Amazon updates Kindle iOS app on eve of new iPad's release

Amazon updates Kindle iOS app on eve of new iPad's release

Summary: Crisper fonts and a new library few are two of the features in the latest update to Amazon's iOS Kindle app.


Alongside the release of the latest iPad, Amazon has updated its Kindle iOS app. Via the update Amazon is aiming to take advantage of the beefed-up resolution of the new iPad's display.

With the update comes crisp fonts, a new library view, and the ability to easily switch between locally-stored books and their cloud-based counterparts.

Of course, the biggest news is the increased font sharpness, which should make the experience of reading on Amazon's Kindle app far more pleasant than it would otherwise.

Moves like things are something we are sure to see a lot of in the coming weeks. Of course, with the updates are certain to come increases in the file sizes of most apps. So perhaps the transition is bittersweet.

Topics: Hardware, Amazon, Laptops, Mobility, Tablets

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  • File size increase depends on how much raster graphics an application has

    For example, Apple's own applications have a lot of raster graphics, so they became 3x bigger (not quite 4x increase as the screen itself, but still significant). But these applications basing on built-in iOS fonts, standard UI elements and calculated gradients will almost see no increase of size (except for application icon, which is always raster).
  • Where's the English version of this blog?

    "Summary: Crisper fonts and a new library few..." (What's a "library few"?)

    "Moves like things are something we are sure to see a lot of ..." (Uh... what???)

    Why is it that ZDN bloggers can't be bothered to read over what they are posting?
    • No kiddin'

      This beyond unacceptable, and makes a very poor reflection on ZDN. This would fail in fourth grade! I read some good stuff here, but if I would have seen this within the first week, it would have been my last visit.
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  • Missing some news?

    But the update also mentioned, "Enabled playback of multimedia in Kindle editions with audio and video."

    Can anyone clarify what that means?

    It seems to be saying if your device plays audio or video, then the app will support it too.

    Is the Amazon Kindle book format getting the ability to embed animation, video and audio inside kindle ebooks?