AMD refreshes C- and E-Series APU with better 3D graphics and battery life

AMD refreshes C- and E-Series APU with better 3D graphics and battery life

Summary: AMD's budget-friendly updated C- and E-Series APUs now offer 3D photo and video playback on 3D HDTVs and monitors, better memory bandwidth and 10-plus hour battery life. Take that, Intel.

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AMD's budget Fusion accelerated processing unit (APU) that combines the CPU and GPU on a single silicon just got even better today, for both the C- and E-Series processors.

The AMD Fusion-powered computers are already turning heads with consumers wondering how the lower priced devices with dedicated-level DirectX 11 graphics compare with the slightly more expensive, Intel Core-powered but usually with only integrated graphics computers. Now the C- and E-Series APUs offer even better graphics-related enhancements:

  • Enhanced HD graphics capabilities
  • Performance boosts with enhanced memory
  • DisplayPort ++ for connecting to any HDMI or DisplayPort-enabled monitor or TV
  • 12 hours of resting battery life on a single charge for the C-Series APU -- a nearly four hour increase over previous platforms -- and 10.5 hours for the E-Series

As a result, E-Series APUs now have better memory bandwidth, run faster and especially during video playback; with HDMI 1.4, the machines can now display 3D photos and videos on 3D HDTVs and monitors; and portable devices like laptops could never have long enough battery life.

New laptops, netbooks, ultrabooks and all-in-one desktops that use the AMD Fusion technology will start shipping today with these minor but welcomed improvements. Will current owners of A-Series APU computers get a similar update for their processor?

Do you have a computer running an AMD APU? How are you liking it so far? Share with us in the comments.

[Source: AMD press release]


Topic: Processors

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  • RE: AMD refreshes C- and E-Series APU with better 3D graphics and battery life

    I have been very pleased with my APU-powered laptop. I have the HP dv6-6135dx, powered by the A8-3500 APU. Performance-wise, it is almost on par with my Phenom 9950 desktop, and with 6GB of RAM, it is better in some respects. I generally get over 5 hours battery life in power saver mode, which is excellent for a laptop in that class.
  • RE: AMD refreshes C- and E-Series APU with better 3D graphics and battery life

    I'm a happy user of an AMD E-350 APU on a DELL M102 netbook. I'm so glad I decided to go for the Fusion instead of the Atom. (cheers to LSD` of ##hardware @ freenode!)

    Admittedly, while I can't run my netbook for 8-10 hrs (lasts more like 4-5 hrs), I do love that I can play Oblivion and other games at decent settings - lag free. I was even planning on getting a Llano - A8-3850 desktop, as it offers a real bang for the buck.

    Can't wait to see the next crop of Fusion APUs in action!
  • RE: AMD refreshes C- and E-Series APU with better 3D graphics and battery life

    I'll buy an APU + a new motherboard next year if AMD puts in a 7650 GPU in an APU. That'd be great for those who may not really care for GPU-demanding games but still want decent graphics at a resolution of 1920x1080. :)

    For a tablet, I'd like to go for a Radeon HD 7350 in an APU. Will that be too much? :)

    That's all going to be for next year. :) Or will it be in 2013? :(
    Grayson Peddie
    • Re resolution

      @Grayson Peddie my E-350 is currently driving my 23" Samsung at its native 2048 x 1152 resolution without any issues, admittedly I don't play much in the way of games.
  • Very satisfied with my E-350

    I have a E-350 powered Asus 1215B that I am very happy with - A week after I got the laptop my desktop gave out and I haven't been bothered to get it fixed tbh - I plug my monitor and keyboard into my laptop and I can barely feel the difference for my web development work.

    Once I can find a decent 12 inch laptop with an A-38 series I'll probably get that, I don't really like big screen laptops - I'd rather buy a monitor for places where I need to sit and work over longer periods.

    I do wish that AMD would support OpenCL development more actively, especially in terms of Linux / FOSS infrastructrure.