UPDATED: Apple's secret plan to grab a chunk of the search market

UPDATED: Apple's secret plan to grab a chunk of the search market

Summary: I've had my iPhone since the day it came out. I love everything about it except the phone part (AT&T is nowhere as good as Sprint).


I've had my iPhone since the day it came out. I love everything about it except the phone part (AT&T is nowhere as good as Sprint).

As soon as I got my phone I noticed: Searching for search on the iPhone - where is it?

We are not far from the 1 year launch anniversary. And there is still no search function on the iPhone.

There have been many software updates sine the iPhone was released. And still no search function on the iPhone.

This is not an omission, it has to be deliberate. The reason has to be that Apple is about to launch a search engine.

It makes sense.

Here is my reasoning:

The difference between search engines is narrowing. I trust Google but I use it out of habit. I don't know if it has the best search results, I have trust that it does.

Take a look at this study, it is small but indicative of the power of brand:

href="http://searchengineland.com/070628-094242.php">Study: Good Brand Can Make Search Seem More Relevant

The study showed that when a searcher was given an identical result set across Google, Yahoo, Windows Live Search and an in house search engine, Google and Yahoo came out as more relevant. Why? Because of the brand of the search engine.

Despite the results pages being identical in content and presentation, participants indicated that Yahoo! and Google outperformed MSN Live Search and the in-house search engine.

Trust is in the realm of brand management. I have trust in Apple products, I use them a lot. If Apple Search launched and it could search my iPhone as well as the Internet, I would have trust in Apple and judge it a good service. I might even start using the search serrvice using it on my Mac, especially if it is part of Safari.

Also, consider this: The web browser and search service have become the operating system for our online world. Apple is all about owning the OS.

Apple has its Safari web browser but it does not have a search service. Again, Apple is all about owning its own OS.

Microsoft has its own OS, web browser and search service, and it trying to grab more of the search services market by acquiring Yahoo!. MSFT is all about owning the OS.

(Google's proxy in the browser space is Mozilla.)

There is more here(click here for more...)

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  • Google Mobile Search

    Nice blog site Tom, what is it? WordPress? Nice and clean, simple is elegant, easy to read.
    Anyhow, doesn't anybody use [url=http://www.google.com/mobile/#utm_source=us-et-more&utm_medium=et&utm_campaign=mobile]Google's search for Mobile[/url]?

    Seems like they could throw money at it but would it be well spent? 'Ask' has had some good ideas and innovative search features but they continue to struggle in gaining market share.

    Or am I missing the point? Just got up sipping a cup 'o jo here saturday morning...ahh...taster's choice. (slurp).
    D T Schmitz
    • RE: Apple's secret plan to grab a chunk of the search market

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  • You must not drive too much ...

    ... if you think Sprint is good or better than anybody else.

    I had Sprint before, and could not get any signals in most of the places I either drove or flew. If I wasn't near a mayor city, Sprint would have no signals and my phone would either be in roaming or dead.

    Also, Sprint is the only carrier that is still in old CDMA while the rest of the world is in GMS or G3.
    • Agreed...

      Sprint blows on the west coast. AT&T has far better world-
      wide coverage and for travelers like myself is far more
      reliable than Sprint's antiquated 25 year old network
      technologies. I think since this genius can't even find the
      google web search in Safari, it's possible he probably has a
      damaged unit or something. Who knows? Either way, this
      "article" is assumptive, inaccurate and often flat-out wrong
    • Sprint worked better than AT&T

      Sprint never dropped any of my calls, AT&T does it all the time. AT&T Edge network is molasses slowwww compared with Sprint.
  • No web search? Must not be actually using an iPhone then...

    If you open Safari (You know the default web browser pre-
    installed on the iPhone) and you click in the address field,
    a google search box is located right below it. Has been
    since day one so what's all this about no search? You're
    either visually impaired, completely unaware of what's in
    front of you or lying. I assume the second option of the
    set. Get a clue and actually USE an iPhone before making
    such woefully ignorant and flat-wrong claims...

    As for searching for files on the device itself, it's a no
    brainer. iTunes lists all media based on category (Playlists,
    artist, songs, videos, composer, etc, etc) and no "search" is
    necessary unless you don't even know what you have put
    on your own iPhone. Pictures? Same story, Stocks?
    Weather? Youtube? All the same except YouTube has you
    save your favorites and whatnot via their site and your
    credentials so it's pulled from the net. Exactly WHAT user
    created files could be hiding on an iPhone that you can't
    find within 2 seconds? Seriously, this article is borderline
    retarded in its ridiculous expectations of Apple to add an
    unnecessary application to find files which is already
    handled quite well by each respective app. I really hope
    you aren't getting paid for this craptastic "article"...
    • No search on iPhone...

      How do I search my contacts?

      How do I search through my notes?

      My Treo had a great search function. Why doesn't Apple have one on the iPhone?
      • How? Are you serious?

        "How do I search my contacts?"

