Asus Transformer in-stock at Office Depot, $399 for 16 GB

Asus Transformer in-stock at Office Depot, $399 for 16 GB

Summary: Asus' Transformer is the most popular non-iPad tablet on the market right now, and it's available at an Office Depot near you.

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As the tablet with the most units shipped to date next to the iPad according to DigiTimes, the Asus Eee Pad Transformer is emerging as the sleeper hit in the tablet market so far. Now, the coveted Transformer and detachable docking station are now available at your local Office Depot and on

The Honeycomb-running Transformer packs some of the most up-to-date technologies in tablets with a Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core CPU, 1GB RAM, 10.1" IPS multi-touch display at 1280x800 resolution with viewable angles up to 178 degrees, and protected by Gorilla glass. It also has a 1.2-megapixel front- and a 5-megapixel rear camera that can record video, SRS surround sound, mic and stereo speakers, Flash, as well as a mini HDMI port, sensors like GPS and Gyroscope, which means the 0.5" thick slate can handle everything from games to movies. It only supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity though so no need for a data plan, and comes in two sizes: 16 GB and 32 GB.

That said, the docking station for the Transformer is equipped with a SD Card slot so the storage capacity of the slate is expandable up to an extra 32 GB. Other reasons the dock is also in short supply: it comes with a full-sized keyboard, multi-touch touchpad, 2 USB 2.0 ports, and can extend the Transformer's  nine hour battery life up to 16 hours with the devices are connected. Its flexible design means you won't have to budget for a number peripherals when you want your tablet to double as a laptop, and when you don't need the laptop-like functions, simply detach the Transformer from the dock.

The best part about the convertible tablet-laptop combo from Asus is the relatively low prices for this category. The 16 GB Transformer will only set you back $399; even factoring in the $150 docking station, the combo only costs $50 more than the 16 GB iPad 2 Wi-Fi ($499) but with significantly more functionality. For a hundred dollars more, the 32 GB Asus slate can be had, whereas the 32 GB iPad 2 Wi-Fi is $599.

When I got the chance to briefly play with the Transformer at PepCom in New York City, it felt like a solid machine with a sophisticated, metallic finish. It certainly didn't feel as delicate as the ultra-light Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G, which is a good thing for those who need to travel with their slates.

Let me know how you like the Transformer after playing with one at an Office Depot near you. Is it everything you thought it would be?

[Source: BusinessWire, Asus, DigiTimes, Apple]


Topic: Microsoft

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  • So if one were in the market to buy the 2nd best tablet

    this would be it?


    Everyone who specifically wants to buy the 2nd best of something, raise your hand.



    Yeah, thought not.

    I bought the iPad, iPad 2, and will buy the iPad 3 when it comes out. I, like tens of millions of others, want to buy the best in the market, not the 2nd best.

    Apple won.

    Asus lost.

    • RE: Asus Transformer in-stock at Office Depot, $399 for 16 GB

      @woulddie4apple sad little man...
    • RE: Asus Transformer in-stock at Office Depot, $399 for 16 GB

      Think about it, it Apple didn't come out with the iPad back in April 2010 we woundn't have this Asus tab out or even this article. Troll all you want about Apple but the facts are there and people are buying their stuff...
      • RE: Asus Transformer in-stock at Office Depot, $399 for 16 GB

        @Hasam1991 True, but will they be disappointed once Apple drains all their money from their pockets. I don't know about you, but I don't see how people can afford to pop $500-700 a year for the latest Apple product.
    • Give it time....

      @woulddie4apple Apparently you are mostly concerned with sales figures and not actual tech specs when you make the statement that one device is better than on that note, let's review in another 6 months or so. I suspect that by then - just like in the phone market - apple may find their devices slowly being marginalized by the 2-3 dozen new android devices which are slated (pardon the pun) to appear in the near future. And, let's not forget - Windows 8 hasn't been to market yet. There's a growing sentiment that a lot of businesses that thus far have stayed away from tablets may finally get pulled onto the tablet market by MS. And let's not forget - that's basically a market that apple hasn't been interested in for at least a year (since they pulled xserve from their lineup) and alienated professional videographers and Adobe users. That's really where the big numbers are - you don't have to sell in onesees and twosees but you by the truckload.
    • RE: Asus Transformer in-stock at Office Depot, $399 for 16 GB

      Look at your username.

