Apple TV is already selling out at Apple Stores nationwide

Apple TV is already selling out at Apple Stores nationwide

Summary: Surprise, surprise! The second-generation Apple TV is reportedly selling like hot cakes nationwide. It's so hot, in fact, that some stores can't keep the little box in stock.

TOPICS: Mobility, Apple, Hardware

Surprise, surprise! Despite some skepticism (from myself included), the second-generation Apple TV is reportedly selling like hot cakes nationwide. It's so hot, in fact, that some stores can't keep the little box in stock.

As reported by Barron's, the revamped and sized-down Apple TV is "selling out in many of the company’s U.S. retail stores. JMP Research analyst Alex Gauna continues that the set-top box is "selling at a pace at least one quarter to one third that of the iPad, or at least 1 million units a quarter."

The reason? The slashed price to $99 certainly helped. Maybe the rental-only model isn't such a bad concept after all. If the third generation could allow for both renting and buying, I'd probably at my local Apple Store on the launch day.

Have you bought the new Apple TV since its recent launch? If not, are you planning to or is something still holding you back?

Topics: Mobility, Apple, Hardware

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  • Yes, maybe Apple was smart to hold the line at $99, and add features when

    they can still keep it at $99. I can see it growing to the same functionality as Google TV, but, in bite size chunks that consumers can understand, and afford. Google throwing everything into the first box might be to much to comprehend, AND too expensive.
    • RE: Apple TV is already selling out at Apple stores nationwide

      @DonnieBoy <br><br>I agree fully. The $99 price point is definitely a sweet spot price, compared to $300 and up the other Google TV boxes will cost. Not to mention the complexity. Whoever can make the whole process seamless/effortless will command the living space.
      • LOL!! Funny how Apple, by definition, is always the sweet spot!

        The Kindle at $149 is too cheap but the iPad at $500 is the sweet spot. However, the reverse is true with AppleTV where the stripped down device at $99 is just right while the costly $300, fully functional device is WAY too expensive!

        Ah, how simple life must be when you look at the world through Jobs' RDF!
      • MS Office is fully functioned right?

        I prefer iWorks and before that MS Works. Why? I did not need the so called fully functioned product and found it too complicated to even consider trying to use anymore than I needed. While iWorks and before that MS Works was more fitting to my needs and use and it's cost reflected that. It was more usable at least I found it to be so because of it's simplicity. Yes even MS Works was so for me.

        Pagan jim
        James Quinn
      • NZ LOL. your are dead on.

        zdnet doesn't realize they are sitting on a gold mine of Apple RDF nuggets they could be pitching to comedy central. ;)
      • RE: Apple TV is already selling out at Apple stores nationwide


        Whoever said the kindle was too cheap? Care to point them out? The Kindle and the iPad are different devices, targeting different audiences so why even compare? Making up arguments again?
      • @dave95: My mistake, what I wrote isn't what I meant

        [i]Whoever said the kindle was too cheap?[/i]

        You are right, I apologize, my mistake. I meant to highlight the Apple zealot argument that the Kindle at $149 was a terrible device since it couldn't do as much as the $500 iPad. In this case, $500 is the sweet spot and anything less expensive isn't as good because it has fewer features.

        However, the standards are reversed with Apple TV where $99 is the sweet spot and $300 is suddenly [b]way[/b] too expensive for something that does much more than what the crippled $99 Apple TV device can do.

        Kindle? Bad because it can't compete with the $500 iPad.
        Apple TV? Good because it is so much cheaper than the $300 Google TV.
      • RE: Apple TV is already selling out at Apple stores nationwide

        @NZ<br>When the 10" iPad was introduced, the 10" Kindle cost almost the same. They had to drastically reduce prices. I wouldn't say it's too cheap at all for what it does, and therefore it sells well. It was just too expensive before.

        But edited to add that I agree with your overall point. If the $500+ iPad can sell 3 million a month, certainly the $300 Google TV has the potential to be successful too.
      • Pagan Jim. Work much?

