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Domain name scammers get sneakier

Long ago scammers discovered that they could trick domain name owners into paying grossly inflated fees for domains they already owned. They would send official looking letters to domain name owners telling them their domain name was about to expire and to pay immediately to avoid losing their precious web site address.

October 29, 2007 by David Long


O2 Apple tariffs stretches the term ´fair use´

When O2 announced it's tariffs for the Apple iPhone they conveniently skipped over what they meant by unlimited data by saying that "it was subject to their fair use policy" that allowed upto 1400 internet pages per day to be viewed. What they don't tell you is that in O2s opinion each page would only be 4-5kb in size each as their limit is 200mb per month.

October 18, 2007 by David Long


Dell runs out of...glass?

Users waiting on orders of laptops and PCs from Dell may wonder what is causing the unusually long delays for their systems to arrive.When I asked Dell what is causing lead times of up to a month I was advised they have shortages of some components such as the biometric fingerprint reader which has a 7 week waiting list.

October 11, 2007 by David Long


Vista receives more security updates

Last night Microsoft released several security and reliabilty updates for Windows Vista.Most of the updates were minor in that they fixed compatibility/rare stability issues.

October 11, 2007 by David Long


Microsoft make a desperate push for IE7

With uptake of the latest Internet Explorer browser being slow compared to that of main rival Firefox, Microsoft have started a big push to encourage more users to make the change.The first big advantage Microsoft had was having it pre-installed on it's latest OS - Vista and not allowing the obsolete Internet Explorer 6 to be installed (which would undermine vista security anyway).

October 10, 2007 by David Long


The iPhone price not an issue

To correspond with the launch of the "Pricey" £269 iPhone O2 will be releasing 3 new tariffs.1) £35 for 200mins and 200 texts per month2) £45 for 600 mins and 500 texts per month and3) £55 for 1200 mins and 500 textsPretty reasonable tariffs but on top of that you are given free voicemail and unlimited data access via EDGE/GPRS or Wifi Hotspots (subject to fair use).

September 27, 2007 by David Long


Holiday Gadgets

Every year I seem to have more or newer and cooler gadgets to take with me on holiday. This weekend was no exception.

May 21, 2007 by David Long