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HP Acquires LeftHand Networks, Virtualized iSCSI Storage Vendor

Today, HP announced the intention to acquire iSCSI storage vendor LeftHand Networks for $360 Million in cash. LeftHand makes virtualized storage array software that can turn just about any server, PC or subset of disks on a device into a full featured IP based SAN array with features like space efficient snapshots, distance replication support and thin provisioning.

October 2, 2008 by Andrew Reichman


Xohm Unveiled In Baltimore, not BAWA

This morning Sprint launched its long-awaited commercially-available Xohm service in its Baltimore Market. Xohm is Sprint's brand for its WiMax service, which follows the 802.

September 29, 2008 by Lisa Pierce


Cisco's Stepping Up To Collaboration As Business Transformation

Following on the recent analyses  by my colleague Rob Koplowitz on Cisco's Jabber and PostPath acquisitions, here are some additional things that Information and Knowledge Management Professionals should tune into regarding Cisco as the new collaboration kid on the block:First, Cisco is building a meeting-centric workspace product with WebEx Connect.

September 25, 2008 by Ted Schadler


Oracle Fires A Booming Shot Across The Bow Of The Storage Vendor Establishment

Yesterday at Oracle OpenWorld, Larry Ellison announced the database giant's first foray into the hardware realm, unveiling the HP/Oracle Database Machine, branded as Exadata. The Exadata system is a combination of Oracle's 11g database engine using Automated Storage Management (ASM) to manage a grid of HP Proliant servers with 12 SATA or SAS drives each, connected to database servers via InfiniBand.

September 25, 2008 by Andrew Reichman


Cloud Courting: Round One

VMware and Citrix want to be your cloud infrastructure provider. The competing virtual infrastructure makers announced dueling cloud initiatives this week aimed at providing xSPs with simple to deploy and buy cloud computing platforms that come from very different angles and may serve to bifurcate the mid to small market service provider space.

September 19, 2008 by James Staten


Federation Supplements The Data Warehouse - Not Either/Or, Never Was

Few enterprise data warehousing (EDW) professionals regard the key rival approach--data federation--to be a best practice. Usually, the reasons for this disdain are valid, such as the fact that federated environments are not optimized for heavy-hitting data matching, merging, transformation and cleansing, all of which are essential functions to deliver a "single version of the truth" for business intelligence (BI).

September 18, 2008 by James Kobielus


Who Is For Sale This Time?

It seems the WLAN acquisition rumor mill is hot again after a recent drop in Aruba Network (ARUN) shares nearly a week ago. Still not trading near its most recent trough of $4.

September 15, 2008 by Chris Silva

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