CES: Acer Iconia tablet is all screen(s), no keyboard

CES: Acer Iconia tablet is all screen(s), no keyboard

Summary: At CES 2011, the Acer Iconia is a dual-screen, multitouch Windows 7 tablet that redefines what it means to "type on your laptop."


CES 2011

LAS VEGAS -- Microsoft last night showed off a novel clamshell laptop with two screen and no keyboard.

The tablet laptop -- the Acer Iconia -- prompted oohs and aahs from the crowd. And it's probably one of the more interesting gadgets here at CES.

The Iconia has two 14-inch multitouch displays, which are configured such that the bottom screen -- where a physical keyboard would be on a conventional laptop -- displays content, a virtual QWERTY keyboard or other control interfaces.

Touching the keyboard with all 10 fingertips prompts it to appear on the lower display, which is what happened when it was demonstrated on the stage during CEO Steve Ballmer's keynote. And from what I could see in the back row, it was pretty darn snappy.

For now, there's nary a word from Acer on what's inside, when it will be available or for how much -- but the concept is intriguing indeed.

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  • Yeah, I like it, but...

    it's too big. I've been wanting this same type of thing but 9" netbook-sized to use as an e-reader. It will give us the feel of holding a hardcover book and protect the screens when closed.
    • 9"

      @BillDem It would be a waste to reduce something like this to a 9" model for the 4 people that want to use it as a ridiculously gludgy ereader.

      Their market is going to be people who want a functional laptop and want to leverage the ability to have dual touch panels.
  • Nice to see true innovation

    While certain companies are doing nothing more than releasing 10" versions of their 3.5" devices, others are actually thinking outside of the box. And all of it thanks to Windows 7!!
  • 7" should be appropriate

    why not bring courier back
    • 7"??

      @FADS_z That would be ludicrous for notebook usage - just as limited a market space as the four people who would try to use it as an ereader because it gave them the feel of a hardcover book
  • ZD is late and short on info as usual

    Maximum PC scooped these guys - just saw a video demo of the Iconia - Win7, i5 processor, and they're saying availablility Feb/Mar timeframe and cost $1500-1800
    • RE: CES: Acer Iconia tablet is all screen(s), no keyboard

      So much for "nary the word".

      What's the point of sending people to CES if this is best they can report?<br><br>Were the slots near the bar too loud to hear the Acer press conference?
      • RE: CES: Acer Iconia tablet is all screen(s), no keyboard

        @archangel9999 Now c'mon guys, that's not fair. We're trying our best to cover a massive, massive show -- I don't see any keynote coverage on Maximum PC's site, for instance -- and I told you as much information as was available at the time of this writing.

        For the record, there was no Acer press conference this year.

        (Plus: Don't you think it's peculiar that Maximum PC has ads running for this very product all over their site?)