        I'm not sure what you do on your job, other than try to get away w/o working more than an hour per pay as you told me, but if you really worked like the rest of us, you might actually find a use for a good deal of that functionality. I know I do, particularly with Acess and Excel. Can't beat 'em. Even if you don't ever use all of the functionality, the ease of use and power to save many steps per click is more than worth it to any IT pro.
    • Right

      Apple is so hot at the moment. Their success can we measured by the amount of NonZealot bleating;-)
      Richard Flude
      • *bleating* indeed, LOL

        @Richard Flude

        Perfectly said.
    • The $100 GoogleTV is coming.

      I'd be willing to bet that it's going to be manufactured by Samsung or LG, will lack an internal hard drive (but could have one added by the end user), and will have a docking capability that allows you to place it in the TV's cabinet (for selected high-end models). Intel x86 chips that run cool enough and fit the form factor are too expensive for something in that price range at this point.
  • There is a sucker born every minute.

    proven daily...
    • Quite true, there are people still buying Microsoft stock.

      When Apple can produce phones, tables, and TV boxes that are extremely popular, and MS does not have a clue.
      • RE: Apple TV is already selling out at Apple stores nationwide

        @DonnieBoy : Jeez. funny how Microsoft gets mentioned. They don't make phones, tables [WTF is that?], and TV boxes. So what is your point?

        [Oh. Apple hardware is *made* in China or some third world country where the workers get paid next to nothing. But this has nothing to do with this story. right?]
        Gis Bun
      • Gis Bun, don't mind DB. His envy of MS over the years has contorted....

        his thinking.
      • Gis Bun. You need to realize with DB that his envy of MS success......

        has contorted his mind in ways that have made him incoherent.
      • Master Joe Says...Data Integrity Issue

        @DonnieBoy Ignoring your spelling error (I acknowledge my own many times during posts), I have to direct your attention to a few points. First, Microsoft was doing the "smart" home thing before anyone else was. Because they don't make a device that requires the buyer to pay for every bit of content they can view on it, without an option to buy any of it, only rent, you criticize them? Because Apple's products are mostly sold because of their brand name recognition and not their quality (kind of like Nike shoes, although a Nike shoe is better than an iPad because you can put any laces you want in a Nike shoe but are extremely limited to which devices and cables will connect to your iPad). Sure, Apple products are alright. But, the iPad isn't the revolutionary miracle tablet it is made out to be. Go back to these millions of buyers in a year, and see how many now use them as a paperweight or just something that sits on their coffee table collecting dust. Any other company with the issues the iPhone 4 had would still be getting blasted for it, but Apple was allowed to slip by with a free pass, even after Jobs mocked the people who had the issue. If, when people claimed they had issues with Vista, Balmer had come on stage and laughed at those people, people would have been outside Microsoft's headquarters with pitchforks and torches demanding his head. But, Jobs laughs at you and basically suggests you are just too stupid to know how to use the iPhone, and you forgive him? In addition, look at the profit margins on Apple products. The iPad costs about $500, but costs about $200 in hardware. The MacBook costs about $3500, but the hardware is probably somewhere around $1000 or less.

        To stay on topic, I followed Apple's announcement of the Apple TV closely, in order to see what they would do with it. The model they came up with really is for suckers. They will make a ton of money off of people who think they are getting a great deal, when they could have gotten the same content from Amazon for a lot less, and watched it as much and for as long as they wanted.

        On the phone front, Windows Phone 7 is quite impressive, and I have yet to see a single credible criticism of it, other than "iOS is better" without any real explanation as to why. So, I suggest you do some fact checking, and perhaps your soon-to-be $500 coaster can help with that.

        --Master Joe
      • RE: Apple TV is already selling out at Apple stores nationwide

        @Master Joe Let me shorten your post by a lot to save people time, think I pretty much got the gist of it....

        Poor MS, I love them but somebody brought them into this conversation so let me start with my criticisms of Apple that are based primarily on hate, not facts.

        That pretty much covered your long winded paragraph right?
  • Quite a few complaints on the Apple forum?

    I'm surprised!

    I guess Apple didn't get around to removing then yet. ;)
    John Zern