BlackBerry PlayBook inches towards becoming a serious business machine with $119 keyboard

BlackBerry PlayBook inches towards becoming a serious business machine with $119 keyboard

Summary: Business users may finally find utility in the PlayBook with its official Mini Keyboard, which offers 128-bit wireless encryption.


As a dedicated business machine, it's been somewhat hard to take the PlayBook seriously. For one, up until very recently, the device didn't even have native email or contacts support, which for a long while made RIM's device the butt of many jokes.

Fortunately, RIM is slowly filling in the PlayBook's holes, continuing now with the official PlayBook Mini Keyboard. Doubling as both a case and keyboard, the device adds some pretty valuable functionality to the PlayBook's feature set, including (obviously) a physical keyboard but also touchpad gestures.

Communication between the keyboard and PlayBook is done over 128-bit encryption, which should satiate the fears of the security-minded.

The only really unsettling part about the keyboard is that, at $119, it's less than $100 cheaper than the 16GB PlayBook itself. A bit zany? I'd say so.

Topics: Security, Hardware, Mobility, BlackBerry

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  • that's expensive

    maybe they're trying to make up for the low cost of the playbook itself...
    • hilarious keyboard!

      It looks like something out of a 'puppy-using-a-computer' commercial! Absolutely hilarious!
  • No email & contact support?

    No native email and contact support on a business machine? That's worse than dumb!

    No wonder these are dodos...
    • I thought...

      ...they'd added all that with that latest OS update?
  • Quality isn't usually cheap

    For those who want cheaper alternatives, I'm sure Ebay will supply it.

    I don't believe the Playbook is now missing anything and for people who want to load it down with apps, android support is there also.
    It's nice to see the iPad3 has caught up now with a GB of RAM, the 1 GH processor, and a comparable display. Of course the Playbook coming out has stepped the processor up 1.5 GH so hopefully the iPad4 will address this issue, LOL.
  • But its not running W8. It already rules itself out as a serious business

    machine. No business is going to want to write their in house apps for playbook or android.
    Johnny Vegas
    • You do realize that iPads are starting to be seen in the workplace more

      and more, right?
      Michael Alan Goff
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