Activision kills 'Guitar Hero' game franchise

Activision kills 'Guitar Hero' game franchise

Summary: Say goodbye to the once-megahit, Guitar Hero. Activision is pulling the plug on this gaming franchise.

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Say goodbye to the once-megahit, Guitar Hero. Activision is pulling the plug on this gaming franchise.

According to The Wall Street Journal, despite big hits like Call of Duty, "the hits didn't make up for the misses and overall game software sales in U.S. stores last year dropped 8% to $9.36 billion," citing the "fall-off in sales of so-called casual games" such as Guitar Hero were to blame. Activision won't even release the new Guitar Hero title that was supposed to launch later this year.

Maybe motion-controlled (especially dance) games like those made for Kinect the new fad, pushing these old musical instrument games to the curb.

Looks like you'll have to pick up a copy of Rock Band to get your musical gaming fix now. Will you miss Guitar Hero?

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Topic: Mobility

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  • Down with Labels!

    ...The recording labels and lawyers killed Guitar Hero with greedy licensing deals and restricted access to content. Bunch of big dummies.
    • So what. If Apple's allowed to make billions on

      @james347 their licensing deals, or whatever, so are recording labels.
      You want it both ways, but it just can't be.
  • RE: Activision kills 'Guitar Hero' game franchise

    Rock Band is better anyway.
    • RE: Activision kills 'Guitar Hero' game franchise


      To each is own. Like the amount of music but found the UI cumbersome and weak. Some say the same about GH I guess.
    • RE: Activision kills 'Guitar Hero' game franchise

      @Droid101 I thought MTV Games killed off the RB line a couple months ago too? Or am I mistaken?
  • ill miss it

    its literally apart of my youth. to parties i went to with groups of people playing beer pong and others playing guitar hero all at the same house. It was really cool to see video games integrate into a party social structure, alas times are changing, farewell friend!
    • RE: Activision kills 'Guitar Hero' game franchise


      Feel the same. Had my own little fake band and my sister and friends would come over for Band Practice. Never meant to be like playing real instruments but a fun social and interactive gaming series.
  • YES!!

    Big fan of the series and so is my wife and family. The ONLY thing I had to say about the GH series is the download content was very weak. I have a couple Rock Band Titles too like Beatles and Green Day but the UI in Guitar Hero is much better in my opinion.

    And for once I agree with James347... The recording labels with their high prices made it hard to get the music out there. This is where Rock Band had the advantaged being associated with MTV. I am sure they have to pay fees for their Music Channels so getting the DLC fees may be cheaper as a result. If the recording labels were smart they would see this as basically free advertising. I know I have purchased a few albums based on some of the songs I played in the GH series.
  • Recording labels, and some bands and artists killed it

    You see, most record labels, especially members of the RIAA, some bands, and some artists are fundamentally ignorant of any economic or marketing concepts. They think pinning a standard price of an album is the same as the value of the album to the buyers. They think that it's good design to bundle crap with a few good songs to pad out an album. They have no idea that lowering price, as long as it's above their breakeven costs, can increase sales resulting in higher profits than a straight increase in price. They certainly don't understand that even if the song licenses are cheap, that the royalties for old songs are pure unexpected gravy that they would NEVER have earned otherwise.

    Nope. While I don't think stealing music by illegal downloads is right; I have even less desire to see my taxes wasted to fill the bank accounts of basically stupid, lazy music industrialists.
  • I won't miss it, cuz I already have it.

    The problem for Activision is that there's so few ways to improve new versions of the game to encourage people to buy each copy. I have Guitar Hero 3 for the PC, and it suits me just fine. It's not the type of game where I HAVE to have the latest installment.

    Not to mention the fact that Frets On Fire also gets the job done just fine.
  • RE: Activision kills 'Guitar Hero' game franchise

    Eeh, I feel sorry for the dev staff that are all out of work now, but I have no sympathy for Bobby Kotick losing money!
  • Geesh

    No wonder so many guitar hero guitars are at the thrift stores lately! lol
    Creeping Critter
  • Hopefully this will leave the record labels (not artists) with LESS

    The record labels deserve to get screwed whenever possible. Not the artists or even the small labels but the big media conglomerates who along with companies like Disney have used and abused the US Copyright process by excessively extending copyright protection many times making it far longer then it was originally intended. In 1970 the copyright duration was just under 30 years (I believe the actual number was 27 if memory serves correctly) but that wasn?t enough for corporations who wanted for all intents and purposes a never expiring copyright. You can primarily thank Disney and Mickey Mouse for this.

    The act has been amended several ties so that as of current the duration of copyright for something owned by an artists is the life of the artists plus 70 years and for anything corporate owned (that means Disney?s Mickey Mouse) it is 120 years after its creation or 95 years after its publication. That?s a big jump from the original just under 30 years.

    And you can bet that once Mickeys copyright expiration comes close to being due they will again extended this to an even longer duration so that in effect the corporations copyrights NEVER expire.

    The original intent of the founding fathers of our great country was to limit the power of corporations and the power and control of the wealthy and powerful by limiting copyright to a realistic term of just under 30 years and also by limiting a corporations license to do business to 10 years. After the 10 years was up the corporation had to prove it was providing a benefit to the community in order to renew for another 10 years. The corporation also had to prove before they could get their first 10 year business license, that they would be bringing value to the local community. Today this kind of idea is not only foreign but unrealistic in many a minds. And this is why we such rampant abuse by large corporations and the powerful thru lobbyists and use of money, lots of money.