BlackBerry Storm price dropped to $99.99: Is that enough?

BlackBerry Storm price dropped to $99.99: Is that enough?

Summary: With the mixed reviews of the RIM BlackBerry Storm, it's no surprise Verizon Wireless has dropped the price from $199.99 down to $99.


With the mixed reviews of the RIM BlackBerry Storm, it's no surprise Verizon Wireless has dropped the price from $199.99 down to $99.99 -- with contract, of course. But is that enough to get you to sign on to a two-year plan after reading all the negative reviews.

Could Verizon Wireless be readying itself for a new phone in the Storm line? If so, it would make sense that the company is doing the 'ol "out with the old, in with the new" maneuver. But, how many people are going to fall into the lower-priced Storm trap? It seems to me that the wiser decision would be to wait for the next version -- said to be named the BlackBerry Thunder -- , which will hopefully be less buggy.

Although it's not the new version, an iPhone 3G is $99.99, so who would want to purchase a Storm, when it's known to have some issues? How low would Verizon Wireless have to go to get you to sign on for a two-year contract and pay $100 for a Blackberry Storm? Tell us in the comments below. Conversely, if you're a proud Storm owner, tell us why you like it, and why other people should snag the deal.

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  • Is this unusual?

    [i]With the mixed reviews of the RIM BlackBerry Storm, it?s no surprise Verizon Wireless has dropped the price from $199.99 down to $99.99[/i]

    So if a phone model gets a price cut from $199 down to $99 then it means that the phone model isn't very good? Interesting.

    I would say it is more likely that RIM is doing with the Storm what [b]every single cell phone manufacturer does a few months after release:[/b] drop the price.

    Note that I don't own a Storm, never owned a Blackberry, and probably never will but I just found it interesting that you linked an event (a price drop) that happens all the time with negative reviews.
    • RE: unusual

      [i]So if a phone model gets a price cut from $199 down to $99 then it
      means that the phone model isn't very good? Interesting.[/i]

      That's not what she said [b]at all[/b]. She didn't offer an opinion on
      the phone either way. Quit making junk up. It's not her fault you can't
      comprehend a simple 3-paragraph story.

      They said the Storm has gotten mixed reviews, which it definitely has,
      and therefore has unsurprisingly dropped in price. There can be
      several reasons for a price drop. Failure to meet sales expectations or
      lack of sales due to mediocre-to-negative reviews can absolutely be
      one of them. A pending new model (another point she brought up)
      could be another.
      • but...

        The tone of the article on whole is that the Storm is a less than stellar performer and that even at $99 it isn't worth the price and contract requirement.

        I know that Jennifer didn't state that explicitly, but the undertone was quite obvious to my reading - and I read the whole thing 4 times to make sure I didn't miss something.

        With no personal knowledge of the Storm, the article has done two things - enticed me with a great deal on a Storm, and then told me that the iPhone 3G was the better option because of the Storm's mixed reviews and the "fact" that it was "buggy".
  • Problems with Storm

    This could just be bad luck on one person's part, but the
    other day a coworker showed me his Storm, I had never
    seen one, and though I'm an iPhone fan I picked it up,
    played with it for a while, and to be nice told him it
    seemed like a nice phone.

    He told me he was on his fifth one! He has to bring it back
    to Verizon so much he's friends with the techs there. He
    said one told him they are pieces of crap and they won't
    even carry them.

    Now, like I said, this individual might have bad luck. But
    I've never seen any tech site do a torture test on the Storm
    like they did to the iPhone when it came out. It would be
    interesting to see what happens to a Storm, and Pre by the
    way, when subjected to the same tests as the iPhone.
    • Bad luck

      I was an Iphone user since the third day that
      device was first released and then bought a 3g
      on the morning that model was released. I am
      an unabashed apple fan boy (I have macs
      everywhere in my house). That said, two
      months ago I got rid of my iphone in favor of
      the Blackberry Storm. I have had nothing but a
      wonderful experience with the storm. It does all
      of the things the Iphone 3gs is eventually
      promised to do but with less cost. And I have
      had no physical problems so far, but I treat all
      of my electronic equipment with care.

