Apple shows off list of best iPad Retina display-ready apps

Apple shows off list of best iPad Retina display-ready apps

Summary: Apple's official list of best Retina display-ready apps includes favorites like The Daily and Mass Effect Infiltrator, among over twenty others.

TOPICS: Apple, iPad, Mobility

Earlier this week, ZDNet's Jason Kendrick laid out his list of the best iPad apps to take advantage of the new iPad's Retina display. It's a good list, and includes games like Infinity Blade Dungeons and Mass Effect Infiltrator and apps like Garageband and iPhoto

Today, Apple has dropped a similar group of apps, going as far to even create a separate section in the iTunes store to really feature it. While the apps vary widely, they have all been updated recently in an effort to fully support the high resolution of the new iPad's display.

Curiously, one app absent from the list is the latest version of Amazon's Kindle app, which was updated today with crisper fonts and a variety of other changes.

What is clear, however, is that there's no smarter move or app developers now than updating iPad apps to take advantage of the new display. Just think of all the free publicity.

Topics: Apple, iPad, Mobility

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  • Hmm

    So, 9 Apps huh?
    • C'mon this is iOS

      Just because Apple features a few doesn't mean those are the only ones. There's about 90 in iTunes right now. I imagine a couple hundred Retina optimized apps will be approved by launch day tomorrow.
    • Your comment, Peter, almost begs for this type of response

      Just one question - How many apps are in the Android App Store that are optimized for a 2048 x 1536 tablet display?
      • Quite a few actually...

        the way most android apps are written they would scale fine to the higher resolutions...

        As for this particular resolution, none because 4:3 perspective is a mostly dead entity.
      • Too technical for you?

        @Peter Perry.

        Optimized vs scaled. Are you aware of the difference?
    • I don't use any of those apps...

      but had 7 updates for my iPad apps today, all citing the higher resolution.
      • Did you notice?

        Most of my updates are larger, a few substantially larger.
        So if this continues and you are app heavy, you will soon be storage poor. :(
  • Curiously confused article

    You guys know that Infinity Blade Dungeons and Infinity Blade 2 are different games, right?

    And Kindle isn't on there because it competes with iBooks.
    • Yes

      and none of them will play on my iPad 1 :(
  • Beesy

    My essential app on iPad using new retina display is Beesy. Very useful in meeting with I can take note and send minutes at the end of the meeting by mail very quickly and easily.