Barnes & Noble cuts Nook eReader prices ahead of Mother's Day

Barnes & Noble cuts Nook eReader prices ahead of Mother's Day

Summary: Barnes & Noble wants you to show your love for mom with either a discounted Nook Color tablet or Nook Simple Touch eReader.

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If you have a mother with an inclination towards literature, you may want to pay attention to Barnes & Noble for Mother's Day this year.

The company is cutting the prices of its Nook Color tablet and Nook Simple Touch eReader ahead of the upcoming (and arguably most important) holiday. With the discount, the $169 tablet drops to $149, while its E Ink-based alternative drops from $99 to $79.

Also included with the deal is a free Nook gift bag, which is a big deal if you have the kind of mother that's into gift bags (or just likes taking things out of them). Total savings? Roughly $3.95.

Sadly, not included in the discounts is the Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight, the most recent of Barnes & Noble's offerings. That enticing little device will continue to retail for $139.

The Barnes & Noble deal is, of course, a temporary one, and only lasts until May 13th.

Topic: Tablets

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  • not very attractive

    in light of giving in to M$ FUD and extortion:
    The Linux Geek
    • Ha, you and groklaw boys didnt see this coming

      And you all thought B&N would be Android's savior! Now when you buy an Android product you are putting some money in Ballmer's pocket.
      • Agreed!

        When MS does it, it's "extortion". When Google does it, it's "benevolence". Good thing most of us here are way smarter then the Geek!
        William Farrel
    • Yawn

      Yet another Anti Microsoft rant from Linux Geek on another post that has nothing to do with Microsoft. Imagine that.
  • A price cut after one week?

    Isn't it a bit early to look for any price change on a model that hasn't been instores more than a few days? The price cut on the base Nook model comes because the Glowlight model takes over at the top slot of e-ink models.