Acer founder thinks American IT brands will be dead in 20 years

Acer founder thinks American IT brands will be dead in 20 years

Summary: Acer founder Stan Shih has gone ahead and made a lot of US-based IT companies very angry - he thinks they'll be extinct in 20 years! Ouch.

TOPICS: Hardware

Acer founder Stan Shih has gone ahead and made a lot of US-based IT companies very angry - he thinks they'll be extinct in 20 years! Ouch.

According to AFP, the Taiwanese founder said that low-priced computers is the way of the future, continuing on that "US computer makers just don't know how to put such products on the market... US computer brands may disappear over the next 20 years, just like what happened to US television brands."

This seems a bit extreme, but I could see a reduction in the number of US IT brands. (And it must only refer to PCs. I can't imagine Apple being gone in 20 years.)

Do you agree with Shih? If so, what do US companies need to do to prevent such a catastrophe?

(And are US television brands really dead? Everywhere I go in the world, there's always a re-run of Friends or Desperate Housewives dubbed in the native language... ;)

Topic: Hardware

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  • Have my doubts

    Low priced is good, and may be the largest market
    - but there's always a market for people who are
    willing to pay a bit more for better support or
    higher quality.
    • Luxury cars like....

      Mercedes and BMW are still very much alive. Many people are willing and
      able to pay for superior products. Besides, there still are American
      televisions, but they are manufactured overseas. Premium brand
      computers, like Apple, are also made offshore.
      • Innovation and desire are likely key factors here.

        If you look at the old Empirical view of the knowledge economy, it was that rich people would own brands, patents, copyrights and the little people would be locked in to doing their donkey work.

        The revised version of that seems to be that outright innovation and agility are the factors that will win the day - providing what is desired (and green will play a large part in that).

        The old wet dreams of controlling everything are gently being relinquished.
      • American TV Brands

        Can you give an example?

        Sony = Japanese,
        Samsung = Korean.
        Panasonic = Japanese,
        Phillips = Dutch and do on
        • It doesn't matter if the technology ...

          ... was invented and first monetized in the USA. All products eventually become commodities. Once they are commodities, it doesn't matter where they are made.
          M Wagner
          • I agree.

            Swap invented for stolen and you're spot on.
        • RCA?

          Isn't RCA an American low-end TV manufacturer? Also, I bought an Olevia TV at Costco that I thought was a US company.

          Not that I care. I'll buy whatever I think suits my need.
  • And are US television brands really dead?

    I think the reference is to US made TV receivers with US made components. Brands like Zenith, Admiral, and Westinghouse are still available but manufactured with foreign parts and usually in in Asian countries or Mexico.

    US themed programing is everywhere, sure. But look at the credits and a lot of that is recorded and produced in Canada.
    • Dead TV Brands

      Go to Best Buy, Fry's, whoever sells TVs in your area.. what do you see?

      Panasonic, Toshiba, LG, Vizio, Sharp, Samsung, Sony, Insignia.

      Some of these brands didn't exist in the US 10 years ago.

      Don't see any RCA, Zenith, GE, Westinghouse, Admiral, etc.

      It's the same with home appliances. What was once GE, Hotpoint, Kenmore, Wesinghouse, Whirlpool, and Maytag is now dominated by LG. LG? Who is LG and why did they supplant the traditional brands? That is the correct question.

      If you know the answer to that one, then you'll know why Dell was overtaken in the PC market.
      • Funny...

        ...I don't shop at Best Buy, especially for big ticket items.

        I just bought a 42" LCD TV--and it's a Westinghouse. :)

        Guess American brands aren't dead after all...
        • re: Westinghouse

          I hate to be the bearer of bad news but, I believe that read several months ago that a Chinese company purchased the Westinghouse name to put on some of their products. Mainly for the purpose of fooling the non informed American Public into thinking that the brand name is American made. Westinghouse has not been in business since 1998. It was sold to CBS who has parcelled off the different divisions of the once giant American company.

          Try a for Westinghouse, you can read all about it.
          • Guess they fooled one of the UN-Informed :-)

            Westinghouse hasn't made anything in about 15yrs.
            It's called OEM baby... get used to it.
            Reality Bites
          • Actually...

            Actually, Westinghouse bought CBS, sold off a few more of Westinghouse's divisions, then renamed themselves CBS, sold themselves to Viacom, and Viacom renamed themselves CBS. CBS, the brand that absorbs by osmosis.
            Dr. John
          • CBS Owns This Rag

            As I recall CBS bought this rag from someone a while ago, but alas it didn?t get any better.
          • Energy

            Example: Siemens (of Germany) bought the Westinghouse Turbine-Generator business (maybe "rescued" it is a better description.
          • A name is just a 'name'

            Brand name consolidation began in the late 70's - none of this is 'new'. The easiest and sometimes cheapest way to gain market share is to buy the brand name. Why is this such a surprise?
          • Depends upon the product ...

            ... Westinghouse HDTVs are made by Philips (still not a US company but certainly not a company of the Far East.
            M Wagner
          • oops not quite

            After readin thtat article and 2 others i found out that those companies tried to purchase rights to use the westinghouse name but where turned down flat so westinghouse is still an american brand.
        • quality vs. cost

          yeah, but too bad Westinghouse is a piece of crap. I hope we (the US) gets their act together and starts to realize we need manufacture good products at reasonable costs. But as long as we have to pay someone $25.-30. an hour to put a screw on a nut because a union says we do, we'll never succeed. The paycheck -- that's all most people think about, not the quality.
          • Wrong

            This is because of "Free Trade" & "zero tariffs" policies. All that is required is massive tariffs against companies/countries that won't pay their workers $25-$30/hour "[i]to put a screw on a nut [/i]".

            The tax system needs to reward companies that pay local workers and severely punishes companies that outsource their work to other countries to avoid paying taxes & wages.

            It's because politicians have been paid off by the corporations. A dollar spent doing the job right, is a dollar less the CEO receives in bonuses.