Amazon Instant Video finally comes to Xbox 360

Amazon Instant Video finally comes to Xbox 360

Summary: The Xbox's streaming video stable is getting a bit larger with the addition of Amazon Instant Video.

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Notably absent from the long list of video streaming services with their own dedicated Xbox 360 apps has been Amazon's Instant Video.

Fortunately Amazon is finally filling that void. Its new Instant Video app brings with it access to thousands of streaming rentals and purchases, as well as free videos through Amazon's Prime service. Amazon has also added a new Watchlist feature that allows users to keep track of the content they'd like to watch in the future.

The move comes as Microsoft continues to position the Xbox as more than just a game console, a feat the company has managed to pull off with major success. Seeing has how just about every major streaming service has an Xbox app, omissions tend to be pretty notable -- which is why this is big news.

Amazon itself has a been a bit slow in getting its service onto gaming consoles, having only released its Instant Video app for the Playstation 3 last month.

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  • Amazon needs to get inside the tvs like Netflix

    People want to use what's built in. No one wants to buy another box to hang off their tv with another remote and taking up another power outlet. Even if they already have an Xbox they don't want to buy Xboxes for the rest of their tvs. You'd think the big brains at MS could/would figure this out by now. Sadly it appears google may have to show them the market by dominating it before MS groks its not about Xbox
    Johnny Vegas
  • Amazon Instant Video

    I just wish Amazon was available on my Samsung TVs. Every other service is, even some I've never heard of, why not Amazon? While they are at it, a queue or wishlist feature would be nice. Search-based interfaces are fine when you have a keyboard, but not a TV or Blu-ray remote.
  • Sorry, requires paid 'Live' subscription

    I have Amazon on my PS3, Wii, Sony Blu-ray player.. all for free. But to get the same feature on my XBox I have to pay for a Gold level Live membership.

    No Thanks..
    • $40 or Less a Year...

      I personally understand the whole wanting things to be free but sometimes you have to give props where it's due. You get voice nav and search for content, across the entire platform. You get great deals on DLC and Full Games. You get a custom designed experience for Hulu, YouTube, Amazon, NetFlix, etc. You get cloud storage with roaming profiles so you can take saves with you to your friends house just by logging in. Beacons are amazing as well. Plus countless other features. Overall $40 a year sounds like robbery when you really add up what you get. But again this is my opinion. I respect yours fully but sometimes free isn't always good. Besides, is $3.50 to $4 a month ($40 or less depending on deals) really that big a deal breaker. If so, then enjoy your PS3, Wii, and BRP. I've tried the Wii and PS3, overall liked the X360 better. Haven't tried a BRP yet so maybe that'll be the difference. Not trying to be a fanboy but that XBL Gold argument is old. XBL Gold is still the cheaper service out of all the others.