Acer Aspire One 10.1" dual-core Atom N570 netbooks get summer makeover, $270

Acer Aspire One 10.1" dual-core Atom N570 netbooks get summer makeover, $270

Summary: Acer refreshes its travel-ready, Aspire One 10.1" netbooks with milkshake-inspired colors and specs that rival tablets, just in time for summer vacation.

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Just in time for summer vacation season, Acer is offering its Aspire One's Happy 2 line of netbooks in milkshake-inspired colors: Banana Cream, Blueberry Shake, Papaya Milk and Strawberry Yogurt (pictured above).

Don't be distracted by the fruity colored lid (and matching touchpad) though, as underneath its hood is a full functioning netbook, albeit a lightweight one designed for casual use and battery saving rather than gaming power. The 10.1" netbook packs a dual-core Intel Atom N570 CPU (beats previous-gen Atom chips according Netbooked's benchmark results), integrated Intel GMA 3150 GPU, 1 GB of RAM, a 250 GB hard drive, which are typical specs for a computer in this class and price range.

Its 0.3 megapixel web cam is admittedly weak but it comes with a 93 percent full-sized keyboard and 3 USB ports as listed on Amazon. Acer claims this netbook will last up to 8 hours before a recharge. It has built-in Wi-Fi and an Ethernet port so you should be able to get online whether in a hotel or net cafe. At just 1" thick and weighing over 2.5 lbs, the Aspire One is easy to slip into a carry-on without adding too much bulk or weight to your luggage.

For just $270, the Happy 2 line of netbooks is definitely cheaper than most Wi-Fi only tablets and you wouldn't have to worry about buying into a soon-to-be outdated Android OS, or looking for peripherals to workaround a lack of USB ports/external card readers on some slates that shall remain unnamed. Even the Asus Eee netbooks with similar specs are going for $320 on Newegg.

These four Happy 2 netbooks are available in mass retailers starting today.

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Topic: Hardware

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  • I bought a D260 AAO last July

    It has been the best. I use it all the time at work and home.

    Did someone recently write about the death of Netbooks?

    The timing is perfect for College students getting ready to go to school in August.
    Dietrich T. Schmitz, *~* Your Linux Advocate
  • Acer is the Yugo of laptops.

    They appear functional and run for a while, but how long before they go belly up and die? I've burnt my fingers with cheap Acer and Gateway stuff enough to stay away from these brands for good. It's going to take a heck of a change before Acer can convince my company to buy their stuff.
  • RE: Acer Aspire One 10.1

    Mine had a power failure that fried the ability for it to recharge. Took it apart, bought an external IDE/SATA reader, and ended up keeping it as a readable external drive. This was after two years. A little too short a time for a netbook to die with only occasional use, IMHO.
  • RE: Acer Aspire One 10.1

    I've loved Asus' motherboards and fell in love with their netbooks and laptops...but the last two netbooks I've purchased from Asus (901, 1001h) just have so many hardware hiccups and flaws that my fanboyism for Asus has been shaken. The Acer I got for my mother-in-law however has been a dream.

    I appreciate the color schemes. Usually I'd avoid a flashy color but these ones seem pretty good, in for a blueberry shake.
    awkward hug
  • RE: Acer Aspire One 10.1

    I bought an Aspire One AOD255 with dual core hyperthreaded (4 cores/threads), upgraded the memory to 2GB; installed 32 bit Win 7 home premium and get a WE 2.9; I am going to update the 5400rpm drive for an SSD. Works great, love it - it is so light and easy to use, bought an external DVD RW super multi drive and watch DVD on plane trips. Not a hiccup since I bought it and would recommend it to anyone looking for email-office apps travel solution.
    I guess others have had problems but I think some of the problems stem from inept users...