Android Market starts selling e-books; Nook for Android updated

Android Market starts selling e-books; Nook for Android updated

Summary: A couple of pieces of Android and digital book-related news this morning. First, Google's Android Market has become a slightly more fearsome competitor for iTunes with the addition of e-book sales.


A couple of pieces of Android and digital book-related news this morning. First, Google's Android Market has become a slightly more fearsome competitor for iTunes with the addition of e-book sales.

Pricing is all over the board but still competitive with offerings from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple's iBookstore. The average price for a current New York Times bestseller ranges between $9.99 and $12.99.

The launch of Android's online bookstore has many pondering what could be offered next. Engadget has spotted that similar links for both music and movies are live, but rather just redirect to the Android Market home page. We'll all stay tuned on that front.

Meanwhile, Barnes & Noble has updated its Nook for Android app for Android-based smartphones and 7-inch tablets. The big improvements include a new library grid view, a wish list feature and a download progress meter. That might not seem like much, but never fear as another update is expected in the spring, which will feature more enhanced graphics and optimization for 10-inch Honeycomb-based tablets.

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  • CrApple iTunes numbers have always been skewed by RDF!

    I'm glad someone finally states some of the reasons iTunes for iBafoons in CrApple's store have such heavy sales stats compared to Android Market. They include iBooks and the music/movies/TV CrApple's been selling forever..... number one. Then a lot of stuff that the rest of the mobile and portable World gets for FREE out in the REAL World.

    The bigger picture of Android Market partnered with other Google services is beginning to come to light now. But still.... these CrApple fools act like everyone in the World is an investor and only wants to know what CrApple's Market Cap Bubblenomics is doing everyday. Well..... Except when they've lost Billions of Market Cap valuation like they have just recently. lol.... So it will be fun to see iCrAppleholics when their Bubble really POPS!!!

    Google's New Chrome Web Store, the Android Market with with it's new Web Presence will be a force to deal with, considering Google has Checkout for a more complete marketing package. With all these pieces now in place they'll not only make even bigger gains in the Browser Market, but put themselves right out on a complete downloadable Store Front in front of the masses of every web surfer in the World!

    This.... as opposed to CrApple's Closed Restricted (iTunes only store only open to CrApple's existing customers) Store Front on their very own AOL HELL Garden Walled Server Prison (I mean farm) without any FREEDOM!!! ....that's where Google will be selling eBooks, PC and Mobile Games, Applications for Desktop as well as Phones and Slates, Music and Movies as they link up their massive YouTube servers to Google Chrome and Android Stores! ..... then we can talk about Market dominance!!!

    btw... anybody actually realize these facts? CrApple has been including iPod Nano Touch in it's iOS numbers (even though that's not what runs it). Including music players in general along with CrAppleTV in total bogus activations, as if every iOS device is on a service contract is just plain LUDICROUS! ....and in the end this last quarter produced numbers that should in all reality had Google's numbers skyrocketing. But alas..... CrApple's Bubblenomics ride is fueled by their arrogant asinine claims fill with Hot Air, RDF mixed with Methane Gas! Talk about a Rocket Ride APPL has been on...... lol... wonder if anyone has ever considered that anything that goes up that FAST.... usually comes down even FASTER!!!! By By CrAppleholics!!!

    CrApple = Closed, Controlled, Restricted Business Model
    Google = Free.... Robust and Open Business Model
    The race won't even be close here on out!!! :D ....the Turtle is overtaking the Rabbit as he sleeps in his comfy hole in a RDF Stupor!!! ;)
    • RE: Android Market starts selling e-books; Nook for Android updated

      @i2fun@... Show us proof that Apple is including iPod Nano sales in it's iOS sales figures or go home...

      Apple Mobile = Closed, restricted, Enterprise capable, few OS issues, no carrier crapware preinstalled.

      Google Mobile = Random SMS issues, preinstalled carrier crapware, preinstalled spyware, not Enterprise ready, more prone to user-installed malware.

      Dude you must have some sort of Google Altar set up at your Mom's basement as well as a dart board with the Apple logo and/ or Steve Job's pic... I wonder why you take this so personally... did someone with a macbook take away your girlfriend or something? Honestly I could care less, I'm just going to egg your rabid frothing at the mouth trolling on for my amusement.
      • That's what I find so amusing! lol...

        @athynz<br>The fact that you most likely are either unemployed or on a mental disability income that enable's you to live here on ZDNet crying about how unfair the World is to all you iCrAppleholics and that all you remain alive for is to pay back the World for it's ill treatment of your Third Reich Style CrApple Control Scheme!!!! ahaha... :D<br><br>Excuse me.... lol... but I have a job, a wife and a life to live that quite distinct from all the technology and toys I play with! ....for you I guess then it's a lot more like playing with yourself. You can hardly tell the difference between your real Wife and REAL LIFE BLOW UP DOLL! lol.... ;) Bye... I gotta go do some actual work before going to the slopes for the weekend. Yes with an actual wife not an inflatable one.... like the only one YOU have!!! least you don't have to worry about her divorcing YOU!!! :O
  • Nook SDK Program is a P.O.S.

    Most developers have no time to wait hours for a p.o.s. website to send email confirmation after signing up for the developer's program.

    Barnes & Noble needs to get serious and shape up their g.f.s. website.

    The Barnes & Noble Nook website is such a p.o.s. there is not forum or any other way to send support a request asking WTF?