      I don't know who says this is the second best tablet. I'd say the Galaxy is the best. Maybe the Xoom is the second best. This one is third.

      iPad? Discounted. Can't view Flash. Useless to me.
      • RE: Asus Transformer in-stock at Office Depot, $399 for 16 GB

        @Droid101 amen
      • RE: Asus Transformer in-stock at Office Depot, $399 for 16 GB

        Tried 'em all, now I have the ASUS 32gb.....
      • RE: Asus Transformer in-stock at Office Depot, $399 for 16 GB

        @Droid101 Xoom is not the second best of anything. The transformer is an excellent device for the price and with a better screen than the Xoom.
    • RE: Asus Transformer in-stock at Office Depot, $399 for 16 GB

      @woulddie4apple <br><br>Some people here are really blind, woulddie4apple is a obvious troll, imitating the lengths that real apple fanboys go through to defend their all time favorite brand. Actually I think its quite funny at times, especially when people bite at his comments all the time. <br><br>Transformer is awesome, went for the notion ink adam at first, returned it within 2 days, tried the galaxy tab and the transformer in the store. Actually I liked both, the Galaxy tab is a really nice device, but went for the transformer in the end. 64 gb FTW! (FYI my ipad2 lasts almost one hour longer with normal use, transformer lasts longer when watching movies)
      S. DeGarnd
    • RE: Asus Transformer in-stock at Office Depot, $399 for 16 GB

      @woulddie4apple Your opinion does not count. Apple fanboy!
    • The newer netvertibles are pretty good alternatives


      Actually I'd say the best "tablet" is the Thinkpad X220t or perhaps the Panasonic C1 -- all of which run Windows 7.

      A little heavier (3lbs). But they do everything and have everything. Fingerprint reader, USB, video out, easy hardware upgradeable, PC print capability, runs "regular" software, etc...

      I'm also keeping an eye on the Samsung Slider -- that form factor is intriguing. If it has a decent CPU (and not an anemic one) and at least 7 hrs battery life -- then it has great prospects.
      • RE: Asus Transformer in-stock at Office Depot, $399 for 16 GB

        I dont' want a windows UI on a tablet. Yes, a full PC UI is more productive, although I suspect frustrating on a tablet(but I have never tried one ). THe android and ipads have a next-gen touch interface baked in, not tacked on. And they are not PCs. They are specifically great for consumption and entertainment and email.
    • RE: Asus Transformer in-stock at Office Depot, $399 for 16 GB


      You forgot to mention Apple's stock price
    • RE: Asus Transformer in-stock at Office Depot, $399 for 16 GB


      While I agree that the iPad2 is great, when it came right down to what I was looking for the ASUS didn't lose. It was exactly what I wanted, and the iPad was the one that came up lacking. I wanted something with an HDMI output, SDcard expandability and a USB port. The ASUS has all of these (the USB with the added dock) while the iPad needed all sorts of extra purchases and work arounds to get around Apple's bizarre need to control everything. So - you the love the iPad - great for you, but it came in 2nd to the ASUS when it came to my needs.
    • RE: Asus Transformer in-stock at Office Depot, $399 for 16 GB


      So how do you enjoy your Keyboard Dock that adds 6 more hours of battery life to your iPad?<br><br>Hello?<br><br>How do you like being able to expand your iPad with micro SD cards, full SD cards, flash drives. and portable HDs?<br><br>Hello? Hello??<br><br>Oh yeah, once a 16GB iPad always a 16GB iPad. Oh that's right, you can spend $100's more and get a 32GB or break the bank and get a whopping 64GB! Whoop-d-doo!<br>I'd rather have ALL my music and ALL my movies that are on my 1 TB portable drive playing on my so called second best Asus Transformer! (Fanboys can be creepy!)
  • RE: Asus Transformer in-stock at Office Depot, $399 for 16 GB

    I keep hoping Android will bring out a tablet that can compete with my Ipad 1st gen 64GB wifi 3g...Im still hoping...hoping...hoping...I have owned 2 android tabs and sold them or returned them.Im not an Apple fanboi and im not bathing in apple juice,but damn I cant get rid of my IPAD
    • RE: Asus Transformer in-stock at Office Depot, $399 for 16 GB

      @aspman@... "Bathing in Apple Juice" <- awesome metaphor :D

      I like the look of this device. Personally I'd like this kinda form factor with Windows onboard. Maybe hybridised with Android.
      • For Windows Check Out Acer w500

        The Acer w500 is a 10" Windows 7 tablet. At ~$550 it comes with 32Gb SSD and a dock/keyboard.
  • RE: Asus Transformer in-stock at Office Depot, $399 for 16 GB

    Have mine (32gb) and added a 32gb SD.
    This is a great machine!
    Personally I think it outdoes the iPad2 in almost all areas (I have them sitting side by side comparing).