Business-focused HP Slate 500 tablet now available

Business-focused HP Slate 500 tablet now available

Summary: Remember the HP Slate debuted way back in January at CES 2010? Now, it's a reality as the HP Slate 500 running on Windows 7 Professional is now available.


Remember the HP Slate debuted way back in January at CES 2010? Now, it's a reality as the HP Slate 500 running on Windows 7 Professional is now available.

Gallery: First look at HP Slate 500

Although this tablet is intended for a business-minded, professional market, don't confuse this with the WebOS-based Slate that is set to launch in 2011.

The HP Slate has been in a bit of a limbo stage all year. Rumors previously circulated about a summer release, and while it isn't exactly geared to be a holiday present, a boost of extra sales at the end of the year isn't a bad thing.

But now that everything is official, let's get to the confirmed nitty-gritty specs on this 1.5-pound tablet. Powered by an Intel Atom Z540 processor, the Slate 500 connects to the Internet via integrated Wi-Fi or by attaching a 3G dongle to the USB port. Additional connectivity options include the SD card slot, HDMI, and a headphones jack. Inside, you've got 2GB of memory and a 64GB SSD.

That 8.9-inch touch screen display (1,024 x 768 max resolution) does toggle from portrait to landscape mode thanks to the built-in accelerometer. The geometrically-patterned back consists of a rubberized material that gives users a good grip when handling the tablet. On each side of the device, you'll also spot some cameras. The one up front acts as a webcam, while the rear is a 3-megapixel camera.

Given that HP would like entrepreneurs and other professionals using this device, there has been some thought put into security. Email is secured with a VPN and there is the option for encryption.

Available through HP's direct sales force and, the HP Slate 500 is retailing for $799. The bundle includes a digital pen (yes, you can write on this with a stylus like it were one big Palm Pilot), a docking station and a portfolio case. Note that this is the only configuration available...for now.

For more on the HP Slate 500, be sure to check out my hands-on, first look review.

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  • RE: Business-focused HP Slate 500 tablet now available

    Looks like it isn't an IPS panel. I hope they rectify that for the WebOS release.
  • Wow, that screen looks gorgeous!!

    I like it!
    • RE: Business-focused HP Slate 500 tablet now available


    • problems...

      with sight?
      banned from zdnet
  • I don't understand the size of the device...

    I don't understand the size of the device; it won't fit in your pocket, and it's the same weight but smaller in dimensions than an iPad. On top of that, it isn't cheaper than a tablet PC of the same size, so what advantage does it even offer?

    I don't think HP or Microsoft know what to do. Microsoft would do better adapting Windows Phone 7 as a tablet OS rather than shoehorning Windows 7 into something it's evidently not very well designed for.
    • When did you get your HP Slate, and what has been your real experience

      with the tablet?<br><br>You sound like you've had a bit of experience with the HP Slate and now you're offering the rest of the world your views on the tablet. <br><br>BTW, in case you didn't notice, it is supposed to be the "professional" version of the slate, and not the consumer version that HP will be putting out later. <br><br>Also note that, there will be plenty of people interested in a full-blown OS on a tablet, including myself. A full-blown OS on a tablet would be a killer against anything less, including the iPad. The only difference might then be the battery life, which a lot of people consider critical and crucial to their decision for purchasing a tablet. <br><br>Also, what he heck is that about the size of the device and "it won't fit in your pocket"? When is the last time you were able to fit the iPad into any of your pockets?<br><br>Also, you have to realize that, when anything gives you more functions and features, and a full OS, that it's going to also cost you more. Hence, the HP Slate is more expensive than the iPad. However, even I won't jump on it just yet; not until I can get it for less than the iPad; but no matter what, but I won't be getting the iPad because it wont be as complete as the HP slate or any other tablet with a full OS.
  • Finally, HP is making the right decision with Windows 7 based slate

    It is interesting to see at least one company doing the right with Windows 7 based slates.<br>Contrary, ot what Ballmer and Microsoft seems to think, Windows 7 is not taylored to any kind of Tablet.<br>It is only taylored for professional/power user Tablet.<br>Now, it would have been more interesting if this slate got:<br>*A more powerful CPU<br>*Optional Qwerty Keyboard based dock<br>*An optionnal Metro based U.I<br>I hope that Microsoft will change its slate strategy and consider:<br>*Using an enhanced version of WP7 for consumers oriented tablet<br>*Using an enhanced version of W7 for power users/professional oriented tablets ranging from very mobile tablet(like this one) to powerful almost static tablet which could be a mixed of both Tablet technology and surface technology
  • Might as well as get it out of the way

