whatever I want--that's the kind of choice I would like as a customer. (There are a couple of links online on that will get you an XP machine if you know where to click...)

I said that these days we don't need to choose, which is great.

My son runs Vista and Mac OS X on his laptop. I run Windows XP and Microsoft OS X on my laptop. Am I a Mac user or a Windows user? I'm both, I don't have to choose, I just choose applications and they run great on my laptop.

I don't have to have religion about Mac or Windows. That tedious 20 year plus argument has gone away, and I'm glad.

My Windows apps run great on my Mac thanks to Parallels, but I could use other virtualization software, and I could to run multiples OSes. And Microsoft still gets paid. Yet Microsoft people get upset about Apple, which I can't understand.


BTW, MSFT's chat with the media about Vista has nothing to do with Apple's imminent launch of its Leopard operating system this Friday, which looks awesome. It is coincidental timing, I was told, MSFT just wanted to tell us about what is new in retail PC land.

But isn't Vista nearly a year old I asked? Yes, but it is new to a lot of people. (Tune in for Video Vista Interviews...)

Undercover VPs

I did learn a couple of interesting things. Microsoft VPs will sometimes throw on a blue Best Buy employee shirt to talk to potential customers in Best Buy stores to gain some impromptu market research. They will throw on a red shirt in Circuit City stores . . .

Inside the Geek Squad

I accepted an opportunity to drive around with Best Buys' Geek Squad as they strive to make the world a simpler place for technology users. Which is a very worthwhile quest, imho.

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  • Actually real choice

    would be to be able to get Linux, Windows XP or Vista off the shelf, pre-loaded. Consumers still do not have a real choice in the world of OS purchases. To say so is disingenuous at best.

    Sure Dell offers 1 desktop and 1 laptop for home users AND it's actually almost easy to find on their web site. But not everyone shops Dell. No more lies and smoke... ]:)
    Linux User 147560
    • Agreed....

      And when we can do that Apple and MS and Linux can then claim superiority...or whatever dribble they fanatics claim.
    • Who cares really?

      If the OS is stable, launches the browser successfully and gives you the ability to create or edit documents and spreadsheets, it has done its job. Best I can tell, the OS has essentially been mature since about Windows 95, and now you have three esentially equal choices that the habitue of this site enjoy arguing about. Get over it - you're fighting the last war.

      Look at the application list one the computer you're using right now. How many apps? Actually, how many do you use? Five years ago you would have seen a number of applications that ran exclusively on the client, and others that required client apps to access server data. We had quite a cottage industry back then, converting from 95 to 2000 to... Go back far enough to the days of stand-alone micros and bulletin board systems, I probably had 20-25 apps I used. But today's web based apps, including what we access from home, don't care one whit what OS your browser is hosted on.

      So go ahead and chase one anothers' tails until you end up like the tigers in the Little Black Samba tale (how's that for politically incorrect?). There's no there there.
      • Re: Who cares really?

        [i]Little Black Samba[/i]

        Haha! That would be Sambo.

        none none
        • Yeah, you're right

          Someday I'd like to complete just one post without a typo.
    • Users made their choice.

      And its not Linux.

      Look, you can whine to high heaven but the fact is if there was any demand, BestBuy and others would sell it. There is no demand, so they don't worry about it much.
      • Users don't have choice...

        Best Buy and the other retailers ONLY have Vista PCs to sell... The retailers have NO
        choice because MSFT is forcing a change to Vista. It's a Hobson's choice...
        • Were you complaining a few months ago...

          ...when retailers "only" had XP PCs to sell, or a few years ago when they "only" had Win98? Perhaps you are upset that the local Ford dealer only has Fords?

          XP is the old version, Vista is the new. There is nothing different this time around. Does Intuit still sell Quicken 2002? How about Apple still offering computers with OS9? Your complaint makes no sense.

          There is choice, choice in vendors, stores, OSs, manufacturers. You just have to shop around. If Best Buy doesn't have what you want, go somewhere else. Whining about one store not having what you want is just immature.
      • MADE their choice, is that past tense? never to choose again? - NT

      • If users don't know

        then how can they demand? ]:)
        Linux User 147560
  • Typo

    But I appreciated this:

    "My son runs Vista and Mac OS X on his laptop. I run Windows XP and Microsoft OS X on my laptop. Am I a Mac user or a Windows user? I???m both, I don???t have to choose, I just choose applications and they run great on my laptop."

    The reference to "Microsoft OS X" is the reverse of the recent recommendation that Apple switch to Windows and be done with it.

    I think Microsoft turning into an Apple reseller is unlikely. But the company did sell Linux profitably, so maybe...
    Anton Philidor
    • I thought he was trying to be funny

      and was actually referring to Vista (MS's OSX wannabe) :-)

    • Maybe he was referring to...

      ...the impending purchase of Apple by Microsoft?
    • It doesn't make sense

      When I thought read it I thought "Microsoft OS X" = Vista (given the huge amount MS
      copied off Apple), but it just doesn't make sense;-)
      Richard Flude
      • Read the following line, though

        "Am I a Mac user or a PC user?"

        That says it all. It was a typo. Case closed.
  • RE: Microsoft Vista

    Wow, it's been almost a year and Vista still hasn't caught on. That doesn't look good. I'm glad I left the rat race of upgrades and constant virus and malware worries behind and installed PCLinuxOS. I don't need the expense of a Mac thank you. But having dinner with Microsoft and Best Buy execs? How did you manage to keep your food down?
    • Dinner

      Sure sounds like ZD Net is in bed with MS and Best (Worst) Buy. With all the greatness that is printed about the two, I'm sure that they bought you dinner, and Best Buy added a few more ad pages.
  • Geek Sqaud is a horrible service

    I'm just waiting for the next big media article to come out as to which software they pirated, which data was stolen, if they nicked personal porn, or whatever else.

    Vista also isn't a bad operating system; except who programmed it are obvious dilettantes; incapable of producing something wholly professional. Never mind the hackneyed use of English; a lot of it being misspelled as well.
    • BTW: I am fully aware of the irony

      regarding that typo in my subject line. Compare that to something like "cancelled" and wince. My input here is free. How much does Microsoft charge for its efforts? *cough*
    • RE: Geek Squad is a horrible service

      When I did computer repairs I would always say to customers to back up their data before bring it in for Windows reinstall and configuration - why? because I didn't want to have to deal with making decisions over what data was important. I also didn't want to be put into a position where I trip over certain things which I didn't want to deal with.

      Basically for me, load up the machine, dump in the hard disk manufacturers low level formatting tool - and none of the data is read by me.

      As for pirated software, I wouldn't be surprised; having known mates who have worked for music shops, copying cds as they come in, along with copying software, I'd be surprised if everything was above board.