Bang & Olufsen tries to make land-line phones cool again with BeoCom 5

Bang & Olufsen tries to make land-line phones cool again with BeoCom 5

Summary: What's one way of getting people to buy land-line phones again? Make them look cool.

TOPICS: Telcos, Mobility

What's one way of getting people to buy land-line phones again? Make them look cool. Another way is make it look like a cell phone. Bang & Olufsen has developed the BeoCom 5, a sleek, mobile phone-like device that they hope will make you want to gab on the phone at home like you are in high school again.

The cordless BeoCom 5 can store up to 400 contacts, two separate land-line phone numbers and it has Bang & Olufsen loudspeakers built-in for better conversations. It definitely would beat having to say "What?" fifty times over in the typical two-minute cell phone conversation. It also has this nifty button that lets you put people on hold.

While land-line phones are important for emergencies, a lot of people cut have them from their budgets these days and just pay for cell phones. However, since it has to be charged by being plugged into the wall, it will only last so long on battery power in a blackout.

Would you buy this product?

Topics: Telcos, Mobility

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  • No one wants a land-line anymore for other reasons

    1. The landline service is too expensive
    considering that all the 'infrastructure' is
    already there for them. $30 dollars a month is
    VERY expensive for a landline, and that's why
    my family is thinking of dropping ours.
    2. Cell phones are simply more convenient...
    you can keep one right beside you when
    necessary and not have to worry about running
    out to the kitchen when someone is breaking
    into your home or something else bad is
    3. Cell phones are cheaper than landlines, in
    sheer cost when you buy one, with all the
    'manufacturer rebates' and other things.
    • And you would be wrong.

      I have landlines for fax machines.

      Not possible with cell phones, Sparky.
      • It is possible with VOIP Sparky....

        High speed internet, a VOIP service for the home
        business/fax, and a cell phone... Get with the
        times Sparky, time to sell your horse, buggy, and
        the land line....
  • RE: Bang & Olufsen tries to make land-line phones cool again with BeoCom 5

    Land lines have what is probably the most serious flaw ever devised by modern man: It is in that special category along with tobacco products and booze that every politician immediately targets as a convenient place to plop a new tax to cover the cost of, say, sidewalks in places no human has walked for fifty years. Or bikepaths that serve no purpose except as a handy place to throw fast food wrappers. Or the latest newly invented 'necessity' for the public schools.

    I keep my landline for no other reason than its number is so embedded in so many places that would otherwise go missing. Nevermind that I'd be far better off if they did disappear.
  • Power Outage

    Many cordless handsets rely on a base-station that is serviced power by the AC Outlet in your home. In a power outage, you will most likely find that a freshly charged cell phone is far more useful than the product being plugged here.

    That, or maybe an ancient rotary phone picked up from your local goodwill...
    • Any CORDED phone will work in a power outage.

      I've had my cell phone rendered useless by a major blackout...but the one corded phone I keep around was able to work just fine.

      And yes... I would buy one. I have an old B&O turntable on my audio system that still performs flawlessly. They simply make top-notch products.
  • RE: Bang & Olufsen tries to make land-line phones cool again with BeoCom 5

    May be nice for some small offices or home-based businesses, but nothing compelling here otherwise. Lack of integration with VOIP or cellphone services could also be a fatal flaw for business or office use. Unless this sells for a very low price, I couldn't see any reason to buy this.
  • RE: Bang & Olufsen tries to make land-line phones cool again with BeoCom 5

    Most of the VOIP that isn't just a replication of a land line
    is horrible. I spend many hours of the day on phone calls
    and when someone doing a presentation or downloading
    when they have VOIP their voice drops to about every 3rd
    word, so they end up having to repeat everything.

    Cell phones don't have extensions so more than one
    person can't talk, and that also means you're stuck
    tethered to them so if someone is breaking into the house
    and you left your cell phone in the kitchen you're out of
    luck, or out of batteries.

    Cell phones certainly aren't cheaper than land lines, with
    land lines at $20-30 a month cell service certainly isn't
    less than that. The only reason to go without is so you're
    not paying for a cell AND a land line. If you're on the
    phone a lot a land land is an order of magnitude cheaper
    than paying for cell service.

    If you have a security system, you have to have a land line.

    So there are a lot of good practical reasons to retain a land
    line, none of them have to do with liking buggy whips.
  • Price

    Most B&O stuff is high quality, fabulously stylish and fabulously expensive. I'm sure this is no different