    ... This will fail, fail, FAIL, blah, blah, blah....<br>... You'll find this next to the KIN in the bargain bin, blah, blah, blah....<br>... The iPad owns, blah, blah, blah....<br>... Microsoft sux0r, blah, blah, blah....<br>... Archaic 8.5x11 printing, blah, blah, blah....<br>... The heat will melt you, blah, blah, blah....<br>... This thing will weigh as much as Titanic's anchor, blah, blah, blah....<br><br> Did I miss anything?<br><br><br>Eitherway, if this wasn't so expensive, I would have easily picked on of these up. Maybe in due time HP...
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • RE: Business-focused HP Slate 500 tablet now available

      [i]Did I miss anything?[/i]

      Yes, you're a corporate tool. Bought and paid for by M$
      • Ha I wish.


        But you seem to be all over me today. No worries though. Hate all you want to, but Microsoft has the best eco-system out there for people like me.
        The one and only, Cylon Centurion
      • RE: Business-focused HP Slate 500 tablet now available

        [i]But you seem to be all over me today. No worries though. Hate all you want to, but Microsoft has the best eco-system out there for people like me.[/i]


        You asked a question. I answered it. Don't blame me if you've can't accept reality.
  • Finally!

    A toy the a REAL purpose (and use)!
    • That will experience the same massive sales as all

      other tablet PCs. In other words, none.
  • Why not just buy a laptop?

    I don't see the purpose of this device if you just slap a desktop OS in there (and a stylus). It will be running the same applications as a notebook, only without the aid of a real keyboard or trackpad. Pretty expensive for the specs. If you factor in the addidtional cost of developing applications that make use of the tablet form, it goes through the roof.
    • Tablet form?

      @Monkeypox The cost of developing apps that make use of the tablet form?

      What are you talking about? The screen is 1024 x 768 - it's not difficult to develop for that screen size. You're not trying to skinning a UI down to fit on a phone!!! And developing for touch under Win7 isn't difficult either - just use a touch enabled component library that still works with a mouse if the app is run on a non-touch platform.
  • When has this on special...

    Our CEO and COO have the iPad toy. It can't print, take pictures and it's not a phone. This actually appears like you can do work on it. Don't dismiss it just because you love your iPhone; I love mine, but I think the iPad is a joke.
  • RE: Business-focused HP Slate 500 tablet now available

    As a tablet aficionado and "long-time" iPad user, I must say the 500 looks clumsy and heavy - slow response, slow startup and a bit clutzy overall (I know that's not great tech reviewing, but that's what it looks like to me). Maybe the WebOS version in 2011 (if it's coming) will be a bit better.

    Also, it's overpriced compared to the iPad. In Canada, we paid $650 for the 3G 16gb version of iPad.

    I use the iPad for online business information management (connecting to our central customer and information database, managing contacts, callbacks, to dos, reviewing emails, sending messages, emails, checking and adding appointments, reviewing trouble tickets, actioning project steps, collaborating with others in our office, etc.) all-day long and it is great for that. However, the iPad is a bit bulky and I look for a smaller solution.

    So far, the Galaxy Tab and brand new Archos 70 (with capacitive screen) 7" seem to be better choices than the HP. The Archos 70 is really appearing to be the ideal solution for me and my co-workers. Starting at about $249 for the 8gb version and apparently $299 for the Archos 101 (10.1" screen), Archos may be on to something.
  • The key is the active digitizer - touch dual screen

    The key for the Slate 500 is that it is NOT a touch screen but a dual screen. You can use it as a touch screen but you can also use a special stylus with its active digitizer. I had an OQO with an active digitizer and when it died I replaced it with a resistive multitouch T91MT which can use a PDA type stylus or fingernail as well as regular touch. There is no comparison. Since WinXPTablet, MS has been designing Windows for active digitizers and they can do everything a mouse can do and more (including handwriting recognition that is incredibly accurate).

    If you are interested in this, since I've already got my order in the queue I'll give you the secret. Go to the HP Small and Medium Business site (it's not available in the Home and Home Office site). Select "Laptops" and then "Mini" (it doesn't show up in search). It's $799 with 2GB of RAM and a 64GB SSD. The current expected shipping date is 11/12.
  • RE: Business-focused HP Slate 500 tablet now available

    Windows based tablet computers were here some 6 years ago. They did not go anywhere for a good reason. I wonder how different it will be this time. Btw, how do you go about Windows when there is no mouse ? Just curious.