      For people reading reviews of the storm, you
      have to ignore everything that was written
      before late June of 2009. That month a major
      software update was released that addressed
      many of the problems people had with the

      I am addicted to my Blackberry storm and the
      Iphone would have to come a long way to get
      me back. Maybe two or three models from now
      I'll return to it.
      • Thank You

        Thanks for providing an alternative experience report.
    • Your mileage will vary

      My boss' wife has been through 3 iPhone 3G's and is on her 4th iPhone 3GS. Does this make the Storm a better phone? Not in my opinion. Do I think the iPhone is a better phone? Not for my personal use and I am not moving to AT&T for a phone that doesn't fit my needs. I will keep my Storm and look for the Storm 2, Tour 2, iPhone 4G on Verizon or Palm Pre.
  • RIM can pay me!

    I might use a bb if RIM paid me.
  • Looking for advice

    Getting a new job and the choice of company phone is either a BB storm or a bold. I've seen poor reviews of the storm so I'm inclined to go for the bold. Any thoughts people ?
    Alan Smithie
    • Bold

      It's one of the top sellers for a reason.
      • Thanks for the reply (nt)

        Alan Smithie
  • RE: BlackBerry Storm price dropped to $99.99: Is that enough?

    The Storm doesn't seem that bad to me.
  • I don't care how much the hardware is.

    It's the service rates that keep me from getting a cell phone, especially the rates for a web-capable phone. I don't have a problem with a $200 one-time purchase. I have a problem with a $100 monthly payment for two years.
  • RE: BlackBerry Storm price dropped to $99.99: Is that enough?

    hi there! the only think i don't like after i got this phone is you have to sign for internet svces around $30 more after your plan, is mandarory,if already have it internet in home why i need to pay for it..?
    even if you say you don't want to pay for this service,they will tell you is required !
    good luch guys... :-)

    i what i do i went to craiglist and got it from there for $200 but doing this after my contract end with my old phone i dont' have to upgrade for another one when i already own this one. and with this STORM you can move to ATT or TM. this is the only one in the market.
  • RE: BlackBerry Storm price dropped to $99.99: Is that enough?

    is funny now SPRINT have the BLACK BERRY CURVE 8350i for $99.99

    ** with have it ALL
    internet,you can go to faceb.myspace and messenger and many more...............
    seee ya
  • RE: BlackBerry Storm price dropped to $99.99: Is that enough?

    This is simply a natural progression that ALL phones make...the longer the product is out, the more the price falls. Certainly, with the 9550, or Storm 2, on the horizon, RIM and Verizon would want to "clean house" before that time. As far as the reviews - they were ALL done when the phone first came out and had a buggy O/S. I know MANY Storm owners that love their phones and have from day one. It's just like reading a movie critic trashing a movie that you loved, you have to take it with a grain of bias; remember Apple lover David Pogue's review (if you could call it that) of the Storm?
  • Remind me again: why am I paying for someone to crap in my hand?

    Blackberry should just admit defeat and retain some respect rather than foist this junk on the public.
    • And which phone DO you use

      Seems to be a bit weak in content there EJ...
  • RE: BlackBerry Storm price dropped to $99.99: Is that enough?

    I am a long-time Blackberry user and have had the Storm since February. All I can tell you is that I have had an awesome experience with my Storm. The keypad takes some getting used to but the return is in screen size. Web pages, GPS maps, media, and menus are better than on smaller screen BBs. The versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint work well with the larger screen and can edit documents as well.

    I travel to various clients on a daily basis and the tethering option works all of the time at a decent speed.

    I use Rhapsody to Go and the Storm works so well I don't even carry my MP3 player with me any more.

    As for all of the troubles that other have had, I believe most of them are tied to the earlier firmware. If you buy the phone now, expect a good experience.
  • RE: BlackBerry Storm price dropped to $99.99: Is that enough?

    I recently got a Tour, I also have a 8830, and I had a 7250 blackberry. All of them were and are super high quality devices which work best as a phone, then as an email and text device, then for multi-media(well the Tour does this as well as my 5th Gen iPod).

    I suspect that the Storm is no exception to RIM's quality standards, just that they had some bumps in the road with the firmware out of the gate on a new model with a touchscreen. BIG DEAL. This article is just takes a tone that the Storm is horrible at any price. I gotta tell you that I am no fan of not having a physical keyboard, but the friends I have who own one say it is fantastic and can't figure out what the negative press is all about.