Apple iPhone 3GS price drops to $97 at Walmart

Apple iPhone 3GS price drops to $97 at Walmart

Summary: Walmart announced that it will sell the 16GB Apple iPhone 3GS for just $97 with contract.


Walmart on Monday announced that it will sell the 16GB Apple iPhone 3GS for just $97 with contract.

The new price, which is effective starting Tue., May 25, is for new phones purchased with a two-year contract.

Walmart chalks the price reduction up to its "ongoing aggressive savings announcements," but the real reason is an expected new model of iPhone to be released next month. That model was accidentally leaked in April after an engineer for the company left a disguised prototype in a bar.

It's possible that the price will stick after the official announcement by Apple, which has previously reduced the price of the previous model to $99. (Currently, the iPhone 3GS retails for $199; the 2008 iPhone 3G sells for $99.)

Moreover, reports suggest that Apple is no longer accepting orders for the iPhone 3G --- paving the way for a new model.

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  • RE: Apple iPhone 3GS price drops to $97 at Walmart

    Radio Shack has been selling 3GS for $35.00 with trade in of your older 3G. the kicker is AT&T. The want to charge $399 to change you contract if you have had it for less then 2 years.
  • Wow

    So that is a saving of $100 on a $2000 plus purchase. What a deal.
    • Did you go to the same school as Al (I invented the internet) Gore?

      An just like him, you failed math.

      Lets see ....
      $30 data plan/month for 24 months (2 years in case you aren't smart enough to know) = $720

      The cost of the phone plan does not count because it is about the same cost for ANY cellphone in any carrier.

      Also, a no contract iPhone 3GS 16GB is $599 (google it), so in fact you are getting a $502 discount.
      • RE: Apple iPhone 3GS price drops to $97 at Walmart

        @wackoae Well, minus a lot of benefit and cheap calling rate that you will get from non-iphone plans.
      • Does that include Voice?

        According to ATT's website these phones require "qualified voice and data plans"

        The lowest voice plan seems to be $40/month so $960.00 $720.00 $5 to $20 per month if you want a texting plan.
  • iPhone 3Gs will soon be available as BuyOneGetOneFree

    At $97 at WalMart or less, iPhone 3Gs will soon have little value and end up being free or under the Buy One Get One Free deal!
  • At the End of the Day...

    Even if the price drops to zero, you'll still have an iPhone instead of something useful or valuable and you will still be beholden to the Apple Store for any modifications you wish to make, barring jail-breaking. Won't someone think of the children?
  • RE: Apple iPhone 3GS price drops to $97 at Walmart

    $97 to walmart 2 years with AT&T and a life time in therapy
  • RE: Apple iPhone 3GS price drops to $97 at Walmart

    "The iPhone 3G device is still listed at the Online Store however the ?select? option, which is used to make the purchase, has been removed. This leaves only the iPhone 3GS as available iPhones for sale."
    I got this info form
    Before you opte to purchase an iPhone 3GS, getting yourself astonished by iPhone 4G.
  • iPhone 3gs 16GB are not available in walmarts

    iPhone 3gs 16BG are not available in any of the walmarts that I Inquired !!
  • bidmaconlinecan bid this price. it just 199$

    I purchase one apple iphone 4 from just 199$ down, think can bid this price,
  • Walmart can be fired by

    I know that the cost of apple iphone4 is very low, than what we think. now When i purchase one iphone from that web, it just bid low price. bid it now.