Hello People, BlackBerry is the killer enterprise device today

Hello People, BlackBerry is the killer enterprise device today

Summary: Sigh. I guess it was to be expected, but the Apple opinionsphere has been overstating the case for iPhone.


Sigh. I guess it was to be expected, but the Apple opinionsphere has been overstating the case for iPhone. Based on the careful research that we did, we do think that iPhone is ready for the enterprise to consider. But that doesn't mean other mobile devices aren't more enterprise-worthy.

And if you you think iPhone case studies are falling out of the trees like acorns in autumn, trust me -- they're not. It was hard to find three companies willing to talk opening about their iPhone experiences. In fact, it took me almost six months to find those brave souls.

So, let's be clear:

BlackBerry is the dominant mobile device for the enterprise in the US and will be for the foreseeable future. In fact, I wrote about BlackBerry's mobile collaboration platformlast fall. BlackBerry is a great platform for mobile collaboration because of its security, network, manageability, form factor choice, global carrier support, ISV experience, and superior messaging capabilities.

We hear from many Forrester clients that they would have to pry BlackBerrys out of the "cold dead fingers" of their employees. That says something about how important that device is to productivity.

So while iPhone's the disrupter with a superior browser and a first-to-market application store, no firm should replace BlackBerry or Nokia or Palm or Windows Mobile with iPhones. Instead, they should listen to their constituencies (a.k.a, their workforce) and support the mobile devices that employees demand.

Full stop.

Disagree. Feel free to share an experience-based (not just an opinion-based) story.

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  • BB Browser Weak?

    We discourage browsing with a BB for a variety of reasons, cost ranks high.

    In the corporate world it is about email, calendar, and task integration with Exchange.

    +1 for the Blackberry on that count....

    So what if Apple has a better browser.
  • email no longer the "killer mobile app"


    As mobile devices get better, email becomes less important. How many emails have been replaces with the iPhone/BB Facebook or Yammer client? The better apps and browsing gets, the less important email is.

    I absolutely love the iPhone Omniture client. Or team no longer send out Omniture stats to each other, if we want know it is just a click away.

    On a broader note, how productive 2 line are BB exchanges? What about in meeting usage? I think thes short messages can be great, but are more often abused and non-productive.
  • RE: Hello People, BlackBerry is the killer enterprise device today

    Blackberry and Windows Mobile Totally OWN the corporate space. Why? Because the corporate space is dominated by Exchange. Exchange is not just email...which I believe is where most people misunderstand this. Exchange is the communications hub of a 95% of large corporations. Meeting scheduling, contact management, email, task management, and a whole host of other very cool apps...are powered by MS Exchange Servers. Blackberry and of course Win Mobile integrate seamlessly with Exchange to the point of people not even having to try and it just pushes all of this communication functionality into the devices...the kicker.. it does this no matter what other things you are doing on the device. In other words... it is made so seamless by full multi-tasking capabilities on the devices.

    In my experience, if your device cannot integrate with Exchange in a seamless manner while multi-tasking... it has no prayer of being acceptable in the big business world.