Big surprise: Time Warner and Comcast block HBO Go access on the Xbox 360

Big surprise: Time Warner and Comcast block HBO Go access on the Xbox 360

Summary: Time Warner and Comcast subscribers won't have much luck accessing HBO Go on their Xbox 360s.


For television enthusiasts and Xbox owners, Tuesday was a big day marred somewhat by disappointment.

Expecting to access HBO Go via its new Xbox 360 app, many Xbox owners have discovered that they are unable to do so. That's because Comcast, Time Warner, and Bright House have all opted to block subscriber access to the app. The news isn't too surprising, of course, seeing as how the companies have taken a similar approach to the app on other platforms.

But it's still no good, especially for those unfortunate enough to be in the middle of the whole thing.

In case you were curious, here's the list of cable providers on board with Microsoft. Note the absence of the aforementioned three companies.

  • AT&T
  • Bend Broadband
  • Blue Ridge Communications
  • Cablevision
  • Charter
  • Cox
  • Directv
  • Dish
  • Grande Communications
  • HTC Digital Cable
  • Massillon Cable/Clear Picture
  • Mediacom
  • Midcontinent
  • Communications
  • RCN
  • Suddenlink
  • Verizon
  • Wow

[Via The Verge]

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  • Sounds like a good time for a class action lawsuit

    I don't own an XBox and don't plan to get one any time soon. But this to me looks like an abuse in the part of a internet provider.

    Internet providers should not be allowed to block content they want to sell. If Comcast is allowed to legally block content, they could potentially block everything from Hulu and Netfix, to shows provided by the original owners on their own official website.

    This is plain and simple abuse in the part of the provider (in this case Comcast).
    • It's Even Worse

      Its even worse than you think. These services are available online to TW & Comcast subscribers, they're just blocking the Xbox. The Xbox has this amazing app for ESPN 3. People can watch 2 games at the same time and more. TW subs can watch espn3 shows on espn's website, but we can't watch it on the Xbox. Complete and utter BS. And this has been the case for years, so I don't expect this to change soon.

      I can't wait for fios to come to my area, I hate TW
    • Hello!!! Net Neutrality

      This is what Net Neutrality is all about! An Internet Provider should not be censoring or blocking anything on the internet from its subscribers. (Notice they will block the XBOX from showing HBO, but they wont filter out Spam or Botnet activity! WTF?) You are paying for access to the internet, but what you are getting is access to the parts of the internet the ISP wants to let you have. If some part of the internet interferes with their business model, well, too bad for you, because they will not let it through.

      I used to be able to access the usenet .alt category, but haven't been able to for several years now. I wasn't using it a lot, but I should be able to if I want to.
  • Time to change providers....

    I've had TWC for awhile and it was okay since they have the fastest speeds for some of the lowest rates but I'm tired of this kinda stuff happening. I was mad but kinda understood the ESPN360/ESPN3 thing. I don't like paying for cable since I only watch 5 to 6 channels. Netflix + Crackle + SyFy App (although they need real content to justify it) + Xbox Live = All I need. But now they block this also. I personally paid for the DVDs to catch up on Game of Thrones and was willing to buy cable to watch it with the HBO Go thing just to see if I'd like it. Now I don't even have the option! Really!!! Looks like Grande Cable is getting my business soon.
  • Cable is for us, the provider. Not YOU ! We decide what internet you get!

    This is the nose of the arrogant camel coming under the tent. Comcast is particularly rude and unprincipled. They seem to think that they own all internet content and can just cut you off at will.
    This is the reason they should not be allowed to own any other content or services.
    • Comcast should spin off all of it's b'cast properties.

      And Universal as well. There should be no reason that the content creators are also the content distributers when it comes to payTV. DVD and Blu-Ray sales I can understand, and even digital content to some extent.
  • This is why

    We need True NET NEUTRALITY which these companies are fighting tooth and nail with every dirty weapon/dollar they can.
    Sceptical Observer
  • This isn't a net neutrality debate

    The way HBO Go works is you have to pay for HBO through a valid cable or satellite provider in order to use it. This article isn't saying that Time Warner and Comcast are blocking people who have Dish network and HBO from receiving it on their XBOX when using the Time Warner and Comcast internet connections. It's saying that Time Warner and Comcast decided not to be valid providers for HBO Go on the XBOX. SO this is not a net neutrality issue, its a pay cable TV issue.
  • They don't block just the XBox, they block HBO Go on the Roku too.

    • Only devices that work with HBO Go with Comcast and TW/BH as your cable co

      are computers and iPads.
  • I'm Really Fed Up With Comcast

    Why oh why would Comcast block HBO Go on my Roku player? Due to this and other issues I am moving to AT&T and I have talked my inlaws, 5 neighbors and 7 friends into cancelling Comcast and giving AT&T a try. AT&T is logical for me anyway since I have my DSL through them and use a Ooma device for phones which works really great and I'm paying about 3.50 a month in those pesky taxes for phone service. I guess AT&T gets all my business mostly because they are better and thats according to me and four friends that already have Uverse.
  • HBO GO prblems in general

    I have Blue Ridge Communications but I seem to be having issues logging into HBO GO both online via computer and Xbox 360, but I could of just got locked out of HBO GO for trying too many times to log on (I did forget my info.)
    Trevor Charity