        Well, you see, there's this amazing little thing called
        alphabetical order and rather than skimming page by page
        through them all with repeated flicks, you can press on the
        letters on the right side to jump further down much faster.
        If you don't know what contact you're searching for, then
        you need to get yourself better organized. Again, how
        does this have anything to do with web? Also, don't forget
        that with the exchange service developed by MS coming via
        iPhone 2.0 software, you'll be able to search your contacts,
        not using an Apple branded solution either bit a

        "How do I search through my notes? "

        This has what to do with web searches as mentioned in the
        article? Also, notes aren't intended to be a full on word
        processing app, I don't think they ever intend to have the
        ability to search through notes, ala spotlight. Waste of
        resources completely if you ask me.

        "My Treo had a great search function. Why doesn't Apple
        have one on the iPhone?"

        Because Apple isn't the same as Palm and depending on
        which version you were using you were either using Palm
        OS or Windows Mobile, entirely different beasts. You are
        trying to compare PDA's to entertainment devices. How
        about if I flip the argument over on you? Why can't the
        Treo play quicktime files? Why can't I purchase and media
        content via wifi and load it directly to a Treo? Why can't I
        render CSS properly on a Treo? Because it wasn't designed
        to do that, different devices for different purposes.

        Until the SDK has been in the wild for a while, you aren't
        going to see enterprise level apps on the iPhone, it was
        meant to be a video iPod w/ phone and web surfing.
        Period. Now, it's growing so quit whining that it doesn't fit
        your specific desires on it's first version, neither did Treo,
        Palm, Windows Mobile, etc it took them years to move past
        just simple PDA's to phones and web browsers so why all
        the negative attention only on Apple? Honest question, can
        you give an honest answer?
  • Herd animals

    Everybody else make search, so Apple has to do that too.
    Is independent thinking completely banned?

    Luckily, there are lots and lots of other ways to make a buck.
  • Which is why Apple satisfaction surveys are garbage

    [i]If Apple Search launched and it could search my iPhone as well as the Internet, [b]I would have trust in Apple and judge it a good service[/b].[/i]

    This is why surveys that show users of Apple products have high satisfaction ratings are totally meaningless. Apple users are satisfied with Apple products because they are made by Apple and therefore, [b]must[/b] be good, whether they are or not. Take the iPhone: high satisfaction ratings yet when you dig a little deeper, 33% or iPhone owners have resigned themselves to carrying a second phone to make voice calls and to compose email/text messages.

    Never, ever, even once, trust the advice of an Apple product owner when they give a positive opinion of an Apple product. That advice has saved me countless hours of frustration with what inevitably end up being sub-standard Apple products.
    • Which OEM did you work for? Dell, HP or Acer? [NT]

      • What on earth are you talking about?

        I don't work for any OEM. Never have and considering my chosen profession, likely never will. I think you must have me confused with someone else. Try again though to distract the reader from the [b]facts[/b] by trying (and failing) to attack the messenger. I always find your flailings to be quite humorous. :)
        • You are OT with your chatter

          We don't care that your mom & dad never gave you a Mac at
          • I use a Mac...

            I've had a Mac since it first came out...
    • You are right...

      Such surveys are self-serving and meaningless...

      Ask someone that wears an Armani suit if they are satisified with their suit?
      • Ask someone who owns or owned a Yugo the same.

        I've heard from a lot of people who bought various
        products who complain about them after the purchase.
        People are not afraid to complain. Heck Mac users often
        complain the loudest for they do expect a great deal from
        Apple and they should. I'll grant you that some people are
        embarrassed at being "fooled" but the vast majority I've
        seen and heard from over the years have no problem what
        so ever in saying what they think of a product they are
        NOT satisfied with.

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
    • Just left a sight talking about MS and XP and

      though there were a huge amounts of posts both positive
      and negative I could not see a single thing posted by well

      Are you sure your name is correct? NonZealot? How

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
    • Or, and more likely, the vast majority of users

      don't care about this feature. Then again it could be that
      while people would like this feature they are so pleased with
      what the DO get that it's not going to effect their over all
      satisfaction. See these explanations are far more reasonable
      and logical.

      Silly boy

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
  • RE: Apple's secret plan to grab a chunk of the search market

    "my opinion" . . . ATT beats the hell out of the service I get
    from Sprint. I'm porting over all my accounts as my pocket
    will allow . . . I used to think differently, years ago. Not so
    any more. I recently took a trip up from North Carolina
    through the Ohio Valley, during that last blizzard. I had
    both my Sprint phone and my iPhone. Guess which one I
    relied on and got service cells from without fail . . . not
    Sprint. And that new Map feature from Google . . . I used
    it extensively and it never failed once to both find my
    current location. And gave accurate, quick mapping to my
    next point, along with road conditions. I avoided a huge
    back up around the Canton/Akron exchange and found an
    alternate clear route during the storm. I could not find a
    stable signal with Sprint.