Apple iPhone 4G: New photos, video leaked; Gizmodo claims it's real

Apple iPhone 4G: New photos, video leaked; Gizmodo claims it's real

Summary: Apple's fourth-generation iPhone has been photographed, videotaped and revealed in its entirety for the first time.


Apple's fourth-generation iPhone may have escaped captivity into the hands of the tech press.

Gadget bloggers Gizmodo claim they not only have images of a real-deal iPhone 4G, but the actual device itself. And to prove it, they've posted an elaborate essay showing off original photos, video and a lengthy justification for why, yes, this iPhone is indeed the real McCoy:

You are looking at Apple's next iPhone. It was found lost in a Bar in Redwood City, camouflaged to look like an iPhone 3GS. We got it. We disassembled it. It's the real thing, and here are all the details.

According to editor Jason Chen, this found iPhone is real -- and not an Asian-originated fake, as Engadget's readers had claimed when it first published photos last week -- for the following reasons:

  • Apple has reported a lost 4G device
  • The screen is higher resolution
  • The operating system was not anything currently on the market
  • It uses micro-SIM, an as-yet-unadopted standard
  • It was found in a case that was engineered to make it look like a 3GS
  • It accurately reflects what would be done at this point in the production cycle

There are more reasons, but that's the gist of it.

What's perhaps most shocking is the (claimed) new iPhone's industrial design, which is a departure from the curvy, tapered plastic of the last three models. The flat, metal-trimmed design evokes more of the current line of MacBook Pros, though it's not fully metal.

(Chen wonders: "But why the black plastic back, instead of going with an unibody aluminum design?" My guess: all that metal wreaks havoc on the phone's ability to send and receive signals.)

My gut is telling me this is the real deal. What do you think -- legit, or fake?

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  • IF this is real then....

    If this is the real deal, then someone, namely the poor sap that lost it,
    well, let's put it mildly.... their in deep trouble!

    I think I'd rather face a hungry lion, tiger, shark, or what have you, then
    face an emotional Jobs when he's mad!

    God help the poor sap who ever lost that phone, because I have the
    feeling they are going to lose a lot more at the end of the day!
    • A good time for an extended vacation to the Bahamas.

      Be funny if it was Jobs that lost it. I could almost see him getting mad
      and yelling at him self. Liket he old man playing chess in the Pixar short.

      Needless to say, something like this (at any company) can be the result of
      a carrier ender. Memos and documents are one thing but the actual
      device with serial number and everything makes it very specific as to who
      lost it.
    • It could have been intentional...

      ...but I doubt it.
      • Nah, it's intentional read my comment to find out why

        Really.. this is poor viral
    • Will the one who lost it do the honorable thing?

      Don't know if anyone remembers this...

      Long story short, a Foxcon employee who lost a prototype of an earlier iphone leapt to his death.
    • Not a 4G phone.

      This Gizmodo article does not claim this is a 4G phone, and there's no way Apple would come out with a 4G phone already. The first iPhone wasn't 3G, and that was well after 3G started to take off.

      More inaccurate crap on ZDNet. Surprise, surprise.
  • ^ that site is full of viruses

  • This is creepy

    Gizmodo got their scoop but they've lost a lot of trust in the
    process. The right thing to do would have been to return it to
    the owner, if he could be identified, or to Apple if not.

    Where do they get off cracking this device open and posting
    picture all over the web? It's not their property.
    • I agree with you.

      I agree with you. This could be the end of someone's career if it was
      accidently lost.
      Prime Detailer
      • Too late for that

        His career (with Apple) was gone the moment he left that bar. But a talented young man like that will have no problem landing another job. This won't even look bad on his resume, unless he applies with the secret service, lol. He lost a phone, so what, the Steve needs to get over it.
    • agree!

      clearly returning it would have been the correct thing to do, but greed won out!
  • Aluminum design would wreak havoc?

    The author mentions that the last three models have had a curvy plastic case. The 2nd and 3rd gen did, but the first gen was all aluminum.

    I still have my first gen iPhone, and have never had signal problems.
    • I had an LG Slide at one time...

      at least I think it was a slide. It was made out of stainless steel, or so it looked. I REALLY thought it would nice, to have one that didn't have a lot of plastic.

      Trouble was, the signal wouldn't go through the steel. I had friends who had 4-5 bars standing right beside me... while I couldn't even get a bar to make a call. I had to go outside our building and walk, searching for a strong enough signal to use the phone.

      Thankfully, my son decided he wanted to start using an older phone he had. I now have his Sony Ericsson something. I'm supposed to be getting an iPhone this summer. They are waiting to order them until the new ones come out. I CAN'T WAIT. Also getting a MacBook Pro. I've had a Mac since 1987 at school, but never a laptop. Will be nice to be able to carry my stuff with me where ever I go.
  • RE: Apple iPhone 4G: New photos, video leaked; Gizmodo claims it's real

    Big "f'ing" deal. Get a life!!
  • I call BS on Gizmodo and or Apple or both

    Blah, okay.. look, it may be a prototype.. but I'm calling it a proto-hype.. thats right you bums, steal my phrase. I called it here first tho.

    It's a leak phone to promote vaporware.. Apple is the only one that hasn't got anything to bring to market yet, so they're pumping up their product using viral marketing. If it was really something they wanted back, we'd see lawsuits. lots of them.. Apple loves to sue over their products..

    This is a sad attempt at viral marketing to hype something they haven't gotten to work yet. If you noticed, they didn't show an OS.. just a phone.. a picture of the memory... a strategically placed Microsoft pen (to throw you off) and token green robot.. and the entire story read like an Apple press release.

    Nice try.. i'm still not impressed.
  • RE: Apple iPhone 4G: New photos, video leaked; Gizmodo claims it's real

    If they release a fully titanium body THEN I might replace my
  • RE: Apple iPhone 4G: New photos, video leaked; Gizmodo claims it's real

    Finally! The iPhone looks like a phone a man could use. I like it!
  • RE: Apple iPhone 4G: New photos, video leaked; Gizmodo claims it's real

    fake, not a jobs design, not aesthetic enough.
  • Get rid of the metal - its about time

    why to go los angeles!
  • Better return the stolen/lost item soon!

    apple will be at your doorstep with the coppers trying to put the handcuffs on you.